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  1. I agree; June 18, 2013 can't get here soon enough. The Lycan is in my top two most anticipated comics of the year, alongside "Lost Cat" by Jason.
  2. Indeed, Ott is in top form on Dark Country. The format of the hardcover book really shows off his work well. I have been reading his collection of short stories, R.I.P., which has pages that are 8.5" X 11" and I keep wishing they were the larger format like Dark Country.
  3. They may not be counting Dark Country because it was released direct to video. There is a tendency to ignore short films and anything not given a theatrical release. Frank Darabont was kind of the same way in that he directed short films, a TV movie and a direct-to-video movie all before The Shawshank Redemption, but Shawshank was and still is regarded as his "Directorial Debut" because it was his first "theatrical feature."
  4. Waltz was great in this film; he looks to be equally impressive in the upcoming "Django Unchained" from Tarantino.
  5. I may have to seek out Rucka's Punisher and see what's up. Punisher vs. The Avengers sounds like a very delicate game of chess.
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    I just started reading "R.I.P." by Thomas Ott. After reading "Dark Country," I had to check out some more Ott work.
  7. A Texeira Ghost Rider cover was my introduction to his wonderful work. He also did a great story in the oversized "Punisher War Journal #50" that was really tight. Tex's work was the first that I saw in comics that was really brave enough to be a little dirty. It really stood out because at the time everyone else was inking with crow quill pens and markers, he was still going at it with a sable brush and getting loose and nasty. Really great artist.
  8. I'm a bit surprised that the Escape From New York remake hasn't happened yet. I guess it just lost steam. I heard it was going to be Gerard Butler then Timothy Olyphant then Tom Hardy in the lead, but as far as I can tell this is dead now. It will be interesting to see what Tom Hardy does with the new Mad Max film. Its the strangest remake ever since the original director is going back and starting over. I usually find myself talking trash about remakes, but then I remember that John Carpenter's The Thing is a remake as is David Cronenberg's The Fly. Two great films that surpassed the orig
  9. I picked up Crime SuspensStories #22 (the Russ Cochran/Gemstone Reprint from the 90s, not the 1954 original) today after recognizing the cover TJ had posted in his Twitter feed. Its my first EC Comic book and its absolutely crazy good. Can anybody suggest some other issues of Crime SuspensStories that need checking out? I'm also going to try getting into "Two Fisted Tales" and some other EC titles if anyone has some recommended reading.
  10. Today I've been listening to the "Planet Terror" score by Robert Rodriguez with Graeme Revell & others. Its pretty great to listen through once. Most loopable tracks are "Hospital Epidemic" and "Grindhouse (Main Title)."
  11. MangoTango

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    Stay warm & stay safe + hope you voted early.
  12. Now listening to "The Assassination of Jesse James By the Coward Robert Ford" score by Nick Cave & Warren Ellis. The track "Song for Jesse" is great on a loop. Speaking of loops, the song "K.I.L.L." by Xtortion Audio that is used in the "Looper" trailer is really excellent on a loop. I was disappointed that it wasn't in the film itself.
  13. The ice cream torture scene in The Punisher (2004) is the best. I remember reading the scene from Punisher War Zone #1 that inspired it. That was my first exposure to Frank Castle in comic book form, so it was great to see that scene on screen. Someone on IMDB suggested a Punisher VS. Spider-Man film to echo the character's first appearance, but I honestly can't see it working. I'd rather not see the character on screen at all than to see him interact with the rest of the Marvel Universe.
  14. MangoTango

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    I just at a roasted turkey sandwich.
  15. Got the hardcover, at last! It is top-quality work all-around. Ott is in top form on this book and the short story and film production section are excellent as well. On top of all that, the publication design is solid.
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