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  1. This is #3 on the list of "Top 10 Lies Told to Designers About Price."
  2. Its definitely still trickling its way down to people. I felt like I was the last person to see Dirty Laundry but have been able to turn several on to it since then.
  3. I agree; June 18, 2013 can't get here soon enough. The Lycan is in my top two most anticipated comics of the year, alongside "Lost Cat" by Jason.
  4. Most designers don't work on accounts like Wal-Mart, Target, etc. They do work for small to mid-size businesses, so when small to mid-size businesses host a "contest" instead of hiring a designer, they're directly hurting that industry. Sadly, companies do go out of business and individuals are impacted. Most design firms are small businesses or sole proprietors and every project makes a difference for them. Here are some more resources where the case is made against design contests / speculative work: http://antispec.com http://www.thelogofa...esign-contests/ http://www.logodesig...design-contests http://www.davidaire...d-for-business/ http://www.xemion.co...to-freelancers/ Just sharing the info I have so anybody reading this can make informed decisions.
  5. 99 Designs is a RAW DEAL for graphic designers. Lots of people end up doing work and not getting paid. I guess people choose the cheapest option when looking for a logo, but "design contests" put designers and firms out of business. If your budget is limited, just put some time in and find a good designer / firm and make an offer. You still get to "choose" by looking at the quality of their previous work. That way, if people are doing work for you they will be compensated. Here's an article about how design contests depress wages and hurt the economy: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/10/12/obama-poster-contest-angers-designers_n_1007868.html
  6. I agree; I watched Prometheus in HD recently and it really is impeccably crafted. Production Designer Arthur Max is at the top of his game. Ridley Scott definitely knows how to put a solid team together. I wasn't effected by Prometheus the way I'd hoped, but I really want to see a sequel made. Prometheus 2 seems like it could really break new ground in the story driving the franchise.
  7. Indeed, Ott is in top form on Dark Country. The format of the hardcover book really shows off his work well. I have been reading his collection of short stories, R.I.P., which has pages that are 8.5" X 11" and I keep wishing they were the larger format like Dark Country.
  8. They may not be counting Dark Country because it was released direct to video. There is a tendency to ignore short films and anything not given a theatrical release. Frank Darabont was kind of the same way in that he directed short films, a TV movie and a direct-to-video movie all before The Shawshank Redemption, but Shawshank was and still is regarded as his "Directorial Debut" because it was his first "theatrical feature."
  9. Waltz was great in this film; he looks to be equally impressive in the upcoming "Django Unchained" from Tarantino.
  10. These are some really solid designs -- looking good.
  11. Whatever happens with the site / forum, I'm always in favor of clean, organized presentation of information that is easily accessible on all devices. A really functional layout with the majority of graphics being content rather than decorative design would make for faster load times for people accessing the site via wireless / mobile. As always, content is king, so the regular flow of news, artwork and audio/video is what will keep me coming back to any site. Something that Fantagraphics does that I really like is PDF preview downloads and video flip-throughs of their books. Those would be helpful to see in the store.
  12. I may have to seek out Rucka's Punisher and see what's up. Punisher vs. The Avengers sounds like a very delicate game of chess.
  13. MangoTango

    I JUST...

    I just started reading "R.I.P." by Thomas Ott. After reading "Dark Country," I had to check out some more Ott work.
  14. A Texeira Ghost Rider cover was my introduction to his wonderful work. He also did a great story in the oversized "Punisher War Journal #50" that was really tight. Tex's work was the first that I saw in comics that was really brave enough to be a little dirty. It really stood out because at the time everyone else was inking with crow quill pens and markers, he was still going at it with a sable brush and getting loose and nasty. Really great artist.
  15. A new favorite of mine is Lee Bermejo. I've only read one book of his so far -- Joker -- written by Brian Azzarello. The art on that book is great, particularly the pages Lee Bermejo inked himself. This dude is solid.
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