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  1. Excellent article Tim, nice to see Dark Country picked out for praise. I remember seeing Deep Blue Sea at the cinema when it was released and Tom burnt up the screen. The scene where he had the one on one conversation with Sam Jackson about his characters murky past was a real standout. Reading around the net Dirty Laundry has the kind of universal acclaim that is very rare. Wanted to add my congrats on the film. Hoping for some more Tom Jane Punisher in the future
  2. There was a good piece here in the UK on Empire magazines website. Empire is the UKs biggest film magazine so this should have reached a good number of people: http://www.empireonline.com/news/story.asp?NID=34662 Hope the kick starter takes off guys. Your passion to get this game out there without corporate interference is admirable
  3. Damn android autocorrect, that's Tom Janes twitter, not Tom Jones!
  4. Hi guys I am new to the forum so figured I would post an introduction Name:Dave Where you from:Manchester UK Occupation:Data Analyst How did you find this forum:From Tom Jones twitter feed What are you reading:28 Days Later by Mike Nelson What are you watching:Star Wars What do you have to say for yourself: I have watched Alien over 100 times and consider Sir Ridley Scott a candidate for sainthood Post a pic...if you dare!: woah not yet
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