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  1. In the 2000s, there have been plenty of succesful revenge/vigilante/anti-hero themed thrillers in movies and TV: -LAW ABDING CITIZEN -THE BRAVE ONE -MAN ON FIRE -BOONDOCK SAINTS 2 (limited release and did very well) -Most of the 24 TV series has JACK going off and murdering/torturing bad guys -DEXTER -To a certain extent PERSON OF INTEREST and BURN NOTICE feature vigilantes -and, yes, KILL BILL and INGLORIOUS BASTERDS (the Shoshanna plot is revenge on the Nazis) -to a certain extent GRAN TORINO has a vigilante sub-text... -despite it being a satire, I am tempted to add MACHETE -a
  2. Thank you for the response, Mr Jane. Again, should you ever make a Punisher full length movie with Mr Joanou-STATE OF GRACE was brillant-or any sort of vigilante/crime/revenge thriller in this style, I will support it. Reagrds, BLACKSTONE
  3. Mr Jane, First of all, though I did not care for the 2004 PUNISHER movie (or WAR ZONE for that matter), you were excellent in it. I absolutely mean that. Congratulations for the quality of DIRTY LAUNDRY (2 000 000 views, bravo!). Thank you for your love and commitment to THE PUNISHER. I can only DREAM of what a WALTER HILL Punisher movie could have been like. Phil Joanou is a very interesting choice as well. I am, however, one of those who do not agree with the version of "THE PUNISHER" presented in DIRTY LAUNDRY. The violence and ugliness, yes, they fit in THE PUNISHER's world. T
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