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  1. Hey there. That's not what I said. What I was saying was that the producers of The Dark Knight films walked right up to the "R" line, and then took a couple of steps back to make it PG-13. They were not "kid friendly" Batman films. Never said that there should be an R rated Batman film. Chacun son gout.
  2. Can't wait until your babysitting training video comes out. lol
  3. I think that Hollywood needs to start being a bit more responsible when it comes to films. The Christopher Nolan Batman films are NOT for children - but they're PG-13 anyway. The Heath Ledger Joker was NOT the Caesar Romero Joker. Ledger was actually terrifying. That is not a movie I would allow my children to see (if I had kids). Batman is a character that appeals to children. There were some pretty sadistic acts of violence in all three Dark Knight movies (like bombs beings sewn inside a character's stomach). That's another reason why any new films about The Punisher should be Rated R. Frank Castle is NOT a character for children. He is a very adult character, and to make a PG-13 film about him would be done just to make him more accessible to children. It would be very irresponsible. Castle is not only an R-rated character, but he's a hard R. Frank is all about punishing people who are clearly guilty, and if you go by the 2004 version alone, he makes the punishment fit the crime. He's very "fair" in how he goes about taking care of business. For example, if you're just a psycho who's harassing your girlfriend, you get smacked on the nose with your own knife and thrown down the stairs. Lesson learned. However, if you're a big Russian dude who makes a living by butchering people in cold blood, you get a pot of boiling soup in the face and your head smashed open. But none if this is for children. Children should not be exposed to Frank's exploits. That's why they have Superman and Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four. Frank Castle does not belong in a PG-13 film and he does not belong on television (unless it's HBO). Doing so would only be done to widen the audience and make him more accessible to children, and that would be wrong. Really wrong. As for there being too much violence in Hollywood films, I don't see them changing any time soon. As for the "Batman massacre," - blame the sicko who did it. He's the one who is ultimately responsible. I will personally never understand why anyone would do what he did. The only real blame that Warner Bros. has to shoulder is that they somehow made three Batman movies that should have been R-rated into PG-13 fare. When you think about the content, they're not really PG-13 movies - but they didn't show much actual blood and said "fuck" less than two times. Doing something like that with The Punisher would be the height of irresponsibility. Everything else aside, I'd like to know what possessed parents to literally bring infants to a midnight screening of TDKR. First of all, that's way too late to be bringing a kid that age to a screening of Bambi. The Dark Knight Rises had imagery that would terrify small children. It's been awhile since I've read actual comic books, but I'd like to know if the "Comics Code" is still in effect or being enforced? Can anyone answer that?
  4. A PG-13 Punisher film would be a waste of everyone's time. It would be a guaranteed fail. Don't forget about the Marvel Knights banner. It could still be R rated.
  5. It's been online for 5 days and you're almost at 2 million hits. That's pretty good. Maybe you could write a spec script?
  6. I think Frank has always been an equal opportunity ass-kicker.
  7. Agreed. I hope they keep Ron Perlman though.
  8. It's still surprising that it got released. These people really don't like taking any sort of criticism at all.
  9. Yes, and to this day I am surprised it got made.
  10. Wow... I just looked it up and it's actually real? AND they gave him a friggin' lightsaber? Unreal, man. You have to keep Frank grounded in the dirtiest kind of gritty reality or it just doesn't work. He's the guy who sticks up for people that nobody cares about. That's why people love him. He's not Batman with a billion dollars worth of gadgets. Just guns, maybe a bulletproof vest, and shitloads of balls.
  11. That right there is why you should be producing the next Punisher feature. Definitely got the right mindset.
  12. Whatever happens, I hope to see some more of these Punisher shorts. That might garner the necessary attention to get a new feature going. Who knows, you could be unknowingly creating a new business model that these H-woods turds have no choice but to pay attention to. Give them no choice but to realize that this stuff is good. One last question before I bounce: Who would in in a fight between The Punisher and the Mist monsters? My money's on Castle. Cheers, guys.
  13. Or George Lucas' Red Tails. Such a shame what happened there.
  14. Not just the funding, but the distribution. That's the real bitch. You can make an awesome flick, then get screwed if you can't find a distributor.
  15. Ha! Thanks for saying that. Seriously, I really hope you guys get another feature going. There was so much potential for a franchise after The Punisher came out - and WZ didn't completely ruin it. Glad you made this flick.
  16. Hey all, I just want to pop in to say that you got it 100% right with Dirty Laundry. Just like you got it right with 2004's The Punisher. I think the great thing about the character is that he's one of the few superheroes that is totally believable as a real person. He's someone who has just had enough and has gone way past the point of giving a shit. I think the one line that encapsulates a character like Frank Castle came from the kid with the piercings: "No one's ever stood up for me before." I think that line explains why people love characters like The Punisher. You could literally take any horrible story from the newspaper and make a new Punisher movie about it. I'd like to think that Marvel will pay attention to the response this new short film is getting. Sadly, I don't think they will. I used to work in the film industry. I worked on some pretty big movies. Some of them were superhero films. The thing I've learned from my experience in the film industry is this: Most of the time, producers don't care about the quality of the product they're making. They just want the money. They're smart enough to know that simple name recognition will make them a profit, so they don't have to care about making a good film. That's pretty sad. What these guys don't realize, is that they're all pretty good at killing their own cash cows. I believe that what we're going to see over the next few years is what actors refer to as "the law of diminished returns." Only those diminished returns will be coming from the audience. Case-in-point: The "Amazing" Spider-Man. They rebooted it way too fast. It's pretty clear that they didn't care about making a good film. It had a huge opening, but only because they had a six-day opening weekend. I have a feeling the same thing is going to happen with the new Superman movie. The Dark Knight Rises opens tomorrow, and they're already writing the reboot for Batman. Does anyone else see the problem here? I believe the same thing happened with Punisher: War Zone. It didn't seem like they cared about making a good film that people wanted to see. They just wanted the money. The simple truth is that many producers fail to realize is that a well-made film will almost always find an audience. It's too bad that a lot of them can't understand that philosophy, because if they did - we'd have four or five pretty awesome Punisher films by now. Probably one of the worst feelings in the world is the moment that you find yourself on-set and you realize that this is just a business and nobody gives a shit about anyone or anything except making money. It's a pretty awful realization. Anyway, that wasn't what I signed up for. I really hope I'm wrong, and that we see Tom in another Punisher film again. At the very least it's heartening to see that someone cares enough about a character to take time out of his day (without getting a paycheque) to make a fan film. That's pretty cool. And like I said, you guys got it right with Dirty Laundry. Good job.
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