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  1. Well gotta get back to work dodged enough of it!..See ya later everyone!
  2. The film had its moment's..A harder note would've been great..I think it caught alot of unfair flak..Really felt like a story out of the old darkhorse comics runs.
  3. Have you followed any of Tom Delonge's stuff with that To the Stars academy?
  4. ^HA! Is your laundry still dirty thats great!
  5. What does the future hold for new RAW titles?
  6. Hi Tom longtime!..How ya been?..
  7. Back after a couple years..Feels good.
  8. Man life just has a way of hanging things up sometimes..I haven't been on the Forums for quite some time..So whose still onboard ?
  9. Zimmers Man Of Steel in the tid bit's here and there before the film was released sounded fantastic so I bought the expensive collectors version and was sadly disappointed..
  10. Is it just me or have Scores really fallen flat in the last year,..Stuff that I thought was good upon further listening proved other wise strange..
  11. Adam Stines

    I JUST...

    I just got back on the board..I have never forgot my password to something as much as I have here..
  12. Thanks guy's sorry been MIA for a bit working on some projects and continually forget my password has curbed my actions on the board...But Back I'am!
  13. Abit high profile for Frank don't ya think?..Cool tribute all the same..
  14. Cruise was a great Jack Reacher,For what he lacked in size he translated to brute ruthless drive and savage beat downs..Every bit Jack Reacher.
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