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  1. I like that we don't really know what's going on inside Frank's head...why he's slow to react...why he's waking up in a van and appears to be unarmed...etc. Sure, they could've just had Frank pulling a gun out of his clothes basket, but I doubt that would've generated the same amount of interest on Youtube. (Plus, we wouldn't have gotten to see Ron Perlman in a Punisher film!)
  2. It's a good point. If anything, most R-rated action films today have proven the rating alone is not enough for success at the box office. But I still think a PG-13 Punisher would be a difficult sell. Even though you could probably make a good film, it's the principle younger audiences would rebel against. Consider the backlash that met Live Free or Die Hard and Expendables 2- and those are two franchises that could easily rely solely on a mainstream audience to support them. Frank Castle would have a more difficult time, and fanboys would fight, ridicule, and argue the idea every step of the way.
  3. The biggest problem is that fans would never support it- especially since the previous films were all R-rated. If Marvel were to announce a PG-13 version, the very idea would spark an immediate backlash that would be difficult for the project to overcome.
  4. Awesome. I wondered if you might do something like that, since Tom previously mentioned behind-the-scenes video of a guy having to be chased off the set! I suppose you could've portrayed the Mike character as a big red guy with sawed-off horns.
  5. Just watched the dvd tonight. Been wondering how well it did in digital buys. And of course, now all I can think about is a Punisher short with you running up against Mel.
  6. After two days, over a million views on Youtube. Hopefully Marvel is paying attention. It definitely establishes the blueprint going forward. The key to this particular Frank is that you can tell he's a product of the Vietnam era. His biography may not have him serving in the actual war, but that period is still in the dna because of Tom's influences. This isn't Jason Bourne, The Rock, or MTV. This is Rolling Thunder. Mr. Majestyk. Walking Tall. And of course, Death Wish. You're just not going to get that with someone who grew up being informed by the past decade of cinema.
  7. Funny how every Punisher film has divided fans- even when it's a ten minute short! This is easily the first to generate almost universal praise, though. There's just something about Tom's portrayal that has always felt right. To me, Dirty Laundry is a classic western. High Noon by way of Frank Castle. I also love the way it can be viewed any number of ways: A continuation of the 2004 movie. Origin tale. The retired gunfighter. Passing of the torch. Or maybe just a day in the life of Tom Jane. Very, very satisfying stuff.
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