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  1. http://www.ebay.com/itm/PRIMO-PUNISHER-cover-Tim-BRADSTREET-2003-original-artwork-Marvel-Comics-/230844901668?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item35bf6da924 This came up on some other forums, some thought it might look a little dodgy. Tim is this your work?
  2. What was the story with "Thursday"? I found it by accident in Japan back in 2001/2002, but whenever I came back to the US and started looking for it, copies were astronomical. Looks like its on Netflix, but even now copies are going for $50-150 on ebay. Did something happen with the distribution rights, or did it just end up as a cult film that got underprinted, or what?
  3. I'm just joshin' ya. That was my favorite story as a kid, though. That was the story where he made a Battlevan out of an Apache, when you're 13 that's literally the coolest thing anyone could have thought of.
  4. I don't think Kevin Smith had anything to do with that... I don't know who the creative team was, but I don't think Smith has ever done any Castle comics.
  5. You're talking bad about Final Days right there man. That was the high water mark of 90s Punisher, say bad what you will about the overall 80's-90's Frank Castle, but Final Days was freakin' awesome back in the day.
  6. You can love someone without having to love all their decisions.
  7. Yep. They're also doing Unknown Soldier again, which is frickin' badass.
  8. The one choice you made I always thought was strange was the Jonah Hex cover. With your level of facial detail, that guy was MADE for you to draw, yet you kind of downplayed the face in the cover. I'd love to see a full on Jonah Hex portrait.
  9. So for the cover art do you get to pretty much pick and choose the books you want to work on, or is it a pretty tight market? Seems like you get less of the capes and tights and more of the ordinary characters, is that because you like certain characters, or do you kind of get sought out for the facial detail work you do?
  10. Tim who was the character model in your head for the Max covers? And Tom, did Kaare Andrews draw you on the cover of yesterday's Untold Tales of Punisher Max on purpose?
  11. Tim, always wanted to ask you this: What's your favorite skull besides your own? The original round eyes with Zeck, the classic Potts design you see on everything, Jim Lee's with the jagged eyes, the '04 movie skull, etc... ? Which one evolved to what we see in the short?
  12. I need me one of those vans. Is that a cameo there on the claw game scene in the laundromat? Couldn't make out the face.
  13. Podcast interview with Tom after Comicon, on the night the short was released. Discusses the short, some history of the movies, cars, cigars, and how to keep the movie under your hat (literally). Very appreciative that he took the time to talk directly with the fans, really cool guy. http://punisherbodyc...unt-episode-24/
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