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    I'm in Long Island NY, and Hurricaine Sandy has finally gone leaving us without power, phone, heat and cell phone service. I'm at a friends using her computer. It was a wild ride with lots 73mph winds and sideways rain. My neighbors big tree fell and took out the lamp post and the wires. It will be a long time before we get power back.
  2. Took Rusty Blades to the beach the other day and it was delightful, both the beach and the music. "New Valentine" is a song that keeps playing in my head and I sometimes find myself singing it outloud. It's beautiful! "Just Can't Win" is a song eveyone can relate to, I like it. "Building the Walls" is okay, not one of my favotites. "Secondface is intense and the words, "and you undermine the heart and break the soul in two, who do you think you're kidding now" are profound, I look forward to hearing that line for some reason. "Rebecca's Song" Is great as well, Love it. Looking forward to hearing more.
  3. Listening to my some of my go to's, Eva Cassidy and always (I love him!) Jackson Browne.
  4. 3D View of Mars ' A 3-D view in front of NASA's Curiosity rover, which landed on Mars on August 5, 2012, is seen in this image released by NASA August 7, 2012. The anaglyph was made from a stereo pair of Hazard-Avoidance Cameras on the front of the rover. Mount Sharp, a peak that is about 5.5 miles (3.4 miles) high, is visible rising above the terrain, though in one "eye" a box on the rover holding the drill bits obscures the view. This image was captured by Hazard-Avoidance cameras on the front of the rover at full resolution shortly after the rover landed. It has been linearized to remove the distorted appearance that results from its fisheye lens.
  5. I missed seeing your comment, but you are right, I was emotionally invested thus hoping for a happier ending. The movie stirred a lot of emotions like it was supposed to. I wanted to help these guys so wishing for a better outcome would have helped me.
  6. The ripo is great, but the script has to be super duper to succeed. Look at what happened to the reboot of "Total Recall," disappointing showing. On the other hand the "Dirty Trio" might just pull it off!
  7. Thanks for info Blondielox, great simulation.
  8. This is like a whole new world to me. I knew comic books because my son loves them but I never really looked at the art aspect until now. The books you have created takes things to another level, and yes, a small studio has the luxury of doing things for the beauty and love of the art. I suppose you’ll have to add some color but I wouldn’t do more than a wash. Some of the lines are so tight they naturally pop on their own. Keep posting pictures; I’m enjoying the hell out of it. I also enjoy feeling the passion that you two guys have for this art!
  9. While I don't believe most things our government says, and I do believe they would cover up any and all UFO info, I'm a little skeptical about a Disney documentary just when they were opening tomorrowland in 1995. I am open minded enough and certainly not naive to think that we are the only living forms in this universe or other universes around, I just need more convincing evidence. I'll just have to bring more intellectual stuff to the beach for summer reading.
  10. Apropos to this conversation "UFO Over Olympics Opening Ceremony: A Classic Flying Saucer [VIDEO]" http://www.huffingto...09#slide=648718 Karen Oh, Very cool stuff Thomas!
  11. Name: Karen Where you from: Long Island NY Occupation: High School Special Education Teacher (Taught art as well for a few years but like crazy people better) How did you find this forum: I have no idea it just appeared one night What are you reading: Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn Favorite Book: Pillars of the Earth What are you watching: I don’t watch much TV What do you have to say for yourself: It’s the summer and I’m on vacation YAY and I have no idea what day of the week it is! Besides a Masters Degree in Special Ed I also have a degree in Fine Arts and absolutely adore the art work in your comics and books. I was thinking that my students would love your comics (anything with Sex, Drugs and Violence gets them interested.) I work in an urban school in NYC (Queens) and find that even though the kids can’t read well they are extremely artistic. After snooping around here for a while I decided that a good project for them in the fall would be to have them create their own comics using storyboards first. It’s a sneaky way to get them to write as well. So hellllooooo everyone!
  12. I got the feeling Frank was saying to himself "Oh shit, not again, leave me the hell alone, I just want to do my fu*king laundry!"
  13. With all this talk about PG or R ratings, how much violence is portrayed in the movies, I'm surprised no one mentioned the Dark Knight Rises shooting near Denver. What impact would the Colorado Theater slayings have on the motion picture industry, comics, The Punisher? Out and about, I'll check back later.
  14. "we've been approached by the LA SHORTS Film FEST - which is the qualifying festival for the Oscars! that is pretty f'ing cool. " Cool it is!!! Maybe this is the way to go, short films like someone else said, to bring back the fan base and then it could be filled in to a full length movie. Of course getting people to work for free could be a problem. Love the name of the new flick, it grabbed me right away. It's great being a maverick, Isn't it?
  15. Okay guys, honestly, how many hits did you think you would get or dream of getting on You Tube? Have you had any feedback from important people with lots of money?
  16. "Esco's got it. yes, & crazylace54 nailed it: "NY Black Yankees played in the Negro National League from 1936- 1948." found that hat just a few days before shooting, and thought it was a nice touch. as i feared, some folks are decrying DL as 'racist' - to paraphrase UNFORGIVEN: 'race' has nothing to do with it." Racist??? (rolls eyes) Don't get me started!!!
  17. NY Black Yankees played in the Negro National League from 1936- 1948.
  18. i'm curious did anybody catch which NY Yanks hat Frank is wearing? Yep, caught it immediately, but it's because I'm a NY girl!
  19. "Hope is great, happy endings are cute, but it would have cheated the audience. After all that the character went through, to be the last man standing... there's no way he could just go back to living any kind of life outside of prison... The guilt of having to deal with the deaths of his friends, of being a party to it would have been a miserable way to live in any case. The point was see it as too dark. To face your own life and the differences in your own dreams v. the way your life turned out. To know that that the unwritten hopeful ending is really your own" You are right, the hopeful ending is my own. I suppose if it wasn't so dark I wouldn't look for that tiny ray of hope. I knew he couldn't survive once he killed his friend, I just wished they all weren't so fucked up!
  20. Loved the coloration of the film with the shadows on the faces. Talking about faces you have great facial expressions that give such depth to the character, I kept wondering what was going through Frank's mind. I also love how Frank gave the power to the victim, wish we all had that power when we've been done wrong. Frank is who every man or woman wants to be. The neighborhood looks like the neighborhood I teach in and those guys could have once been students of mine in NYC. All in all you did a great job!
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