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  1. Big Wow is happening on my birthday weekend, again. Just might have to collect on this one.
  2. I think it would be pretty difficult to rationalize why someone with Castle's background wound up in a shuttle. I hate it when they bend shitty ideas around good characters just to push the idea.
  3. Doesn't it say something about the film that you look for that though? That you invested an iota of emotion that you truly, from the outside, almost wanted to shake them, to tell them to straighten up and fly right? That you wanted them to be less fucked up? It's almost heartbreaking watching the demise of people and having that feeling of not being able to do anything about it. I think it's that investment that lets you walk away from the film with the "make your own destiny better" mentality. That they were SO fucked up that it almost has an adverse effect on the viewer. Hitchcock had said that he created movies about murder as a way to get it out of one's system. You watch so you don't have to do. I'm not likening this film to anything in the Hitchcock catalog, obviously, but that feeling of adverse effect for the viewer is certainly present.
  4. Would be interesting to see that come up on Deadliest Warrior. Where's that mop? Christ, TJ - Spank Bank'd. It's great seeing so many new people register just to post on this thread. That says a lot for The Punisher franchise just as much as the quality of the short. To have no budget, to go into this wanting to produce something that holds to Frank Castle's evolution that fans would be able to latch on to is an undertaking to say the least. This absolutely hit the mark. I cannot imagine you all are anything less than pleased. Is this something we should expect is just to whet our appetites? Do you think this is something you will likely keep doing when you have time? Continuing to create these shorts, perhaps as a series?
  5. *quietly pushes this vid toward her friend at Marvel/Disney*
  6. Bumping this - Bradstreet, it's time to update again.
  7. Sorry I missed out on seeing you guys this weekend. I usually work SDCC (at Shannon Wheeler's booth) but Shannon opted not to have a table this year. Hope you guys will be back again next year (I will be)! I spent all weekend drinking and working on a chicken coop and lamenting not being in San Diego.
  8. Would love to hear it on a good vinyl press but it's very cool stuff. Feel like I'm hearing a singing saw during "Building the Wall" - am I right? If you're helping push this guy... Muddy Roots Fest might be a good fit for him. Someone else you should check out in the same vein is Soda Gardocki, if you haven't heard him already. Similar vein vocally. He's pretty much the reason they started the Muddy Roots Fest from what I gather. Hellova nice guy to boot.
  9. I was there. There was a mob around that table on Sunday. If he threw a movie at someone, it was because they were out of immediate reach and he was likely trying to just make sure they got their stuff. If the broad couldn't catch and hit her, it's more likely that her husband just saw that part. I can totally see that happening. Girls who attend comic conventions are not usually known for their athletic ability.
  10. Hope is great, happy endings are cute, but it would have cheated the audience. After all that the character went through, to be the last man standing... there's no way he could just go back to living any kind of life outside of prison... The guilt of having to deal with the deaths of his friends, of being a party to it would have been a miserable way to live in any case. The point was see it as too dark. To face your own life and the differences in your own dreams v. the way your life turned out. To know that that the unwritten hopeful ending is really your own.
  11. This made my heart happy. I love it when the bastards get what's coming to them.
  12. Hands down the two albums I can't get enough of right now are "Signs and Signifiers" from JD McPherson, and "Archer St. Blues" from The Starkweather Boys. I'm listening to a lot more of my old Johnny Horton records again as well.
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