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  1. Umm...Welcome.....back ?.... I guess? It feels weird saying that becuase I'm new to this place.I feel like a guest who dosen't "live" here but I'm acting like I do or something.Eh but...I guess it's whatever. Well welcome back anyways :D.


    Wow, you know, when you put all the stuff you've been working on in one whole post, it's much easier to tell how super hella foochin' busy you've been over the time you were gone. That's good that you got a break now eh? :) It would be nice for me to go to Comic-Con....or any interesting con in general but sadly I have no money. Oh well.


    Hmmm... a dick joke?..... nope sorry I don't have any dick jokes. Not any funny ones anyway he he.

  2. Hello everyone, I'm new and stuff. LOL obviously like the title says. Umm so I've been lurking around here for awhile and I think it's safe to say, for me, that these forums seem pretty interesting and kewl. Plus, I think I've been here way too long without posting anything. I'm not,really good at intros but here it is anyway and stuff.

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