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  1. I think this movie will prove what Stephen Colbert has said all along: the number one threat to America is bears.
  2. There is something about turning 40, where if you're not "set for life", you feel like you can't start your life over again. You feel like you can't follow a new dream, you can't meet the woman you want to spend your life with, you can't start the family you have dreamed of... You lose hope. The prevaling narrative we are taught is that all of those things should be in place by then. Where are the positive messages for people over 40 who don't have their lives sorted out?
  3. It's funny how the interviewers fall silent as soon as they talk to him about his passions. It takes them out of their comfort zone. I wish I had the confidence to talk about the things I truly love, but which I would fear would alienate me from others.
  4. By far, this is my favorite TJ movie. Anyone who hasn't seen it yet, go see it! lol
  5. That's cool! I hope he does some video interviews for his fans that live faraway on the internet. More importantly, I hope he has a good time.
  6. That's the first time I've heard anyone refer to the hair on someone's chest as a mane. I don't think I have enough Wild Turkey in the house to keep up, which is good, because I don't feel like dying. haha
  7. I'm not a huge Stephen King fan, though I do own many of his books. I just like when SK and TJ are both on a project. I'm more invested in the story if the actor does a good job. I liked TJ even more in The Mist, because he was able to do more with the character. Like he says, he likes characters that have inner turmoil and that one had plenty. I think Dreamcatcher would have been interesting as a series, where four friends with unusal powers deal with a slowly growing alien threat. At least a trilogy...
  8. I tried sending an email to the above address and got no response. Is that how you came across your autograph? It's normal for people to sell the autographs. If the name doesn't have any value to you, then it's an easy way to make money off of others.
  9. Happy St. Patrick's Day! Happy Anniversary to my parents as well!
  10. I liked Hung for two reasons. 1. I really enjoyed seeing Ray Drecker learn about how to treat people. He was constantly evolving from a guy who only cared about what he wanted out of life to a guy with a big heart who puts other people's happiness before his own. It's a beautiful tragedy when he tries so hard to make things right, only to have them worse off than before. Just awesome. 2. Jane Adams acting ability allows her to steal the scenes she is in. She really knows how to portray someone who is awkward, frustrated, and sympathetic both physically and emotionally. The good side to Hung being off the air is that TJ can work on his own personal projects. As much as I love the projects where he is simply acting (which granted are amazing), I love the projects where he has the most creative control. He's got great ideas that only he seems to be willing to make manifest, such as the noir-verse.
  11. I had an account but never really checked it until I started following TJ. It's cool to see the pics he uploads.
  12. If I can enjoy The Sweetest Thing because TJ is in it and in spite of Cameron Diaz, I'm sure I'm gonna love this movie.
  13. As soon as anything exists, people will form opinions about it. If people hate him, so be it. Assume that he is a jerk sometimes. So what? Everyone is a jerk sometimes. If nothing else, that just makes him a human, like the rest of us. Personally, I like the polarizing effect he has on the public. He's trying to change how the game is played. People react differently to change, and a lot of that time, the reaction is negative. I'm a fan of TJ for his positive and negative traits. He wouldn't be the cool guy is his without both.
  14. I got mine yesterday. Pretty exciting! I love this movie!
  15. Just watched The Mist in black and white thanks to the collector's edition. I kind of wish that I had seen it in b/w first, because there were times when I felt like I was watching a decolored version. What I liked about b/w was how blinding the mist is, how high definition everything looks, and how reminiscent it feels of those old scary movies I saw as a kid.
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