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  1. Martin Campbell. Green Lantern. I'm interested. Not dying to see it. Add Ryan Reynolds to the mix and it's gonna have to be amazing to get me there. Why does he keep getting cast in movies? At best, he's mediocre. Anyone see his serious performance in THE AMITYVILLE HORROR? Yeah, it's not good. Has he opened a movie since VAN WILDER 7 years ago? Martin Campbell seems to have good taste. My guess is that Ryan was shoved down his throat.
  2. Since when do you like Robert E. Howard?
  3. I probably did sound particularly negative in my first post. But that was more out of disappointment. I went in wanting to LOVE this movie. There is no doubt that the film has some wonderful scenes and solid performances. Some of my favorite scenes, off the top of my head: The scene in the car post jail break The racetrack scene Anything with J. Edgar Hoover Purvis going to the wrong apartment and meeting a shoe salesman Purvis negotiating with the Madam Billie's interrogation The movie theater scene that you mentioned Overall, I found it to be a mess. And I absolut
  4. You know, I have to say that was a big worry of mine as I got more and more into filmmaking. It's certainly true of films I work on. They have to be pretty great to sweep me away, and sadly, the shit I work on ain't pretty great. But when I see a really good movie, it absolutely takes me away. This year, films like THE HURT LOCKER, STATE OF PLAY, STAR TREK, and SOLOMON KANE did that for me.
  5. I never said hate. And the BLAIR WITCH thing was to make a point. BLAIR WITCH was shot that way as part of the story. I can't explain what Mann is doing. I'm sure he could provide an explanation that went on for hours, but it's not working. It didn't bother me so much in COLLATERAL or MIAMI VICE. But here, it's a disaster. Mann made movies that looked great before he discovered the HD camera. I just wish someone would take HD away from him. I love HEAT, even with all it's flaws, and all I'm saying is that these are both cops and robbers pictures. But one has a solid scr
  6. I'm not anti-HD. I'm just anti- movies that look horrible. Off the top of my head, APOCALYPTO and SUPERMAN RETURNS looked great. ZODIAC. The STAR WARS prequels. Robert Rodriguez's films. I've worked on a bunch of films that were shot on the RED camera and I've seen footage that looks excellent. Mann seems to be using it for a lot of exteriors and forcing his DP's not to light it well. Especially during night scenes. And it just looks horrible. If I was Dante Spinotti, I would want my name taken off the film. I think a period film like this that has wonderful production d
  7. PUBLIC ENEMIES is the worst photographed major film I have ever seen. Terrible use of HD. The film looks absolutely awful. It's embarrassing. I'm a huge fan of Michael Mann and when I heard about this project and cast, I was excited. But the movie is a letdown. I often found it slow and drawn out. Most of the shootouts are dull, just lots of tommyguns blazing. The sad thing for me is that at it's base level, this is a 1930's version of HEAT: Obsessed cop hunts bank robber and fireworks ensue. But this movie is not nearly as engaging. The supporting cast is virtually undev
  8. I saw it earlier this year. I found it pretty boring. There's some interesting stuff in there. Some really interesting ideas and concepts. And it's super ambitious and pretty amazing what they pulled off with no money. Some subpar CGI, but you almost forgive it. If I remember correctly, the lead was a bore, but some of the other performances were solid. Worth watching on cable or DVD. I wouldn't recommend going out of your way to see it on the big screen.
  9. brianmcquery


    Tom, really nice work. Great subtlety. Love that the show is both funny and dramatic. And I love Gregg Henry, so I hope we see more of him too.
  10. I would love a copy. You should have my email address. Hope you get good news very soon about the project.
  11. THE HURT LOCKER opens in limited release today! If it's in your area, don't miss it. It's one of the best pictures of the year and deserves a wide release.
  12. I did fall in love with Claudia. God, she was gorgeous. As for the sound, I didn't hear them, but one of my friends was bothered by people talking behind him. He turned around and said, "Could you please keep it down. This film is known for it's sound design, not for audience participation." That cracked me up. The couple actually got up and seemingly left. Though I saw them afterwards and they must have just changed seats.
  13. Just saw ONCE UPON A TIME IN THE WEST on the big screen for the first time at the New Beverly Cinema. Thought this was an appropriate place to post. Gorgeous print and such a different experience than watching it on DVD. WOW! I missed the Man With No Name trilogy earlier this year, but hopefully I'll catch up to it sometime soon.
  14. Joe- I just got my copy of your book. It's gorgeous. There's so much stuff in there that I've never seen before. It's a beautiful book and a great tribute to the work that you've produced thus far. Can't wait for Volume II. Congratulations! -Brian
  15. Just saw it again, this time in IMAX. Totally holds up to a second viewing. Still love it!
  16. I just saw SOLOMON KANE at a distributor screening in Beverly Hills courtesy of AIN'T IT COOL NEWS and it's fucking awesome! James Purefoy owns the role. It's brutal, violent, nasty, dirty, dark, and badass. It sells the period well without shitty CGI and when it does use CGI, it uses it really well. The supporting cast is solid. The villains are good if not quite the level of villain in CONAN THE BARBARIAN. It's a great origin story and a great setup for a series. My only concern is that because of how dark and brutal it is, it could be a tough sell. This movie came out
  17. Rachel Nichols is way hotter than the new Uhura, green, blue, purple, normal, or otherwise.
  18. I wish I could have found something to like about WOLVERINE. Wish I would have found any of it fun. Much of it plays like a parody with the most cliched scenes and shots possible. It makes no sense. Many characters are there just to load in a bunch of new mutants. I would love to say that it's a great practical joke, because sometimes you can't believe what you're seeing, but that would give the filmmakers too much credit for creativity. I would love to see an adaptation of the Claremont/Miller mini series, but maybe I don't if it's handled this way. Characters like Bishop and M
  19. Got to see STAR TREK last night on the Paramount lot thanks to the amazingly talented Rena Owen. It's awesome. It's everything I could want it to be! Fantastic opening. Great introductions for all of the iconic characters. And they all have great moments. It's paced incredibly well and engaging all the way. It honors the history of trek and has lots of classic moments. I wanted to go back and watch it again. It's amazing how reverent it is. Then I think about WOLVERINE and how that took a dump on a successful franchise. I grew up a much bigger X-MEN fan than a STAR TREK fan,
  20. This is one of the WORST movies I have ever seen. Growing up, Wolverine was my favorite character. I had low expectations for this film from all of the trailers and it was so much worse than I expected. From the opening credits on, I hated this movie. I'm so disappointed. I know a lot of people hate X-MEN: THE LAST STAND, but that's a masterpiece compared to this. I would watch that again in a second. I don't know if I ever want to watch WOLVERINE again. It would be really hard to say which is worse, PWZ or this garbage.
  21. I didn't notice any LETHAL WEAPON music. The print said Australia on it at the beginning and it's the Director's personal print. So he must've gotten his hands on one of the international prints.
  22. Mark Goldblatt (Director of 1989's The Punisher) actually edited COMMANDO. Don't hold your breath for the DVD though. Doesn't sound like anyone is even looking into who has the rights. Whoever approached Mark a few years ago about doing it gave up when he couldn't untangle that mess.
  23. I've heard that ROAD TO HELL is terrible, but I'm still very curious. There's nothing better than watching STREETS OF FIRE with a first timer and seeing their reaction to the sledgehammer, the butterfly knife, etc. Incredible cast, great music, ahead of its time.
  24. Love me some Tom Cody. Just turned someone new onto STREETS OF FIRE the other day. I try to do that about once a year or so. Would have loved to have seen the sequels they had planned THE FAR CITY and THE RETURN OF TOM CODY. But according to IMDB, the Michael Pare thing is a rumor and Mark Goldblatt did not mention him last night.
  25. Caught THE PUNISHER (1989) in its first ever West Coast big screen outing. This was the international version and is essentially unrated. This was the cut of the movie that was turned in before the MPAA sent them a long list of cuts to get an R. Director Mark Goldblatt was there. He is an incredibly accomplished editor who has many amazing action movies on his resume. Check him out on IMDB. I asked him how the project came to him and he said after directing DEAD HEAT, New World approached him with PUNISHER. He said they loved DEAD HEAT until it came out and did no business. I
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