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  1. The new trailer is great. I saw it in front of NINJA ASSASSIN and the ELI trailer was more entertaining than anything in NINJA ASSASSIN. Can't wait to get my Gary Oldman fix in January.
  2. At the Q & A I attended at the DGA Theater last night, Quentin said that while there will be some deleted scenes on the DVD, he was not including the sequence I was most looking forward to. That's the sequence that bridges Shosanna's escape at the beginning and her re-appearance at the movie theater years later. I found the film to be disjointed and when I went back and read the screenplay, I felt the film really needed that bridge. Quentin disagrees. He said there will be no Director's Cut DVD because his Director's Cut is what we see in the theater. And he has decided not to
  3. Last night, I attended a Q & A screening of INGLORIOUS BASTERDS at the DGA Theater. It was a great night. When asked if he had any plans to do animation, Quentin said yes and no. He didn't have any new projects, but he said that when they did KILL BILL, the animated segment on the page was much longer than what's in the movie. At the time, it was supposed to be one movie, so they didn't animate what Quentin said was his favorite part of that segment, because it was just way too long. Quentin said they were currently animating it and that KILL BILL: THE WHOLE BLOODY AFFAIR wi
  4. Anyone see this yet? I was terribly disappointed. In anticipation of the release, I just showed THE PROPOSITION to the DP I was working with in San Francisco last month. He was blown away. It was only my second viewing having initially seen in theatrically and it's just as good as the first viewing. I was really disappointed that while I was gone, I missed 2 preview screenings of THE ROAD, including a Q & A screening. But I saw it today and I was bored, disengaged, and disappointed. There are some good sequences and the acting is solid. Loved Duvall, but then I always love
  5. brianmcquery


    If you have HBO and HBO On Demand, you can watch whatever is on there whenever you want. It doesn't cost extra, just whatever your monthly HBO subscription costs. They have a few dozen movies on there and episodes from all of their series. But things come and go.
  6. Now the question is will this be part of the live telecast? Because I heard they were going to dump these Oscars from the live telecast and give them out at a separate time. I supposed they would air an edited excerpt from it, but that's lame. Lifetime Achievement Awards should be treated well, not second class. I'd rather they cut the opening monologue and musical numbers.
  7. I've heard studio marketing people say that they create the packaging to appeal to Middle America or the casual viewer. They know the hardcore fans are going to buy certain titles regardless of the marketing or packaging, so they could care less about catering to them. They wanna catch regular folks in Target or WalMart, so most of the time they just slap the faces of the stars on the cover and hope that does the job.
  8. I just saw the 16 minute preview tonight. It's the same stuff I saw at Comic-Con, but truncated. I think it looks absolutely amazing. But today was incredibly disappointing because this is what they showed at Comic-Con, and it was in 3-D at Comic-Con. And I saw this at the IMAX screen at Universal and it wasn't presented in IMAX!!!! I went with someone from AICN and the second it started we turned to each other and said, this isn't IMAX. It was a 35mm size print presented on the IMAX screen. So it was big, but I thought the whole point of AVATAR DAY being on IMAX screens was to pres
  9. I saw 25 minutes of this at Comic-Con and it looks absolutely amazing. They showed a great live action Stephen Lang scene. And a few other live action things. And a whole bunch of stuff on the alien planet. And I'm going to wait in line tomorrow for the AVATAR DAY IMAX 3-D preview. I just worked with a DP who was a cameraman on THE TERMINATOR and has stayed friends with Cameron. He's scene a bunch of the movie at the post house and he thinks it's going to change cinema. This is James Cameron, ladies and gentlemen. He's always delivered pictures with solid story and character, e
  10. I saw DISTRICT 9 last night courtesy of AICN. First of all, don't read anything about this flick before seeing it. I avoided as much as I could because I heard really good things and didn't want to spoil it. It's best if you go in cold and just let the picture unfold. Second of all, don't expect a mind blowing masterpiece. There's too much hype out there already. It is not the best picture of the year, but it is well worth seeing. I don't want to get into any specifics. This is a good, solid sci fi picture, that is not based on any other media, nor is it a remake or a seque
  11. For those of you in L.A., the New Beverly Cinema is showing the original INGLORIOUS BASTARDS on a double bill with THE DIRTY DOZEN on 8/30, 8/31 & 9/1. Oh, and KILL BILL 1 & 2 are showing there this week, 8/16 & 8/17.
  12. Next time you're at a loss for something good to rent, clearly you must choose VERY BAD THINGS.
  13. No one should have to be forced to watch APPALOOSA. They should seek it out on their own because it's worth it. Far from a perfect film, but great performances and character moments. Well worth seeing.
  14. So no one here on the forum is talking about G.I. Joe this weekend, huh? Can't blame you. I was expecting a trainwreck. My roommate is a HUGE fan. He worked on the film. He saw a press screening. The crew screening. Got to interview people on the red carpet at the premiere. And offered to buy my ticket to see it today. His third time, by the way. He insisted that while it wasn't true to Joe lore (he would know) it's fun and entertaining. He was wrong. It was awful. I hated it. Not as much as WOLVERINE. But I hated it. I grew up on X-MEN comics and G.I. Joe toys and this sum
  15. You might be an idiot, Tim. I snuck into this when it was in theaters and I thought it started okay, but I remember it just going crazy in the third act. I wouldn't call it a bad picture, but I don't know that I could recommend it. It's bizarre. It takes you in unexpected directions, I will say that. Worth watching on cable for sure.
  16. First of all, VERY BAD THINGS is still my favorite Peter Berg film. It's so fucked up. Forget what you think it may be and watch this film, Tim. Or next time you're in L.A., I'll make you watch it. And let's not forget Berg's FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS feature, which is excellent. Huge fan of Berg as a Director. And also never been a fan of him as an actor. HANCOCK is a bit of a mess, but entertaining and I really dug the first 45 minutes. Love THE KINGDOM. And there's a lot I love about THE RUNDOWN. The parts I don't involve Seann William Scott. I'd be really happy if he left the busi
  17. The good news is that at Comic-Con the Producer and Director talked about their plans to make two sequels. So they're behind this franchise in a big way. Unfortunately, Tim, screenings like this come up with very little notice. That's one of the great things about L.A. and how I've been in the first public screenings of films like AMERICAN GANGSTER, BODY OF LIES, EDGE OF DARKNESS, and SOLOMON KANE.
  18. I saw this last night at a preview screening. I like the cast. Had no idea that was Chris Hemsworth from STAR TREK. He's great. Played poker with Kiele one night when I first came out to L.A. and she was super cool. Was excited to see her in a relatively high profile picture. I HATED this movie. I don't want to spoil anything, but it really makes no sense, despite some good acting. I hated all of the talk about screenwriting in the picture too. I really hope this bombs. I'm actually surprised that this screenplay got financed. I would understand if it was 9-10 years ago. But I
  19. Just remembered one of the funniest moments of Comic-Con 2009 for me. Tom's rant on preview night at Mark Walters about planning ahead for next year and booking a room. "Book a room now! You know you're gonna be here next year! Unless you're dead!" Mark was staying with someone locally for at least one night and Tom would not let him here the end of it. Hilarious. Tom's entrance Sunday night for dinner and drinks was pretty great too. Never let him "Jane" your glass.
  20. If they're truly doing a prequel that tells the story of how the space jockey ended up on LV-426, I REALLY hope they don't find a way to insert some humans in there. As much as I love Ridley Scott and ALIEN, I really wish they would leave this alone. I am NOT excited.
  21. I dug the footage that was shown at Comic-Con. It was essentially a trailer and not long form clips like some of the presentations. I'm not dying to see it, but it looked like something I'll probably see.
  22. I heard some pretty negative Mickey Rourke stories from a friend who's working on the movie. Mickey may be sandbagging his career all over again. I can't believe that Favreau is letting him get away with this B.S. after fighting for him.
  23. Keep meaning to post that I ran into Kristen Bell at the Arclight recently. She was ahead of me in line. I walked up to the line and thought it was her, but wasn't 100%. When she stepped out of the line and I saw that it was indeed her, I struck up a conversation. I told her I loved SPARTAN and she thanked me and said that it was a great movie, but no one saw it. I told her that I turn people onto it all the time, but now when I say the title SPARTAN, people think 300. And she instantly replied, "Yeah, but they were in way better shape than us." That totally cracked me up. Turn
  24. Oh, and I also got to see a test screening of EDGE OF DARKNESS earlier this year. I think it was the first one.
  25. I got to see PAYBACK: STRAIGHT UP - THE DIRECTOR'S CUT at a special screening to promote the DVD release. Brian Helgeland was on hand for a Q & A that was moderated by James Ellroy! It's good and well worth seeing. It's been a while, but there were several different scenes early on in the film and if I remember correctly an entirely different third act. The Q & A was great. And actually, the screening was at the Arclight and the fire alarm went off and the movie shut down. When that happened, I said out loud, and fairly loud, Mel got to the projection booth! We all filed
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