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  1. I am in Dallas~ anyone else on the road? And seriously?? I was not ever contacted via email thru comicon for the time and date when badges were being sold even though I signed up~odd~~ I will still be in San Diego that entire of the convention though. just venting~~ lol

  2. I too want to express my sadness to hear this sad news.~~~ I am sending out sincere prayers to Heather's family, Thomas, Tim and all those who are missing her. I am making a donation in her name to the rescue league, as a suggestion of her family as well since I too support animals who need so much love and care.. Hugs out to all of you in your time of despair.. Love from Cindy
  3. I too extend my happiness to you and Congratulations on your nomination for best actor. It is a team effort but you are the chocolate on the strawberry~
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