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  1. Okay everyone, this is about to hit the airwaves ... err ... cyberwaves? BUT BEFORE YOU VIEW, THIS IS IMPORTANT, PLEASE READ: We've been working with aintitcoolnews and we've given them the scoop, so PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE do not post this on Youtube, or send out a bunch of emails saying it's here, until you see it hit aintitcoolnews, then please post to your heart's content. THIS IS FOR RAW MEMBERS' EYES ONLY. We're good friends with aintitcool and we don't want to ruin their scoop or jeopardize the impact of the release of the trailer, but we also know that you are the real hardcore fans and as RAW members, we wanted to make sure you got the first look in the world at Malone in action. All of that being said... MEET MALONE Mark
  2. Well I gotta say it wasn't for TBs feedback, my own storytelling cred would be shot! What was I thinking with the Machine Guns??? That flying candle stick??? Shhheeeesssshhh!!! Russell just left and we locked the edit. It's looking pretty "Malone." I don't like the other trailer floating around, and it's more than just the "Bad To The Bone." It doesn't reflect the movie at all. Sure, guns shooting and people dying are cool, but ... I suppose it was a good teaser -- this trailer will set the record straight ... and hopefully the Raw Boards won't be disappointed. Mark
  3. I wish! My editing suite is the small spare bedroom where I write. You're correct -- that's the sound mixing stage. Mark
  4. Yeah and Malone marks him zero, as he will to whoever's on the other side of this door... Sorry, couldn't get it right side up for some reason. Edited: poof! And now it is!! - TB
  5. Here's a recent update on David Williams' (the composer) Facebook Page: "We start the film mix tomorrow of "GIVE 'EM HELL MALONE". I'm still writing music for the last reel! Just love these short deadlines...."
  6. As a production update, word is that the audio is really great, I think David, the composer, is doing some cool jazz stuff, at least he's a classically trained jazz musician. I hear that the color timing is also finished (which you should see in the trailer). Juniper Post is doing all of the post audio, they're excellent -- they did The Big Lebowski! I based a character in Malone off The Dude. At any rate, everything's kicked into overdrive to get the film finished. Expect things to start heating up through the end of Cannes. Tim's posters were the big kick off.
  7. So true. But hey, if we DIDN'T get the shaft, we'd be shitty writers. I firmly believe that the best writing comes from a place of deep insecurity and fear. It goes along with spending months / years of your life writing on spec and maybe / maybe not have it go anywhere.
  8. The indelible Thomas Jane as Malone, bad ass posters by none other than Tim Bradstreet himself, the director of freakin' Highlander and killer fan art of Malone... It's as if there's a real movie out there lurking about.
  9. Yes, it looks like the almighty trailer God has thrown his lightening bolt at my arse to edit the trailer. Trailers are one of the less painful things I do to make rent money. Alas, one can't write and write alone with a baby on the way. IF I'm allowed to use non-cleared music, you better believe which song I'm gonna use... Mark
  10. I promise Ving is more than a car. I found these pics of Elsa posted on the web -- I hadn't seen them yet. Some spanish site got a hold of them. I love that look between her and TJ. Is she about to kiss him, slap him or both?
  11. I haven't seen it -- We can hope! But somehow I doubt it...
  12. Rumor has it that a new trailer for Cannes is coming to the web soon. I imagine it'll pop up on Hannibal's website first. But this should be the first official trailer, approved by Russell, and will hopefully have SFX, music from the movie and freakin' DIALOGUE and PLOT (I know, I know, who cares about that? BRING ON THE BIG GUNS!). And I think the film definitely has a screening position at Cannes, so that'll most likely be the first screening -- though it might just be for distributors and such. I'm not really sure how it works, whether it will be with festival or the market. If it's with the festival it'll probably be a public screening, but if it's with the market it might just be for foreign distributors. Mark
  13. That's my understanding of the situation too. I know that they haven't technically made it "available" yet -- they used that promo floating around to pique people's curiosity at AFM -- I believe Cannes is when they'll do the selling, they usually try to get a bidding war on at the first screening (as I understand it). Hopefully they'll get someone big interested.
  14. Absolutely. You can get it through me. I'd let you read it now, but I think there's something in my contract that says I'll be shot. I'll look into it though...
  15. Good to know -- I'll email the powers who be. And believe it or not, contrary to these promos floating around, there is dialogue in this film... Sure, it's mostly grunts and groans but every once in a while you can catch a discernible word.
  16. You nailed it. The musical embodiment of Malone. Mr. Cash. RIP.
  17. I'm still on my Malone kick after watching a rough cut this week, which actually kind of sucks because I can's talk about it w/ anyone and its not like it's coming out in the upcoming weeks, so more on the origins of Malone. The inspiration for writing Malone wasn't another film, but the bridge of Rusty Cage as performed by Johnny Cash. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MGBZf5oKspk Specifically, the part Johnny slows it down at 1:25 -- late one night it inspired the hallway scene in the trailer -- the visuals that jumped out w/ the music were of some PI with a beatup hat blasting goons left and right on his way down the hall, killing his way to get "the meaning of love," a grizzled over-the-top VO, "Gettin' shot's never easy, the bullets tend to hurt." that sort of thing, and right afterward, the title "Give 'em Hell, Malone," jumped out, and so I sort of based the story and character around the title and "the meaning of love." Malone as a character ended up coming out as a cross between Johnny Cash and Steve McQueen. At any rate, if you haven't heard the song, check it out. It's a great cover.
  18. That is such a badass poster. sigh.
  19. I've got the title for the sequel: "Make 'em Bleed, Malone" TJ came up with the title for the third: "Kill 'em All, Malone"
  20. Nice. Can't wait to see them. You've got to show it!
  21. Sounds like the good kind of grumbling. Yeah, hopefully the grumbles are more than just a little indigestion. Malone's a hard man to kill, harder man to swallow. Don't read too much into that.
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