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  1. Hey RAW -- Mark Hosack here, writer of that little kick-ass action movie titled GIVE EM HELL, MALONE -- writing to let you all know that my first film, PALE BLUE MOON, which I wrote / directed / edited and produced, finally has domestic distribution (after a long tussle with a company hung the US rights up for nearly 2 years). At any rate, this is a TINY, WEIRD movie -- shot on 35mm for 35K in Dallas Texas with friends and local filmmakers / actors. It took 4 years to make. It should be coming out Spring of 2010 -- If you have time, check out the trailer for it here: And join our Facebook Page. Thanks for watching! Mark
  2. Hey good snooping there, well that makes sense that they have the Video On Demand -- Hannibal told me E1 has domestic, meaning the US -- E1 was once the largest DVD company in the states, KOCH Entertainment, "National Media Entertainment" is a distribution label of E1, I'm guessing their DTV label. Hannibal must have sold Video on Demand to Lightning. Is it possible for a limited release? Yes. E1 has a theatrical label, I'm sure, and if they have domestic, they probably have all media, meaning theatrical. WILL they release it theatrically??????? In some markets?????? somewhere???????? I don't know, but I am an eternal optimist. Mark
  3. Today, the MPAA officially rated Malone "R" for "strong bloody violence throughout, language and some sexual content." There are 3 reasons why this is exciting: 1) MPAA ratings only come about as a film is getting close to being released. 2) Between you, me and the rest of the RAW forum, I've heard groaning from international distributors about the blood level in the movie, and a not-so-violent version of the film might even exist somewhere out there, but this rating and description leads me to believe that this is NOT the version that will be released domestically. 3) In the same press release, the movie "Maneater" was rated "R" for "bloody violence, strong sexuality/nudity, language and some teen drug and alcohol use." Notice we got "STRONG" bloody violence while a film titled Maneater only got "Bloody Violence." Mark
  4. Pantera's awesome. They were a local band for me in Dallas, Texas -- Weren't they out of Ft. Worth or something? At any rate -- ROCK ON!
  5. Ahhh, well that's good news! I'm going to AFM this week and plan on dropping by the distributor's to say "Hey" and let them know that there's a legion of Raw dudes and dudettes who will either shower them with love or with pain depending upon how they release the film. The choice is theirs...
  6. Not sure if anyone's posted this yet but here's a pretty great review from Robert Fure over at Film School Rejects from the Halloween screening. It's a nice perspective as he's probably one of the only film critics to have seen it in 2D and 3D. http://www.stumbleupon.com/s/#2Is6n5/www.f...y-3d-robfr.php/ Mark
  7. Mike is correct. Reubens was for Matchstick. "Suck my Sinatra" was one of those lines that "fell out of the typewriter" one late caffeine drenched rewrite night about a week before the shoot. In fact, Frankie the Crooner wasn't in the original script. He TOO "Fell outta my typewriter" about two months before the shoot because about a third of the way through the movie, after Malone kills... Well, you're not gonna get THAT much outta me.
  8. None of the music in the trailer is licensed. Its okay as long as it isn't "Official" -- it can't be put on a DVD or run in front of a movie. They've recently swapped that music out for original music in the film. But yes, the song at the end of the trailer is the one Russell wants in the film, but also a Mammas and Pappas song, which is the big one, for the end.
  9. FYI: I popped a call into Hannibal today. They aren't announcing anything official or "unofficial" to the writer re: distribution -- so beyond what we've found on the internet, there's nothing official to report. I'm sure they'll get in touch with us when everything is figured out.
  10. Gran Torino was a great film. I didn't think I was going to like it for some reason -- I thought it would be watered down. It wasn't. Look, regardless of the fate of Malone ... we still don't know ... I will give big kudos to Hannibal Pictures for actually manning up and financing the movie -- I hope to God they make money and the film does well for everyone involved. I hope to God the distributor is able to do great things with it and makes sure that it's rolled out properly. I think Medium Fan hit the nail on the head -- the big conglomerations own the studios (Hannibal's an Indie, the reason they would make Malone) and what the conglomerates want is a sure thing. The only way to get a sure thing is to make a film based on existing property with an existing fan base. Michael Bay is a great action director -- The Rock proves that (an "original" film) -- but Transformers 2 ... it's the shining example all that is wrong with the film industry ... and yet so right. It made A TON of cash (#20 on the all time highest grossing film list?????) When you're in the creative business, not being able to be original is the same as getting hobbled, Kathy Bates style. IT HURTS Mark
  11. And BTW: On this Theatrical / Blu-Ray thing -- I just have to vent for a second, here's the problem: It isn't that small films like Malone & Dark Country wouldn't make money if they were released theatrically -- they WOULD and they would make a shitload of more money in BLU-RAY / DVD sales. Theatrical these days is just ADVERTISING for the DVD. The problem is that they wouldn't make a SHITLOAD of money theatrically. Moviemaking has turned into VEGAS. At least in the development end of things. Trust me, the fastest way to kill a pitch is to utter two evil words: Character-Driven. Quick! Give me your pitch in 25 words or less! I can do it. I can do it well. But can anyone tell me why I should have to boil my 100 page script, my 100,000 word book, into 25 words or less? That's right. MARKETING. Okay. I cut trailers for a living. I could "market" a movie about my newborn lying in her crib and make it compelling. You can market ANYTHING. Why in the hell does my script have to be bite-sized? It's not a package of M&Ms, it's a character driven story. Does a 25 word or less pitch actually do justice to a script like SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION? Could it even possibly BEGIN to describe that incredibly complicated, CHARACTER DRIVEN story? (with a great plot twist) The problem is that the distribution system out of Hollywood has been conglomerated by giant corporations who own the studios. They only want to produce and release giant spectacle movies that are going to make bonzo amounts of money. Really. OR they want part 2, 3, 4, OR they want an adaptation to a book / video game / toy line. Why take the TIME and RESOURCES to release a small film theatrically if it isn't going to make a gazillion dollars? If it's only going to bring in a modest return? And are they WRONG for thinking this way? TRANSFORMERS 2 WAS THE WORST FILM I'VE EVER WATCHED IN FAST FORWARD. 19% on RottenTomatoes! Really, I LOVE pulpy tongue in cheek, over the top films. I wrote MALONE for Christ's sake. I have every line muttered by Bruce Campbell in ARMY OF DARKNESS occupying precious grey matter space. But there was nothing good about that film, the critics agree, my friends agree, BUT I STILL WATCHED IT IN FAST FORWARD (though I didn't PAY for it) and so did enough people that it made 832 MILLION DOLLARS WORLD WIDE. That's nearly 1 BILLION DOLLARS. THIS IS INSANITY. I MEAN REALLY. WTF? I'm all about mainstream films -- I believe in bringing great entertainment to a wide audience. I freakin' love Spielberg. I love Darabont. I love Zemeckis (but go back to live action, eh?). BUT WHY IS TRANSFORMERS 2 #20 ON THE TOP GROSSING FILMS OF ALL TIME????? I think this says more of Cultural Trends than Michael Bay's directing prowess. Let's face it, if people didn't pay for it, they wouldn't drop 200 million to make it. As a still struggling writer in Hollywood-- I gotta tell you, we're not moving away from films like this, we're moving toward them. No one, and I mean no one, is looking to make the next "PARANORMAL ACTIVITY" -- they view indies like they're freaks -- which they are -- but films like that show that with a clever advertising campaign, small films CAN do big business, or there's at least a theatrical market for them. But for every Paranormal Activity, there's a BLACK DYNAMITE, there's a TRICK R TREAT, good independent films that got A LOT of buzz on the festival / Comic-Con circuits that will either bomb at the box office (see Black Dynamite) or go straight to DVD, despite a big following (see Trick R Treat). But hey, I didn't go running out to see Black Dynamite (only because I have a new born), and yes, I do enjoy big event movies, but you better believe I'm going to go catch the latest Coen Bros film over an Independence Day. I was reading an interview with Willem Dafoe over at aintitcoolnews just a second ago and he was talking about how he'd rather work with these mad directors, Lars Von Trier, in particular, who I guess is something of a nutjob. He said he'd take a PASSIONATE NUTJOB any day, because they "put their blood into the movie." And succeed or fail, they give it their all, they try to do something different, something unique, instead of just "making a career." I like to think that that's what we did with Malone. Succeed or fail, we at least put our guts into it and tried to do something unique. I've had too much coffee -- I'm bitching, I know, and I know that I shouldn't bitch. I think it's silly to complain about something you can't change. But as artists, as writers and actors and illustrators and colorists and directors, as many of us on this forum are, this is the environment in which we operate, and I think that it's important to know and understand the rules. That way we can feel better when we break them.
  12. Yeah, that's the one. To be fair, I have NO IDEA if that's going to be the final art or not. I just found it on a search. It could be from a totally different territory than America, though it is in English. I'm looking forward to my trailer being Wal-Mart-ized. V.O. GUY: "ONLY ONE MAN CAN TURN BAD BLOOD INTO TRUE LOVE. MALONE."
  13. That's probably because I screwed up the name. It's: "National Entertainment Media" They've only put out 3-4 films. I remember seeing trailers for two of those on apple.com but I can't remember if either got a theatrical. At any rate, everything I know is what's up on Amazon, so you guys can take a look and see if you can read anything else into it.
  14. That would be an affirmative. I'd point out the way to some art I've found on-line but I don't want to give Bradstreet another aneurism.
  15. Well, Malone has an official BluRay street date of Jan 26th on Amazon. If anyone out there knows about how this Amazon street date thing works let us know -- does this mean any kind of a theatrical is out? Black Dynamite has a street date on Amazon -- it was released just last weekend. I haven't heard back from the production company beyond, "Yeah, we got domestic." Maybe they'll do limited screenings? I don't know. Surely that's possible. It's all up to the distribution company, National American Media, who I haven't spoken to yet. Regardless, yes, Malone should get some kind of theatrical, and yes, we should get in there and recut this thing based on feedback from Comic-Con... But, on a personal note, from a guy who moved to Hollywood without knowing a soul, I have to say: MALONE GOT MADE WITH TOM F'N JANE AS MALONE and TIM BRADSTREET ON ART!!! AND BY JANUARY 26th, YOU'RE AT LEAST GONNA BE ABLE TO SEE A KICKASS FLICK IN GLORIOUS HD!!! And THAT is pretty fucking exciting.
  16. Hey, I'm pretty cheap these days -- a sketch or two would go a long way. Of course I would have to bribe someone to get a screener too -- cause I don't have one!!! At least not of the finished film. The production company's paranoid about piracy so they aren't letting anything out. Mark
  17. FYI: I just found a couple of music cues from Malone up on David William's (the composer's) myspace page. Check them out at: http://www.myspace.com/davidwilliamsfilmmusic The first two are both from Malone -- Case Battle is the opening cue. I forget where the second cue starts and stops. Mark
  18. BTW: "GIVE 'EM HELL MALONE Catalog Number: NEMDV11, UPC# 652405001191. Release date Jan 26,2010" Is scary -- it's listed as a US import, which is weird -- maybe they have the inside scoop and the dom distributor hasn't officially posted yet. Or else maybe they have bad info. If you check out the companies on IMDB, you'll see a bunch of foreign companies listed. I'm just guessing but it'll probably hit in early 2010. I don't know, DTV or Theatrical -- I mean we all want it to be a Theatrical release, it SHOULD be a theatrical release, but it seems like Hollywood is DECIDEDLY spineless these days in what it will and won't take a chance on. I know TJs really pushing for a proper treatment of the film. We'll see. Mark
  19. Yeah, Hannibal's in final negotiations with a company for domestic rights, which is why they wouldn't let us screen the film. SUPPOSEDLY they were going to finalize negotiations last week but I haven't heard a peep. Sometimes these things drag out ... and sometimes the writer's the last to know ; ) Will let you know when I know. Fingers crossed its a good company!! Mark
  20. No, I had written Malone 5 years before I cut CONFESSIONS -- I mostly had Johnny Cash on my brain while writing MALONE. Mike -- I'm glad you're gonna catch this screening -- no excuses this time!!
  21. FYI: The Long Beach Comic-Con Screening is at 6PM, Saturday October 3rd. --Mark
  22. Hired Gun -- I came on after the film was finished and recut the movie. I thought the film was a lot of fun and am glad I had the chance to roll with it for a while. My only regret is there's a Ben Stiller outtake that's hilarious but due to some politicking, they couldn't get the rights to it. If the film isn't out yet -- Maybe when Raw travels East to a Con they can show MALONE for you guys????
  23. I don't think the date / time is set yet -- But RAW is throwing the party so I'm sure it'll be announced here first. Hey East Coast -- There's gotta be some Cons coming up soon, right?
  24. Hey everyone -- So head's up, the Second Public Screening of Malone will be at the Long Beach Comic-Con Oct. 2 - 4th: http://www.conventionscene.com/2009/09/08/...each-comic-con/ If you're around, come on out, catch the film and hang out!!! Mark
  25. Tim-- I can't believe they didn't use your bad ass "smeared" cover with the face in silhouette and the right ear peeling off. Really -- that one blew my socks off. I was fortunate to catch Dark Country last week. My hat is off to Tom and Tim and the rest of the crew on this one -- and a big scratch of the head as to why Sony isn't trying more with the film. TJ said they were expecting another SAW -- they didn't get that -- what they got is a Character Driven Mystery with an unconventional Hitchcockian story. WARNING! you have to THINK on this one goddamnit -- I know, stop shuttering at the prospect of being challenged in your movie going experience -- At any rate, don't read anything about this one -- skip the spoilers, skip the synopsis on the back of the box, skip the crappy floating heads on the DVD cover, rest content in the fact that you all created much better artwork and just watch it.
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