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  1. Well... my fellow Raw friends - it has been many moons. But, hey - Malone 2 is coming along nicely. I wanted to give a big shout out to my friends here - and to say Hello again after being gone far too long. You all are the gas in the tank for a sequel - so many thx for keeping the engine fueled up all these years! It's gonna be a ride............
  2. I, for one, wouldn't mind seeing Make 'em Bleed either ........... or the third - and I think TJ came up with this title on set: Kill 'em All, Malone. A little bone to Metallica there. I have not heard from Hannibal either on the sequel, but I refuse to give up hope. Maybe one of these days we can at least pry the comic rights away from them and rope Bradstreet into doing some art? ; )
  3. Hey! That is awesome Noeland. Seeing that bad boy again brings a tear to my eye. I'm very glad that you have it!!! Mark
  4. Whoa! What can I say? Terrific review! You really nailed these characters. Thank you for such thoughtful feedback. I see that you got the point on greed, eh? Yes, the idea was to grab Andy Griffith and throw him into the big bad pit of Wall Street. Paul isn't Andy Griffith--he's more savy, but you get the point. He loses a bit of himself along way, smartens up, toughens up-but, after being "corrupted" still sacrifices himself for the greater good. Why? Cause he still believes that its the right thing to do. Your point on Ellie is a good one. Yeah, I struggled that, she could've gone one or two different ways. Very good show here--it was great fun to read what you took got out of these characters after living with them for . . . 2 or 3 years and not sharing them with anyone else. It's a weird ride to be on but readers like you, who really take it in and enjoy it, make it all worthwhile. Mark
  5. Hey guys -- just as an FYI, the super cheap 1.99 sale for IDENTITY ends tonight at midnight. We're also giving away a free E-Reader, so if you're interested in one, please come sign up before midnight. You can do both here: http://markhosack.com/blog/2012/08/20/hear-ye-hear-ye-the-identity-sale-and-e-reader-giveaway-ends-tonight-at-midnight/ Thanks so much everyone. Hope you enjoy the read!
  6. Hey! I'm glad to be your first e-book! It took me a while to get used to the change, and I still love books, but I do use an e-reader now, mostly for convenience. All those books on one little device! And I can look up words I don't know really easily. I'll let you know if / when the paper version comes. I'm trying to get the publisher and Goodreads.com to do a giveaway for paper advance reader copies, but we'll see if that works........! I'm experiencing Goodreads problems.... Mark
  7. Thanks, Bradstreet! I'm glad to help the marriage's media consumption. ; ) Enjoy, and I'll keep you up to date--hoping we have more reviews and maybe a little movement on the film side of things soon....
  8. Thanks! Yes, it's been too long. Things are nuts -- I'm drowning in books and children. So glad to hear you enjoyed the preview! It'll come out in print if we sell enough e-books -- only Simon & Schuster know how many is enough, so.......... It probably won't be in print in the near, near future. If you want to read it, though, amazon has a free app -- a kindle app -- that you can use to read on your computer or smart phone: http://www.amazon.com/gp/feature.html?ie=UTF8&docId=1000493771 Sorry, I know, what a pain -- but I'd love for you to check it out and tell me what you think!! It's on sale for $1.99 for another week -- you guys be sure to grab it before they gouge ya ; )
  9. Ladies and Gentlemen, it's true. I'm back to haunt the rawboards -- in book form!! John, thanks so much for posting. Everyone else, thanks so much for checking out Malone in the past and I hope you pick up IDENTITY too. It's a fun ride. It's not set in the noir world--it's in the business world--kind of a Wall Street meets NXNW. Which, trust me, it has its fair share of creepy bad guys. It's also super cheap until Aug 21st -- If you're on something other than a kindle, you can grab it on a Nook or iPad by going here: http://markhosack.com/blog/pre-order-identity-now-2/ How's everybody doing?! I miss you guys. I wish we had Malone 2 up and hopping to share new pics of -- One Day! I hope everyone is doing well out there! Oh, and Good Lord -- Dirty Laundry rocked my lame ass! Wow. That was tremendous. Here's to hoping we get more of that, eh? If you pick it up, let me know what you think of my book!!!
  10. Holy crap this is gonna be terrific!
  11. Thank you very much -- I'm glad you enjoyed -- and moved. Though I can't take much credit for that, it's TJ's acting.
  12. I have driven the occasional hostile army from my land...
  13. Yes, Nyda is running me over as well as running my life. And you're right -- nothing is safe. Pressure makes diamonds.
  14. Congrats John! Good luck. You're gonna need it...
  15. I saw this too -- I have no idea what it means for a potential Malone sequel -- if I get a scoop I'll be sure to post it -- but at this point, I'm prepared to write a "Make 'em Bleed, Malonesy" sequel on my own ... Think that's far enough away from "Make 'em Bleed, Malone?"
  16. Thanks for badgering Hannibal, John and everyone else who sends word their way -- I haven't heard any go on a sequel yet. There was talk, we have the story, now we just need the "financial will" so-to-speak...
  17. Great article, Mike! Very interesting.
  18. Jeez, I just saw the post on Poland's White Noir -- looks fantastic -- !! Just got a photoprinter as well, so I'll be swapping out soon....
  19. Careful who you speak for... ! Thanks! Let's hope it happens.
  20. You guys / gals rock! Pressure counts!!!
  21. Padre -- sorry about the blade in the mouth thing -- makes me cringe too! And yes, firing those emails away to Hannibal about a sequel might be a good thing -- Maybe they'll move it???? And if you didn't like it enough in English: Malone Auf Deutsch Mark
  22. Sorry for the late response, been out of town -- IndieChick -- Everyone creative who works on a film LOVES to hear from those who enjoyed their work -- whether they admit it or not. That's why we do it. For people to watch and talk about. I've taken my fair share of shots too, and if you don't take the time to appreciate the people who dig your work there's no point in doing it. Doug Hutchison actually teaches an acting class in LA -- I don't know if you're local or not, but if you are, check it out here: www.darkwaterinc.com Then go to: "The Art of Stillness." The next time I correspond with him I will ask for the best way to get in touch with him, but I would definitely pop off emails to his websites -- www.darkwaterinc.com or www.doughutchison.com -- they'll know better than me, and yes, you never know who's checking the emails -- But -- if you can get out to LA you can learn from him directly which would be very cool. Hey Esco -- Good to hear from you. In a preproduction meeting that was actually one of our questions: "Do we have enough money for Malone to throw someone through a window?" so there you go. Yeah, Russell directed, and yes, 95% was on location -- the only green screen / composite was the interior driving stuff / Carnival Penis Chomp and ... I think that's it. John -- Shawshank their butts. All I can say is the sequel is killer. If Hannibal doesn't pull the trigger I'm going to write it and call it MAKE 'EM BLEED, MALONESY. But we'll see -- the film's just now opening in the UK and Aust and such, so we'll see where their heads are soon. BTW: Interview with Russell here: http://www.moviemuser.co.uk/Features/3879/...-Interview.aspx Mark
  23. (And it's funny you mentioned the prequel thing -- that was one of the ideas being thrown around on set).
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