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  1. That would be a Blade reboot that I would pay to see. Tone down the fantastical stunts and add more realism to it, sounds good to me.
  2. It doesn't dissappoint, man. It's an all-around solid movie. Liam Neeson is a bad ass through out, in every sense of the word.
  3. I'm not too sure how I feel about this one. The Alex Proyas version has a special place in my heart, any thoughts on this?
  4. Right on! I'm gonna take a sick day and check this one out!
  5. I actually saw it at the beginning of this month. There were a couple of guys with clipboards and what appeared to be surveys of some sort? There weren't a whole lot of people either. Maybe it was an advanced preview.
  6. If Punisher War Zone is knocked for anything, it sure can't be the score. Wandmacher did an awesome job. I'm a huge fan of film scores, and he didn't dissappoint!
  7. I was reading this earlier this week. I think a remake this soon, if at all, would be kind of odd. I thought the first Blade was good. The second wasn't too bad, and the third, although it could've been better, turned out to be pretty good. As long as it's not like the series.
  8. I really appreciate that, thanks very much. When we watched it again, it was myself, my wife, her two cousins, and my best friend. When the group finally ran out of gas, and everyone in the vehicle was quiet, it was so tense in the room, and as the camera went to the shot right outside the vehicle, and you see the gun shots, everyone literally gasped, and that was when the tears started flowing. I think everyone felt David's pain during that scene. I think if an actor and a director can move people the way that Darabont and Jane did with this film, who cares about the nay sayers.
  9. I actually caught this film at a small theater in Santa Fe, New Mexico! It really is a great film, I don't think I've seen a Neeson film that I didn't like. Is it true that it only got a limited release?
  10. When I first saw the ending, I really felt for David Drayton. Tom Jane's performance was great in the film, and especially moving at the end of it. I watched it over again recently, and it really hits home now for me, I recently lost my son, he was only five days old when he passed.
  11. That's probably the funniest review I've ever read! Informative, yet entertaining, like the Daily Show with Jon Stewart.
  12. Well my uncle is a big Mantle fan, and I'm a big Punisher fan, and we both think you did a fantastic job in both respects.
  13. Very welcome! Much anticipated! As is Dark Country, of course!
  14. Yeah I guess it mentioned that was part of the pitch that TJ was using when negotiations were going on. Is that draft still available? I'd like to give it a read, if it is.
  15. Actually got a chance to read this over in the Punisher War Zone thread. Gave me chills when I played it out in my head, especially the part with Castle and the FBI Agent in the lockup scenario.
  16. Here's some of that Killshot trailer goodness! My wife really wants to see this one, too! Killshot Trailer Link Hope I linked correctly!
  17. For the most part the trailer was really cool, just kinda spoiled a few parts in the movie. Looks to be good!
  18. Well, my apologies then! I believe I was thinking the Killshot trailer on the DVDs and the faux trailer I saw for Dark Country, mixed them up somehow!
  19. Hmm...I don't know for sure, but I think the one I saw was similar to this one? maybe a fake, and not too sure if I saw it on DVD or not...now I'm confused
  20. You said it, I've been anxiously awaiting this one since I saw the trailer on a few DVDs i purchased. Looks to be an excellent film. Can't wait!
  21. It's really sad to see all this crap that the big Hollywood machine is pumping out, and great movies like Stander, Mutant Chronicles, and Dark Country don't get the buzz they deserve.
  22. Wow, looks like this one will get the DVD Rental treatment for me. I've seen the '04 Punisher countless times, I think I might see PWZ just so I can actually have an opinion for the complete movie, and not just the footage and trailers. Thank you, Thomas Jane, for sticking to your guns and not making something you didn't believe in. I respect you more every day.
  23. A pass on the only reedeeming factor of the abomination known as the "G.I. Joe" live action movie?!
  24. Wow, who knew that two simple words could rock the very foundation of someone's life?
  25. Oh God, that's a scary thought. A PG-13 Punisher, with a "recognized" actor. That's like a PG-13 version of Saw, it just isn't going to work. Iron Man, fine, The Incredible Hulk, ok, but there's no way in hell The Punisher would be even remotely good with a PG-13 rating. Bring back Thomas Jane, well, seems like everything he's in is gold, so he'd be the real reason to see it.
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