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  1. Don't know if anyone's posted this yet, but here's the trailer for "Edge of Darkness" directed by Martin Campbell. Looks like it's going to be a good one! View Trailer Here!
  2. Loved the movie, as did the wife! Looking to replace the lame cover with the customs done by TB and friends. Just wondered, what paper would you fine folks recommend to print on? I hate using plain paper, just looks weird afterward.
  3. Yeah, I picked it up at Walmart, as well. Unfortunately, not a single store here in town as the Bluray version of the movie, so I settled for the 2 Disc Collector's Edition, and it's WELL worth the money. Sometimes I feel cheated when I buy "special editions" and they don't have hardly any extras, but Mutant Chronicles is packed with stuff, I HIGHLY recommend it.
  4. I actually got the We Were Soldiers/Payback Straight Up: The Director's Cut Two Pack at WM for 19.98. Good stuff!
  5. Can't wait for this one. He's probably one of my favorite actors overall. Speaking of PAYBACK, has anyone had a chance to see the director's cut? I enjoyed it a lot. I can'y say I like the theatrical or director's cut more, they're both good in my book.
  6. My wife read this, and said, and I quote "So did they shoot the people who greenlit PWZ and finally gve it back to Thomas Jane?" That was good stuff. Seriously, I wish this would happen, I'd be ecstatic.
  7. Saw this yesterday, it's not bad for a fan edit! Nathan Fillion is awesome, I think he would be great as Cap or Green Lantern.
  8. Yeah, I can agree with that. It didn't really pick up until towards the end of the movie. Terry Crews as Best Supporting Actor In A Non-Living Role!
  9. Wow, critics are really bashing TS all over the place. I thought it was good. I really think a lot of people were going in expecting a James Cameron film.
  10. I honestly had never watched an episode or movie in the original Star Trek series, but I really enjoyed this one. Saw it with my grandparents, and they said if I liked this one, I should check out the others. Maybe on Blu ray, they have the complete movie collection don't they?
  11. Just got back from Terminator Salvation. Overall, I'd give it a 4 out of 5. I was expecting more, and at some points the movie was a bit predictable. The music was...well...if you're a Danny Elfman fan, then you'll enjoy it. Could've gotten someone else for the score, but that's just my opinion. Go see it!
  12. I believe you've just coined a new phrase, sir. Had a good laugh with that one, thanks. I think Hensleigh is tremendous at what he does. I for one enjoyed the 04 Punisher very much so, and he did a hell of a job on Die Hard With A Vengeance and The Rock, to name a few. I'm looking forward to his future stuff, I've got a lot of respect for him and hope for nothing but the best.
  13. I rented Punisher War Zone for my friend and his wife to see, and what do I see? The skull emblem from the 2004 Punisher used in the animated menu graphics of the DVD?!?!?! Anyone else catch this? I'll see if I can take some screen shots and post them, but I wonder if this was a goof of some sort? My friend actually said, and I quote "If you took out Frank Castle and put in some other action star, it wouldn't ruin the flow of the movie. It seems like a shoot 'em up action movie with Punisher characters."
  14. I really hope this movie gets the respect it deserves, even in these early stages I've already decided to see it, in whatever capacity it's released.
  15. lmfao, if Uwe Boll and Lexi Alexander ever make a movie together, it might seriously be the end of civilization as we know it.
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