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  1. I've already addressed these. No point in going back in circles. LOL. No more than they laughed at Travolta and his character's wife in the "I asked you to avenge our son" scene. The clip of Jigsaw breaking a guy's neck with his hands alone shows Jigsaw to be a more threatening villain than the Cavella carbon copy Hensleigh wrote. Not to mention, Dominic West being an infinitely more believable actor as a villain. I'll take a Hannibal Lector reference over a George Hamilton cameo in a Punisher movie any day of the week.
  2. No, but you said it was "solid" and appear to prefer it over Lexi's draft, which is laughable in it's own right. It had much more problems than that. Like the ones I outlined. Castle's dialogue for the first two parts were rather generic, but the overall script was nowhere near the cheesefest of Hensleigh's draft. It wasn't just the line itself, it was mainly the context that made it terrible. The "call me Jigsaw" line wasn't written to be a showy, melodramatic one-liner (ala "call me the Joker" in Tim Burton's BATMAN or Hensleigh's fan script). The scene was subdued and contemplative, therefore it worked. The comparison doesn't hold up in my view. The only potential "waste" in PWZ is admittedly Cavella. Maginty is generally well done. Not a big role because the character doesn't deserve it. But a nice supporting role that is a cool nod to the comics. Execution makes all the difference. Unlike Travolta's death, Jigsaw's doesn't seem to be one the audience mostly sleeps through. Let's not forget Dr. George Hamilton ("with the best tan ever!"). That's the script you are defending.
  3. What exactly, in your mind, is a "villain like jigsaw?"
  4. Please tell me you're joking. Hensleigh's draft might be the single, worst script I've ever read. The only remotely "solid" moments (in my view) were the assault and escape at Ceaser's mansion and the very first scene of interaction between Stevie West and her father. Almost made me forget the incredibly lame Dirty Harry rip off in the beginning. After that, everything went downhill. The script had almost no story, the "plot twists" that did exist were only the oldest and most predictable in the book, and Jonathan Hensleigh has absolutely no clue on how to write interesting supporting characters that don't distract from the main character and storyline. The pacing did at least feel better than the first movie, which isn't saying a whole lot, though still an improvement. Hensleigh literally took captions almost verbatim from Nicky Cavella and just typed them under the name Jigsaw. Lazyiest from of "screen writing" I've ever seen. Stevie West is boring, B-movie material (I'm a female cop, but I'm also a TOUGH broad who knows how to take care of herself! ) . Jigsaw only existed in what felt like the last few minutes of the script. Castle gives the worst line in the script in the standoff scene between him and Russo, "Go ahead, just give me a(n) reason/excuse." The line is absurd not only because just seconds ago Castle mindlessly murdered one or two guards standing post outside the night club, whom he didn't even know, but now needs a reason to kill the very person HE KNOWS has been manipulating him for evil ends. And since when does the Punisher (you know, that guy whose sole purpose is to kill violent criminals?) suddenly need a(n) reason/excuse to kill violent criminals? Even ignoring the blatantly obvious and uninspired baiting technique Russo was using against Frank, it was simply some of THE poorest writing I've ever had the misfortune of reading in any form of Punisher fiction, fan fiction included. In the same scene, Castle and Russo pointlessly stand around doing nothing, just waiting for a supporting character to take his cue and interrupt the scene, so you think. Low and behold, it plays out EXACTLY as you knew it would. Wasn't Magenty also included in the Hensleigh draft? Haven't read it in a while and I can't find my old copy at the moment. I was sure he was the guy who got dropped off a forklift and into the ocean or lake inside a cage. Lexi's draft made much better use of that character and a more thrilling scene to watch IMO. Lexi also knows how to write interesting supporting characters whose interactions with one another feel organic and evolving. While Hensleigh's writing just feels like he was doing simplistic emotions by numbers. By the end of what felt like the shortest script I'd read in a while, I couldn't have been more ecstatic that Heinous Hensleigh had exited the project long ago. Though neither one of these early drafts were in shooting shape, how anyone could read both of them and NOT come to the conclusion that Lexi Alexander is clearly the superior storyteller is beyond me. PWZ having Frank burning Jigsaw alive has as much to do with the 2004 film as Ennis depicting Frank burning Tiberiu Bulat alive at the end of SLAVERS. Which is nothing. I'll take a Lexi Alexander filmed bloodfest in the Brad Street Hotel over Heinous Hensleigh's Wal-Mart extravaganza ANYDAY of the week! Anyways, just my opinion.
  5. @Raffi, Angela Donatelli was not in WIDOW MAKER, Annabella Gorrini was though. Donatelli is an original character. The new PUNISHER: WAR ZONE featurette, linked by FearEmbodied, looks amazing.
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