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  1. I've already addressed these. No point in going back in circles. LOL. No more than they laughed at Travolta and his character's wife in the "I asked you to avenge our son" scene. The clip of Jigsaw breaking a guy's neck with his hands alone shows Jigsaw to be a more threatening villain than the Cavella carbon copy Hensleigh wrote. Not to mention, Dominic West being an infinitely more believable actor as a villain. I'll take a Hannibal Lector reference over a George Hamilton cameo in a Punisher movie any day of the week.
  2. No, but you said it was "solid" and appear to prefer it over Lexi's draft, which is laughable in it's own right. It had much more problems than that. Like the ones I outlined. Castle's dialogue for the first two parts were rather generic, but the overall script was nowhere near the cheesefest of Hensleigh's draft. It wasn't just the line itself, it was mainly the context that made it terrible. The "call me Jigsaw" line wasn't written to be a showy, melodramatic one-liner (ala "call me the Joker" in Tim Burton's BATMAN or Hensleigh's fan script). The scene
  3. What exactly, in your mind, is a "villain like jigsaw?"
  4. Please tell me you're joking. Hensleigh's draft might be the single, worst script I've ever read. The only remotely "solid" moments (in my view) were the assault and escape at Ceaser's mansion and the very first scene of interaction between Stevie West and her father. Almost made me forget the incredibly lame Dirty Harry rip off in the beginning. After that, everything went downhill. The script had almost no story, the "plot twists" that did exist were only the oldest and most predictable in the book, and Jonathan Hensleigh has absolutely no clue on how to write interesting supporting cha
  5. @Raffi, Angela Donatelli was not in WIDOW MAKER, Annabella Gorrini was though. Donatelli is an original character. The new PUNISHER: WAR ZONE featurette, linked by FearEmbodied, looks amazing.
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