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  1. Thanks for all the info Tim! I've run into his work before and not even realized. Great stuff all around. In other good news(good for you guys, not for me) my closest comic shop was sold out of BP #3, so I have to now wait even longer to read the thing.
  2. Big fan of you and your work! I'm really stoked for the Mist. I really love what you've done with your career and finding projects that you obviously love. You're working as an actor, writer, and director in films and comics, an absolute dream job. I was wondering if you could share just how you broke into the business? You're very talented but there's a lot of talented individuals who never get noticed. After a fairly busy highschool life involving acting for a slew of plays, a few student films, and writing for the paper I've just entered college and hope to be a part of the sam
  3. I thought the style of that cover looked familiar! Thought of Cadillacs & Dinosaurs when I first looked at it. Can't wait to pick it up... in 3D!!! Speaking of dinosaurs, I suppose this is as fine a place to ask as any- Tim Bradstreet, on the back of Bad Planet issue two there's an insanely cool add for RAW entertainment with a bunch of images from Bad Planet and Alien Pig Farm seperated by the outline of one of those awesome alien death spiders. One of these pictures shows some dinosaurs staring up at a spaceship. What comic is this from? And do you guys have any plan
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