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  1. Love the witch, too! NO idea as to the inspiration! Doh
  2. Sounds good, Noe - it was a really pleasant St. Patty's Day and weekend for me too!
  3. I know, there's new stuff to watch, too! I'm looking forward to Hannibal! Catch up when you can, I'll be here!!!
  4. That looks cool, thanks Jen - I'll give it a good read.
  5. Wow! The return of Grimm sort of came-and-went but I enjoyed my Great Moments of Monroe ("Ooh thAT quadruple homicide ...") and Nick finally being able to act like a protagonist in the know of things around him. Interesting turn with Le Renard being in Nick's favor and Juliette just as annoying as ever. Ha! Adalinde hatches her evil baby-daddy plan, indeed, as the lovely Rosalee finally returns. Big cat's outta the bag this Friday!!!
  6. That's fantastic news and well-deserved - Congratulations, Thomas!!!
  7. Joyce! Only by exactly 3 months! Totes or some such swag sounds awesome -
  8. Happy Birthday, John! I hope that you have a wonderful day with all those kiddies of yours Thank you for taking care of us around here
  9. Happy Belated, Blondie! Hope you had a great birthday!
  10. Happy Birthday, Padre - our cohort from the Emerald Isle!!! Have a wonderful weekend!!! Best wishes!!!
  11. Mad Max was one of my early favorites, even with the dubbing. I will also never forget: Being petite and wrongly assuming she looked younger than I did, my friend shoved me up to the ticket counter to buy our tickets to see The Road Warrior. A baby-faced fourteen (I think I was decked out in a flower print skirt, semi Laura Ashley mode as well ?!) and stuttering in my braces to say "si-seventeen", nearly saying "sixteen" by mistake, the chick glared at me as she dispensed our tickets. But we made it. And I loved it. That's right, never get between me and Max, be-yotch! (And now I'm really wondering how I got in to sweat through Halloween II .... ? Anywho) I'm looking very much forward to the future installments of all things Max, especially with George Miller at the helm.
  12. I agree, Joyce. Red Machine, once we know it involves a bear, sounds like a bio-mechanism of death and danger. Especially with this pic: Endangered sounds like a "save the whales" movie for bears - ("not that there's anything wrong with that!" ) but way to go on marketing your genre ?! Not!
  13. I did watch the Oscars in bits n pieces - loved the acceptance speeches,Jennifer's (who I could tell actually hurt her hands when she fell, poor thing), Christophe's, Q's, Danel's, Ben's - thought it was really classy that Clooney said nothing and that Grant (whom I recognize as an actor as well) spoke and then introduced Ben - who I wanted to tell to take his time, but he becomes so sincerely and endearingly geeked out in those moments! Agreed, Paul & Melissa, she especially - were the best, with Dustin & Charlize actually quite natural and fun, as well. More than two presenters was obviously problematic, logistically speaking! As well as getting around JenG's beautiful dress and poor K-Stew hopping around while Daniel tried to be a gentleman - I do give her credit for stepping up to the honor of being asked to participate and not taking that lightly. Thought Seth was wicked cute and funny, surprisingly talented with the song & dance (loved having "the boys" - JGL & DR along) - offensive though it might have been, I can't get "We Saw Your Boobs!" out of my head - and truth be told, those ladies showed us their boobs, so there! I also thought Charlize was absolutely lovely dancing with Channing - who admitted to being quite nervous to dance choreography without his wife. Being a Trekkie dork, I loved the presence of The Shatner though it did go on a tad bit too long. And Tommey Lee Jones (and many others!) laughed straight away - so Mission Accomplished, I say!!!
  14. Thanks, JWeb! - Sorry about the amateur hour with my questions
  15. I hope that you are having a wonderful birthday, that leads to a delightful weekend and beyond!!! With my very best wishes (I can't believe I missed the waffles! Crikey!!! And Indie, what a fabulous poem in honor of our resident renaissance man!)
  16. Thanks, guys! Really takin' one for the team! Seriously, though, that was a fun little interview, so thanks for finding and posting.
  17. I'm loving the Greek subtitles and Tim's piece is gorgeous (also seen upthread about 2008) - has this flick been in the can that long? Wow. The Gallow Walker character has nothing to do with Blade, right? - other than it happens to be Wesley in both? I mean, GW is not a primogenitor of the Blade series ... ?
  18. Tim! I hope you are having a wonderful, wonderful Birthday weekend!!! With my very best wishes -
  19. jayesse8

    I JUST...

    Well that was the cutest little Punisher Valentine I ever did see! Of course that warrants an honorable mention
  20. Hey sinn, don't worry - it's never re-hashing - this is a plenty big forum with LOTS o' threads - people seem to touch-upon whenever they find them or visit a topic anew ... always feel free to add and refresh (unless it's a locked thread of course) Indeed, what a great idea for an evolved, older Terminator - which would make perfect sense for Schwarzeneggerian casting And how crazy is it that I can always spell his last name? Disciple of action giants, I am!
  21. Happy Birthday Sinn!!! Enjoy your day!
  22. Still, I worship all that is Yul ... and I always dig when actors depart from the expected during their careers Besides, it can't all be Shakespeare or The Punisher right?
  23. OH! Me likey!!! Congratulations, Butwin! The name says it all, yes?
  24. 21 Jump Street really made me laugh! I was expecting not to like it because I thought they were going to mock the series too much (yes, fan that I was!) but it was so wryly done and genuinely, endearingly clever, I laughed out loud and loved it despite myself!
  25. The winged, bannery ones remind me of wrestling, booze, cars or motorcycle logos. I prefer more bold graphics: I like #15, 94, 179 (yes even with the wings) And I don't see the one I liked previously, I think it's been withdrawn ...
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