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  1. For me, on the looks page, he's a satisfying combination of Tom Welling and Christopher Reeve with an odd bit of Henry Czerny thrown in I am diggin' on the notion of Diane Lane & Kevin Costner as the Kents and Amy Adams as Lois ... I might take the niece and nephew since we've no time for me to de-brief them with a Smallville marathon!
  2. I did finally watch it too! It wasn't bad at all! And I enjoyed the Thomas Jane moments very well indeed
  3. That's very interesting - I like the mix of tribal and feline ...
  4. Happy Birthday (belatedly) Joyce!!! I see from your "I just" post that you had a lovely evening yesterday, so I wanted to also wish you a lovely birthday weekend! Best wishes!!!
  5. Thank you, Joyce! Likewise
  6. jayesse8

    I JUST...

    Happy Anniversary, sinn!
  7. Oh, don't worry! There's been a lot of parallel plot lines - current ep versus Juliette thread versus Grimm+Vessen Brat Pack - you will probably enjoy that as much as I have!
  8. jayesse8

    10 Years

    Funny! Love it - Happy Anniversary, Geoff and the Missus!
  9. Happy Birthday, Geoff!!! Enjoy!!!
  10. What a cool fest, glad you caught both of them there!
  11. Thomas Jane just sent belated birthday wishes to my Pops!!! Totally made my day on his behalf! I certainly passed it along - Thank you so much! Thank you, too, Adam! He got a kick out of webwide wishes! Pops is just as much a film-lover as I am, and if RAW Studios & Forum was around in his heyday, you bet your bippy he'd be here and awaiting A Magnificent Death from a Shattered Hand Godspeed with production and gittin' 'er done!!! Cheers!
  12. jayesse8

    I JUST...

    Good work, John - I appreciate dedicated folks like yourself. Best to the fam ...
  13. (Thanks sweetie! Cake always makes everyone feel better )
  14. Loving your reviews, making me laugh and agree with you all at the same time. Indeed, I really felt for Juliette at first trapped on the stair and staring into the darkness later in bed. I too thought it was excellent that she mustered up some courage and the floor re-formed beneath her - or was Nick "saving" her as he called in? Rather than seeking answers from others (not a fan of her wanting to go to the trailer without Nick - inappropriate!), she needs to get closer with Nick for answers and closure, I think. Natural Born Vessen was written by a husband-and-wife team of actors, I thought that was interesting: Thomas Ian Griffith and Mary Page Keller - I like when folks find creative work for themselves, way to go! Interesting that Rosalee's "Cleaner" is the same as Captain's. My DVR cuts off the last minute, so you might have missed it too, but did you see the end of Mr. Sandman? That's where Nick was blindfolded and fending off melons and heads of lettuce / cabbage being thrown at him from all angles by Monroe - thereby channeling his inner Kung Fu / Bloodsport / Karate Kid. That's where I got the Badass Grimm-Ja reference from! As gross as that ep was for me, I liked that it gave Nick a chance to realize his heightened hearing and train those awesome senses. Nameless to me is all about the awesomeness that is Sgt. Wu! We love you, Wu! Next he'll end up part of the Grimm / Vessen brat pack - I'm sure he's up for it! I don't remember Henri either - New ep tonight!!!
  15. She says blithely! LOL that is too funny!!! You know that's right! What!!!
  16. Thanks Joyce and Rosella! Hope all had a wonderful weekend! I'm Greek/Eastern Orthodox and this year, our calenders differ by the whole 5 weeks - yikes! It's usually either the same Sunday, a week apart, or the 5 - and this year's the 5er with Mother's Day! On sale Peeps are freezable, fortunately
  17. Wow, that was really touching. The guy's good looking, sincere, has a great accent, genuinely appreciates Thomas Jane (he is listed first as one of his favorites on his IMDB page) - and his birthday is tomorrow, same as my Pops. I'm a fan already - cheers, mate - I wish you all good things!
  18. Indeed, shirtless angry almost sex and Nick finally fightin' like a Grimm-ja bada$$!!! The eps are getting grosser this season - fair warning (although I suspect you can take it, my Horror Hound chicka!)
  19. I enjoyed your experience, Indie! Sounds like Michael Madsen is a real "keeper"! P.S. I saw a picture online of Norman Reedus with a doggie and I thought you might enjoy the cuteness - I'm not sure if I'm allowed to direct link or not: http://www.peoplepet...1299285,00.html Grab and go, in case the admins must remove!
  20. Happy, Happy Birthday, Raffi!!! I can't believe you're only 25; it feels like we've been forum friends for a long while now! Cheers!!!
  21. While I'm sure Thomas and Tim's behinds are quite tasty (nothing but Jack Daniel's, Cuban cigars, butterflies, and blueberries! ) from what I understand of them (from reading their posts & interviews), I'm sure they wouldn't tolerate a forum full of brown-nosers in the first place. This is their home to feel comfortable and share what interests them, and they are kind enough to let us all in for the ride - however much or little we know of all they do. For that I am appreciative. Clearly I must be a sycophant according to Joyce's rude critic, at least. Sorry you had to endure such a comment, Joyce - but we know how we roll around here, so take away the good in that, being amongst good, like minded company.
  22. Excellent resource to have his Filmography listed & linked like that! I'll be clicking it out , for sure ...
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