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  1. I finally saw this movie and ended watching two Nicholas Winding Refn films in one weekend - this one and Bronson. I might have called it (The) Driver instead (sort of like The Professional) because it really is quite still and about him (and not speed or the impetus to drive like other films) but I just thought it was really cool and intense, and almost ruined by the 80s techno music but then I loved the Giorgio Moroder / Paul Schrader feel of it. Ryan Gosling is swiftly growing on me (Crazy Stupid Love, Blue Valentine ... )
  2. I remember The Fall Guy and think you're right - something hard edged and interesting could be made out of it.
  3. jayesse8

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    My thoughts are with you and yours ...
  4. Happy, Happy Birthday, Noeland!!!
  5. Glad you caught it! I think they also have the eps for viewing at NBC.com
  6. I loved him as Marshall Sisko in Out of Sight playing J-Lo's Dad - so good! RIP Mr. Farina - you are missed!
  7. Anyway catch Hollywood Game Night? It's a fun summer show on NBC where celebs play wacky pictionary and parlor games with a civilian non-celeb, hosted by the wonderfully warm and wicked Jane Lynch. The other night they had Celebrity Fusion - the mash-up of two celeb photos and names that correlate - and the explanatory picture ended up being: Thomas Jane Lynch I recognized Thomas right away! and fortunately, it was the least wierd looking mash-up (as some are quite strange)! Does Thomas know that he was inadvertantly on this game show!?!
  8. The good news is the physique (legs and walk) are very Mel G, though the face also reminds me of Gerard Butler a la 300? Ah well ...
  9. Oh! Nice work - I favor the last two (whale and pink).
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    Ouch! I actually had the same thing last year - I think as adults, we are getting these issues from all the stress in our teeth & jaws interferring with the natural flow of the ears & sinuses. At least for me, I find it a mechanical problem tending to aggravate a medical one. Eating yogurt but not at the same time as the antibiotic - give or take an hour on each side of the med - always helps me. Feel better!!!
  11. Yes, much darker than I expected ... really didn't know what it was about and had to ride it out.
  12. Ooh, looking forward to both those "sequels" then, indeed. E3 and MKills - awesome - did not know Mel G is in those. Haven't seen Gringo but have you guys seen The Beaver? - he's fantastic in it. Thanks guys.
  13. Alrighty, thanks for the info. Definitely looking forward to a logo swag shopping spree!
  14. Hey John, I had some issues shopping in January / Feb - did we determine that one browser works better than another? And is it correct that you have to "register" with that particular merchant to be able to checkout?
  15. Or those Drive and Drive Angry movies ... or a porn LOL
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    Indie and Joyce - thinking of you both, your mom and your bother. May you all be well.
  17. Okay. The trailer and poster are just plain awesomeness. That 'stache warrants, nay demands, its own agent and twitter account, thank you very much. Yeah baby!!!
  18. Ooh goodie! Thank you Jen, for the pics, and Indie, for starting the thread!
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    Wow, Joyce - that sounded pretty severe. Yes, please succumb to the duct-taping and get some rest and recovery! Take care!
  20. I gotta a big kick out of "50 Shades of Gray Hulk" indeed!
  21. That's a lovely interview clip, thank you for posting. Congratulations again to Thomas!
  22. RIP, Mr. Gandolfini ... I am shocked and saddened by the loss but glad that it was on the heels of spending time with his son.
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