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  1. No need to apologize for venting, i do it myself--sometimes unexpectedly (as in, it's even a surprise to me sometimes when it happens, violent mood swings and all). i am sorry you're having a bad week, but i really would have loved to sit in on that panel discussion. By 'the media', do you mean journalistic media, or entertainment, or both? Just wondering, because i've always been kinda fascinated by the portrayal of depression and mental illness in entertainment.
  2. i really like your points about 'routine', TL. Absolutely loved the scene in 1 where they go back to Murtaugh's for dinner--Riggs looked so uncomfortable when Rog and Trish are joking around with each other, really beautiful rapport that a couple develops; then Riggs' eyes light up when Murtaugh offers him a drink. That to me is almost the most perfect moment to define the character. i don't blame Pesci for doing any of them (i have heard rumors that Leo was added as an afterthought to part 3--notice how he doesn't really serve any purpose to the story, outside of laughs). You're absol
  3. If they really do go dark with this one, i think it could live up to the first. While i loved all of them, i always felt that in the third, Riggs should have been even further down the spiral than in the first. SPOILERS--In LW2, after finding out the real nature of his wife's death, then losing Rika (who i would assume was the first woman he had been with since losing Victoria Lynn) at the hands of the same man, that scene where he's walking the beach carrying her body tears me up. i had always looked forward to LW3 being more depressing--Riggs back on the bottle, even more burned out t
  4. Sorry, i didn't mean to offend anyone; i was only basing that on my own personal experiences. i'm sure they serve their purpose for others, and i know they have helped a lot of people. Just not me.
  5. Mr. Bradstreet, sir-- Just throwing this out there: What are the chances of doing a Tim Bradstreet/Thomas Jane collection? You know, a book that puts together all the work you two have done together, all The Punisher stuff, and Cal, the original shots, stuff from the animated intro--the original pics, the finished product, etc. Thomas has so much character in his face, and your artwork is ridiculous, it's so good. i'm sure you have hundreds (or thousands?) of pics from the stuff you guys have done together... Not sure how the rights would work on that one; maybe your could do a P
  6. From my own experience, the line has incredible relevance. If there is such a thing as a "god", i need to know why--why this happened, why it happened to me. i can completely envision Frank grabbing 'him' by the lapels and shaking him--"Why, you motherfucker?! WHY?! She was innocent and pure and good--the only good thing in my life--and you stole her from me!" It seems perfectly natural to place blame at what people tend to think of as infallible, and potentially respond with violence. Makes sense to me.
  7. i've been pretty torn about seeing this movie since i first read Thomas' reasons why he pulled out--i've been a Punisher fan since i was a kid, and a fan of Thomas since The Crow: City of Angels, so i hadn't really made any concrete decision about War Zone. Since working with Thomas, however, i feel i should skip the movie out of respect for him. The original teaser was kinda cool (and had one killer line--'Sometimes I'd like to get my hands on god...'--one of the greatest lines ever). But all the melodrama over the rating, the director, blah blah blah, has become tiresome. i'd rather
  8. i spent a day on a Bollywood shoot in FL; they were filming one of their elaborate and ridiculous music video dance numbers on the beach--they put me and 3 other guys in Speedos (ugh) and had us run up and down the waterline. There was apparently zero communication through the production, since one of them told us we were supposed to be 'happy, you're running down the beach, you're smiling, you're having a great time'; then another one came up and said, 'This is your Rambo moment, you're running through the water, you're very serious'. Left me wondering, 'When in the hell is Rambo ever happy
  9. Parker

    I JUST...

    ...finished a smoke. Now the quest begins for my next bottle of Turkey...
  10. i don't really think there could ever be enough counseling for something like that--tend to think they're a bunch of fucking hacks anyway...
  11. i went to MCCC in '97. Had long hair and leathers at the time, so i dressed like Brandon Lee (Eric Draven). Caused quite a stir--one girl screamed when she saw me. Apparently i looked too much like Brandon, and was specifically asked by a friend of J. O'Barr's to not go to his table, because of the tragedy of the movie. Totally understood, but was kind of upset about it--The Crow was me and my wife's 2nd date, naturally became our movie (in fact, it debuted on pay-per-view in '94 on her birthday, October 13, which later became the day we got married). So much pain... My hair isn'
  12. Let me preface this by asking, am i the only guy in the world who does not find Cameron Diaz attractive? Sure, i like that she's not afraid to act silly and look like a goof, and she will go for the dick jokes, but she is too fucking scrawny for my taste, makes her eyes look all bugged out--she kinda looks like the Green Goblin in the comics, with her sunken cheeks and huge rictus grin... Anyway, that makes starting off a movie with all these guys obsessing over her, very weak from my point of view. Christina Applegate is still funny, Selma Blair has her moments, and of course Thomas is
  13. Finally got the 2-disc edition, and watched the B&W version; Darabont is right, i think it really changes the movie, gives it a different feel. Neither one is superior to the other, just different, and i loved them both. The ending still has me in tears every time (hell, i even watched it with the commentary playing, it still got me). i have so much respect for anyone that has the balls to pull off an ending like that, to feel so strongly about it that they refuse studios who insist on the standard Hollywood Ending. SPOILERS--The thing that strikes me the most is, where does he g
  14. This is the first Stephen King movie i've watched without having read the book first, so that may have tempered my view, but i liked it. Sure, the fart humor got to be a little much at times, but it really had a strong cast, and ended up being a pretty fun ride. Got it from Wal-Mart for like $6, totally worth it. The interview with Stephen King was a great extra, i really think they should do that on every dvd release of his stuff (yes, even Maximum Overdrive--another one i really thought was a lot of fun). They sure were proud of their CGI though, weren't they?
  15. Thanks for the info, that one is now on my ever-growing list of 'Movies i Must Watch'...
  16. i may be mistaken, but i seem to remember hearing that Romero was intending to continue with the original 'Dead' series, and 'Diary' was potentially the start of a new franchise in kind of a side-verse. Maybe just wishful thinking, since i can't remember the source.
  17. One of my all-time favorite westerns (not starring Clint) has to be Tombstone. Totally dug it, it was fun and one of the few times that Wyatt Earp wasn't portrayed as a do-gooder. Plus, Kurt Russell is another one of the most underrated actors of our time, and can do no wrong in my book (i am not admitting to the existence of any disney product, although that part of his career is what helped shape Snake Plissken--another great western). As for Clint, obviously Unforgiven is outstanding, but one that doesn't receive enough notice is High Plains Drifter. To me, it is very much like The
  18. Parker


    Those are excellent examples; the script is definitely more in that vein. While i love a good pratfall every now and then, and the Stooges rule, but sometimes comedy should be more reality-based, and the laughs flow naturally.
  19. Yeah, i remember reading that scene (not sure if i read it in the novelization, or the script); i was really stating my own perspective, as opposed to Frank's.
  20. Alcohol abuse and suicide are only seen as destructive by those on the outside... Have to admit, i probably would have pulled the trigger. Frank had the luxury of targets for his first mission, and once that mission was over, i can absolutely see him being done. i know he couldn't pull the trigger for the sake of the character, but i completely understand his mindset--up until he pulls the .45 away from his chin. The fact is, good memories can't save your life. They constantly hammer you, reminding you of what was and what will never be. Hensleigh said in his commentary t
  21. i have to say, i really loved this version of Frank. Was it perfect? Absolutely not. But its' strengths outweigh its' weaknesses in a very major way. My wife's uncle said the only problem he had with Thomas' portrayal was that his eyes weren't dead, the way Frank's should be, but i reminded him that this was his first time out of the gate, and this obviously was a very personal mission for him, so it makes perfect sense that he still has some fire in his eyes. One of my favorite things about this (aside from the relevance that the concept of Punishment has for me now) is the fact that
  22. Parker


    It's definitely not over the top like 'Earl', not as silly.
  23. He is definitely the fucking man. Totally cool as hell; my respect for him went even higher (believe it or not) after working with him. An incredible experience all the way around. i have my own opinions on drinking and driving, and loss, which i will probably post on here some day (for those that are curious, feel free to read my blogs on myspace.com/spider_for_hire). i knew about his DUI walking into this gig, and still walked away from it with the utmost respect for him, both as an artist and as a person. Especially when i saw him dump out that Molson and humbly apologize. i don't
  24. Parker


    Definitely a great pick-up line--"Yeah, i was the Stunt Cock on a show called 'Hung'"--heh heh. No idea on other directors yet, although i've heard rumors that Alexander will serve as one of the Exec Producers if the show gets picked up...should run for 13 episodes, and probably the back 9 if people catch on. Hoping they will, it is really good. Shot on film, with one camera--more of a 'Name is Earl' style i'd say, where the humor arises from the material, as opposed to being forced with a laugh track or cued audience. Believe me, there were times when even the crew was cracking
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