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  1. As far as i'm concerned, there is no Black Flag without Henry--just like there is no Black Sabbath without Ozzy. All of Henry's work is great--some very intense, some just a lot of fun. My wife and i saw him live several times, both with the Band and his Spoken Word, got to meet him, and he is just as fucking cool offstage as on. Oh, and the Henry Rollins Show on IFC--brilliant.
  2. Here's the pic: Originally came from DeviantArt.com. Very cool.
  3. That's funny, i had said for years that Henry should play Frank, he's got the look, the build, the fucking intensity--the man would have owned. And we're not the only ones who think so, someone over at 'The Punisher Archives' (ThePunisher.com) posted a pic recently where they photo-shopped Henry's head onto a bust of Frank, looks killer. i'll have to see if i can find it again. That article--'The Iron'--is actually the one that inspired me, when i first read it years ago, to get my shit together and start lifting.
  4. There is always a reason; primarily, to show that this is a man who takes care of himself because he has work to do...
  5. Oh man, Sam Elliot was in one of the funniest movies ever: The Big Lebowski!
  6. i know this has been mentioned already, but i have to throw it out there again: Donnie Darko is one of my favorite movies--ever. Missed it during its tragically brief theatrical run, but picked it up on DVD a few years ago and absolutely fell in love with it. Got the expanded cut too, and that is just as powerful (which cut i prefer depends on what mood i'm in, truthfully). Love the music, the cast (for the most part), but the story fucking blows me away every time; it would be nice to be able to believe that there is some meaning to this fucking existence. Not all questions are answered d
  7. i've never seen any of these, i'm just not that much a fan of torture. i mean, i like a good torture scene if it's done well (Payback, anyone? "This little piggy went to market..." Fuckin classic), i just don't need to see it for 90 minutes.
  8. This does seem to put an interesting twist on the vigilante theme, and i'm sure he has potential--but i have to say (and i know this is part of another thread) at least they're not letting him try to play Snake.
  9. i agree, but that one scene--i just can't let it go.
  10. Damn, i can't wait to read your review; that would be the perfect way to see this movie--for free, no shelling out your hard-earned cash, and you get to tell the world (namely us) how bad it undoubtedly is.
  11. i have to admit, i kinda liked A Man Apart. Not great, really a pretty average flick, but there was one scene...the part when Vin beat the guy to death with his bare hands, then fell to his knees cleaning the blood off his wedding ring--very powerful, i felt.
  12. Just read your list, you have shamed me with my ignorance, sir.
  13. Really dug this movie, especially since i am a HUGE fan of Snake (yes, both NY and LA--sue me), and Max. The knights in the middle really seemed to come from left field. At first i was, 'WTF?', but then i just held on and enjoyed the ride. Totally a blast.
  14. Not one fucking award?! What the hell! Sure, Dark Knight was great, but it really didn't need to dominate everything...
  15. Sorry, i should have checked first--totally my mistake.
  16. Anybody see Doomsday? A really fun movie, with a lot of the elements from some of our favorites--namely Road Warrior and Escape. Very over-the-top, and totally worth the time and money i spent to see it. Looking forward to picking up the Unrated version soon.
  17. Oh please, for the love of all that is holy (heh heh), do NOT let them remake this. This movie is quiet and dark and brooding--i do not need to see it all bright and shiny so the masses can wrap their little heads around it.
  18. So i finally broke down and watched the red band trailer, and the 'exclusive' Lexi-clip--and remain thoroughly unimpressed. You guys are right, the editing seems off, and the red band trailer is just too much fucking chaos with no real context. And the "song" blew dog. While i understand they are trying to cater to a certain market with these clips, the thing they fail to realize is we are that market--while senseless violence can be fun, there still needs to be something behind it. Oh, for the glory days when a trailer actually enticed viewers with some entertainment, rather than pure sho
  19. That is really an excellent analogy, Thomas. i hope this will make people realize how important The Punisher is to you...
  20. A gunfighter--i like that. It's funny, i was always treated like a freak because of it, starting with my own parents (ahh, the stories i could tell). Because of that, i always make it a point to not tell anyone until i absolutely have to, i hate the way people look at me when they find out. But i do like the 'gunfighter' analogy--the best i've ever heard. Thank you, Mr. Bradstreet. i have an opportunity tomorrow that i feel i have to take; it probably won't be understood by many, but i will be trying to explain it in my own 'War Journal'--"i leave this as a declaration of inte
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