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  1. i still think, out of respect to Thomas, i shouldn't support this one, even if i wasn't so torn about the project itself. Appreciate your offer pal, but i'm headed home--Dec 1, i'm going back to Miami; i cannot wait!
  2. Yeah, i'm going to wait until the DVD hits, then maybe i'll check it out. Still not interested enough to go to the theater and spend too much money on a project i don't really believe in.
  3. No, Fred is back from his self-imposed vacation. As for War Zone, that Patton shot is interesting--i'm kinda torn about it, it seems like it may come across kinda cheesy, but it has potential to be cool without being too over-the-top.
  4. Very well-said. i used to post an occasional review on the IMDb boards about ten years ago, but the site has degressed so much since then it's shameful. Every once in a while i will skim through the boards, hoping against hope for some sort of intelligent discussion, and while they do exist, the overwhelming ignorance becomes so difficult to deal with, i usually end up leaving in disgust, shaking my head and wondering why i try. Really glad you enjoyed The Mist.
  5. i'm gonna guess this is why Thomas had script approval, and we all know that's one of the reasons he walked. i wouldn't mind reading the Hensleigh original draft either, mostly just out of curiosity.
  6. i gotta agree, Rose just doesn't send me as Sonja. Nothing against her as an actress, she just seems too tiny to be a sword-wielding barbarian.
  7. So i finally broke down and watched this fucking thing--does he really think he's that fucking clever? We have all been involved in the discussions on Thomas' incident behind the wheel--how about a little human compassion? And what about those of us who have lost people due to drunk driving? To trivialize it as saying it was in any way related to The Punisher was reprehensible. The man lost someone, as many, many of us have. This guy is fuckin-- Okay, now my list of people i'd like to get my hands on is up to two--"god", and this fucking guy. Good luck, bubba.
  8. This sounds like quite the saga, sorry i missed it
  9. If i remember correctly, the studios wanted a more 'recognizable name', hence Travolta. As much as we love him, Thomas isn't widely known among the masses--unfortunately for them.
  10. That's cool, nothing wrong with liking it--it's just not the one for me.
  11. Same thing for me, pal. You toughed it out longer than i did, though, before i had to stop reading--i wanna be surprised, ya know?
  12. It was actually not atrocious--since they only showed him in the tank very, very briefly. But you guys are right, Jigsaw's voice was fucking ridiculous. Oh, and i love how the icon they have in the corner for the message boards is Thomas' skull logo, not that cheesy Warzone version.
  13. In the trailers i saw, there wasn't much, if anything, that looked like a real-world scenario.
  14. i respect your opinion, and i hope you never see your life die in front of you. Sincerely. Yes, you're right, 'a little off'--but you never know what you might do, do you?
  15. i totally agree--Taxi Driver is a brilliant movie, and The Punisher is one of my favorite characters. There is no reason why the sheep shouldn't see how the two characters couldn't play well together. You guys may know how much respect i have for Thomas, and that was intensified when i heard he wanted Frank to be more Bickle-esque, heh heh. There are similar themes in both character arcs, although i was never comfortable with Hensleigh saying Frank was insane. i didn't get that at all--maybe if Hensleigh had actually lost someone, his reason for being, he may have had a little more
  16. Sinatra is the man! Still can't believe whiskey and cigarettes helped create that voice...
  17. i really dig Zombie, and i know he's a comic book nut (so i don't blame him for wanting to be involved), but i have to agree with you Raffi--The Punisher only needs a score. '04 had a couple of cool tracks, but was really unnecessary, the score was what brought it home. That being said, i really got off on the line 'In the Warzone, i die alone'. That was fuckin cool.
  18. i'm kinda surprised they didn't go for Michael Bay first; i did think that Singleton was a surprising choice, and his version would have been a very interesting thing to watch. If handled properly, i would still really like to see The A-team on the big screen.
  19. That's a good one, i have no idea what pretty much any of the guys look like in porn, they're just there. Respect your opinion; Ozzy still rules!
  20. While i do realize that Ozzy isn't to everyone's taste, and i haven't listened to everything they've done without him, the stuff i have heard just didn't get it done for me. Ozzy is in no way the only member of the band, but there is something powerful about the four of them together, something that can never be matched.
  21. Yes sir--that is the greatest album by one of the most powerful, underrated bands of all time. That one is on repeat every day when i work out. Nothing better.
  22. Yeah, that makes sense. That's kinda why it was so tough watching him get beat down by Pacino in Heat--i mean, i dig Pacino and everything, but this is HENRY ROLLINS! But the pink sweats in Feast were fuckin hilarious.
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