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  1. All of this is subject to whim and taste. Not that the question was addressed towards me but when I see this - - - - I have to logically conclude that justaguy is putting his hopes forward in the form of a statement that he, himself believes. He seems to see something worth liking and he's projecting. I think it's rather obvious that he doesn't actually know any of this for a fact. He's basing the statement on how he feels, which is something you can't measure. There is no right or wrong. Some may say the cast sucks, others would disagree. Is anyone right or wrong? No, because it all comes down to personal taste. I like Carrots but my best friend hates them. Should that bring my taste or her taste into question? Might as well argue over the merits of Blond VS Brunette. Trudell
  2. Boomtown was GENIUS. Trudell
  3. We try to grant a lot of leeway here. Sometimes you may think you are getting a RAW deal if you have been singled out. The Warzone thread especially has been the source of many bent feelings. We've let an lot pass in the hopes that discussion would win the day but sadly there have been too many personal attacks with no end in sight. The rope we give you is to be respected but if you cannot handle the responsibility of discussing a topic in a humane manner (most especially after repeated warnings) then it's obvious to us that you cannot play well with others. At this point there is nothing left to do but penalize the repeat offenders, members in long standing or no. Consider this a final warning. Any further personal attacks will get you suspended. If after the suspension has been lifted you make the decision to attack someone personally again then your membership privileges are revoked. Think very seriously about the implications of your response before you post. Is the person/subject in question worth it? Feel obliged to disagree all the day long, but physical threats and posturing, belittling someone because of their taste in film or comics (or other), is childish and nonsensical. It's really very easy to disagree without resorting to grade school maneuvers. Something I really can't tolerate is the physical threats and challenges (seen also in other threads). Take someone's comments as a physical challenge at your own risk. A lot of meaning and intent can be lost easily in a written post, so before you react maybe ask the individual in question to clarify his/her comments. This is simple stuff people. We would hate to lose any of you over something so avoidable. Thanks Trudell
  4. Not only will the arguments be removed, the ever present personal attacks will stop as well. They will stop here and now. Last chance. This is the final warning. Your membership privileges are at serious risk. Go ahead, test me. So as not to derail the topic further .. Any questions, comments, or concerns with respect to this statement can be addressed in the following thread link. http://rawstudios.invisionzone.com/index.php?showtopic=689 Back to Warzone! Trudell
  5. We appreciate your post FA D Trudell
  6. That has been discussed. In any event, some cleaning was necessary. Trudell
  7. Trudell

    I JUST...

    I just finished listening to the score from Navajo Joe, by Ennio Morricone. It's the same score that Tarantino borrowed the ultra cool track "Silhouette Of Doom" from, for Kill Bill Vol 2. Most impressive. Thanks to Tim B for the goodies. It would be un-lady-like to tell you what I was up to prior to that. I am quite hipped, my luxurious bed beckons my presence. Trudell
  8. I'm thinking this little thread might be best combined with the official Star Trek movie thread. Don't be surprised if it ends up joining it's older brother. Trudell
  9. Don't be too mystified or disappointed. I think it's rather cool that Willis isn't doing the easy thing and directing a genre film. It may alienate his fans a tad but artistically if this material spoke to Willis enough for him to want to make it his directorial debut then I think that says something. Looks to me like he's taking a more mature route into the world of actual filmmaking. It IS a strange choice, this sounds more like a Robert Altman project, but I am intrigued. Trudell
  10. "Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead", Goddammit to Hell I LOVE that movie! Tails, tails, tails, tails, tails, tails, tails, tails, etc . . Trudell
  11. What an awesome idea! Makes me wish I wish I could draw!!! Anxious to see some of the submissions. Trudell
  12. I see some similarities but Ritchie is really his own creature. Not to jump you Mike, but "Bastardizing Tarantino" is a pretty weak assessment. I'm sure you believe that and that's fine mate. I have to respectfully disagree. And yeah, Dave . . I've heard a lot about you. Tim and Tom say you're a gas. Great to hear you're working with Guy. We should gather for a drink sometime. I'm in London frequently. Trudell
  13. Marketing this film had to be a challenge but it shouldn't have been an impossible task. I agree that the poster is a little misleading. Someone even mentioned that it gives the ending away . . But that's not really so accurate. If you've seen the film you recognize the image but if you haven't seen it then why wouldn't the poster image suggest any ol fight in the film? Plus I think that if you are even slightly particular about the films you see then you know a Mamet film isn't just going to be a 90 minute Mixed Martial Arts competition. If someone assumes it's going to be a big fight film then . . . duh. The silver lining in someone renting this expecting "Bloodsport" is that some of those people may be pleasantly surprised there is a story here, and some excellent performances. Bonus! Trudell
  14. I'll be checking this out Monday late show while in London. Hope it's better than Revolver (which I rented while visiting folks stateside). I will have to rent our own region 2 version, maybe. I can't stand Statham in that terrible hairpiece. Just noticed the release dates for Rocknrolla got pushed back in the states to October 31. Sorry fellas. Trudell
  15. This movie was obnoxious, but in a good way. I saw Doomsday a few weeks ago. I do so love the post apocalyptic genre, the punk genre, the action genre, you feel me. This was a fun ride but I felt that as a whole, in the end it suffered too much from the derivative themes and ideas. I can't think of another film that so clearly defines multiple personality disorder, or in this case multiple "genre" disorder. It's just a spin-off of ideas we've seen before. Judging by the blatancy of the homage I think it's clear that this was the intention. OK, we KNOW that was the intention. It works. It's fun. But it also feels like a product of a product. It's like candy. It's great while your consuming it but the feeling doesn't last. I hope Neil Marshall takes a bigger step with his next film. He has mucho promise. Trudell
  16. I just saw this. After recently having to endure a string of shit films it was extremely refreshing to curl up with this magnificent piece of work. Ejiofor was incredible. Mamet rarely lets me down. Thank goodness someone still knows how to make a film. There are times I wonder. I don't agree with everything Tasha says here, specifically "The film unravels a bit in the last few moments, amid unanswered story questions and a simplistic climax . . . " Strongly disagree with that, I think she missed some things. But almost everything else she says is in the zone. Redbelt review (mild spoilers) Trudell
  17. Mmmm, Dark City. Tim, you know I've always felt like we were separated at birth . . in relation to our film tastes anyways. I can't wait to see where this list ends if it ever does. You know what a big fan of foreign films I am and I so want to suggest a bunch for your list! Yet I also understand that the list is a work in progress. I love that you have "Zentropa" on there. Such a strange and fascinating film, but then I am a big fan of von Trier. And you just added "Repo Man"! That makes me happy. "The Blue Iguana" is on the list? You mean I wasn't the only one I know that has seen that? Such good fun. Dylan McDermott is sooooo bloody good in that. What a fun little movie. There are more than a few films on this list I haven't seen yet. I have a nice quiet weekend ahead of me here so I'm off to pick up some video - Thanks. Trudell
  18. Thanks for the kind greetings everyone! Trudell
  19. Gah, Hartnett is such a dud, the personality of a wet ball of yarn. I wouldn't throw him out of bed mind you, but he just seems brain dead. I did love Lucky Number Slevin though. The question of nationality of the actor is rather moot. It isn't really going to matter to anyone when the movie opens. Give me Nathan Fillion please. Trudell
  20. Not an easy thing to do McCarthy's work justice with any kind of adaptation. The pedigree looks pretty good on this though. Is there no trailer out for this yet? We're not getting this until January. That's a pisser. Trudell
  21. Knowing Tim I'm sure he's just taking the piss out of you in his playful way Fred. UT indeed, though I transferred after 2 years. My people have mostly moved on and out. But a few of the true believers still remain, lost forever in the bar scene no doubt. Trudell
  22. Oh yeah! Seconds is one of my all-time favorites. It's such a nice departure for Rock Hudson. He actually gets to act, not just play the Hollywood hunk. Very underrated film, and Rock's performance is superb. Wonderfully creepy film. Kwiat, did you notice the part that Grandpa Walton played? Trudell
  23. Yep, there is nothing like being an American girl living abroad. I'm fondly remembering those early college days now, thanks Tim Trudell
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