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  1. But the best adaptations of comics (in my opinion anyway) are 300 and Sin City. They couldn't have stuck to the look, feel and writing of the comics any more. Sometimes its nice to see a film give more than a passing nod to the source material. Watchman will be one of the biggest tests of direct adaptation as Singer seems to be going frame for frame again.
  2. I take it your not saying that Dominic West is a "Walking Joke"?
  3. I didn't make a comparison to Star Wars, I compared opinions of the actors.
  4. This whole thing about Dominic West not taking it at all seriously reminds me of another little known film, where NO ONE could take it seriously. Fortunatley we didn't have the internet then so condemnation was muted, and we didnt really hear what the actors thought at the time. But in retrospect ALL the actors involved thought it was a damn joke. Star Wars turned out pretty OK though! lol
  5. Well i'm not really interested in a political commentary here. And as far as the Punisher community is concerned, they should do as they see fit. However I certainly don't appreciate being told how to view an unreleased movie. To put that in context, I was told repeatedly that Strarship Troopers was going to be utter crap, based largely on its cast and deviation from the book. However I looked forward to seeing it and was thrilled with what I saw. I think i'm in the minority on this one, but I stand by my opinion. For me this was a great film. Another example would be TDK, although not a huge fan of Nolans first batman, I did look forward to TDK. I liked the story and the characterization of the Joker in particular, but there were elements I strongly disagreed with (Batman blowing up stuff with back cannons for one, I kept seeing Judge Dredd on that bike "Bike Cannons, blow em away!!"). I don't understand why you say PWZ is lazyness, From what I understand Lexi had a vision of it and that were going to see pretty much what she intended. LGF did treat Meat Train badly, but as of yet I haven't seen PWZ being thrown out the door to DVD. Their being pretty quiet about it, but then its 4 months from release. I dont expect a big hoohaa when they release it anyway, Lexi's vision sounds like it is aimed at a niche market (and most here, including you seem to agree). I don't have a problem with aiming for a particular audience, as you can please everyone all the time anyway. This film might find its niche audience and give em exactly what they want (As Straship Troopers did) It could have continued Janes film, but it may have found that in reaching to the wider audience it missed its mark. (Which the 04 film did for me).
  6. Well in reply to that, you werent the only one mentioning that you were involved with the film industry. So I mentioned people because I honestly thought there was more than one. I did use your quote on "NOBODIES" because of all the negative critisism that one was the most offensive considering your career choice. However in replying to it I aimed my reply at anyone who would do such a thing.
  7. Hi Logan, thanks for the welcome, sorry if I hit a nerve. Looks like you wear em on your sleeve! lol Just thought I ought to apologise for what is now a very obvious inaccuracy in my previous post. I should of known better, for no sooner had I said that I doubted anyone here had any degree of success as an actor or screenwriter or whatever, up pops Tom Jane himself! WOW! and then Tim, and of course I forgot about Steve. So my apologies, as I said, it should have been obvious considering this is Toms forum. And to be totally fair I shouldn't even have made critical comments about any posters success or otherwise at all. I wish you all the luck and envy in the world (Particulary envy!) I got drawn to this forum as various articles had linked it in connection with Steve Gainers comments clarifying the status of PWZ and Lexi, I didn't come here looking to defend the film. TBH i'm suprised that Toms forum has much interest in PWZ at all. I posted because I felt I wanted to express my opinion on the negative commentary of a film that hasn't had a release, it seems that some, (you in particular Logan) do not want this movie to be any good. I was also highly suprised to see what is believed by some to be the script for the movie dislayed here. I would expect that any post that gives a detailed description of the movie that is NOT YET AVAILABLE should have been removed. I know that I didnt have to read it, but its too easy to get caught up in the moment and find yourself in the 3rd act before you realise what your doing! Out of curiosity, is the Nomad that posts here the same one thats being linked to the insider view on PWZ? She sounds like the same person (All sweetie this and Lovey that! lol)
  8. ok, I went for "sold on the Ultra Violence". As long as they don't joke about with all the killings it should be enjoyable. No "Stick around" or "He had to split" please! Oh, and I'm 38.
  9. Hi everyone, I'm new here. Been reading all this Punisher stuff for a while now though. Opinions seem pretty polarised eh? Suppose I should state my position... First of all I wasn't a big fan of the 04 Punisher, I was kinda 50/50 on it. Some scenes, especially where they borrowed straight from the comics were pretty decent, but a lot of it felt really bad. I didn't like the creation of the character one bit, and in the end I can't really say I liked Tom Jane in the role either. I really like him as an actor (Loved Stander and The Mist in particular), but he just didnt give me the vibe I was hoping for. Anyway, you can't please all the people all the time. I was pretty stoked when I heard Ray had got the role for PWZ, his performance made Rome for me and I knew then that this was a guy I'd like to see do more. But when I saw the first trailer I pretty much lost my interest in it. Then this redband trailer came out. Now I know that if you dont like heavy metal that it can seriously effect you opinion of this (lol) But I honestly was blown away with the level of punishment on display. Ok, some scenes (fat man blowing his top, chandalier gun ballet) look pure cheese. But I can handle a bit of chees if the aggresion is of the level shown in the latest trailer. Thats what i'm looking for from a Punisher movie, an awful lot of bodybags. One thing that really stood out was the intensity and the grim efficiency that Ray brings to the role, I think it was really absent in the Tom Jane version. I can't say whether this is gonna be a good movie or not, its had a rough time getting going. Theres been a lot of talk about a dodgy script, Dominic West being less than serious about his role, bickering over the production, sackings, honeymoons, etc. BUT I damn well intend to give it the benefit of the doubt! Heres a story, when Heath Ledger was cast as the Joker in TDK a mate of mine was appalled, seriously condemning the film to oblivion! When he saw the makeup he almost lost the plot. He then spent far too much time telling everyone else how much we were all gonna hate the film before it was released. Thing is once the film came out he had a hard time appreciating it because he built up such emotional barriers based on his initial misgivings. The moral of the story? Don't pass judgement before you get the full picture, it can ruin your appreciation of the final product (and seriously piss off your mates!). One last thing, Theres been a few posts here from people who claim to work as either an actor, or screenwriters, or whatever, and to hear them class others as a NOBODY, or JUST IN IT FOR THE MONEY is offensive. I'm pretty sure none of the individuals posting has a high degree of comercial success, but I'm also pretty sure that they wouldn't like to be referred to as a NOBODY either.
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