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  1. I just watched Warzone again, This time with a couple of mates. One of em is a bonefide Punisher/Bradstreet/Ennis fanatic. The night started out well, 2 of us chuckled away happily during the dinner party whilst our Punisher nut screamed "Fuck Yeah, Give it to em! Inna face, inna fucking face!" ect. All very amusing. However by the middle we had to pin the fucker down before he wrecked stuff! He was not amused. I honestly thought he was gonna lose it entirely when Frank said "Dont you die on me" (the worst and most out of character line in the movie by a mile) It picked up by the end but our Punisher nut was not impressed. Afterwards though he said that the film was about 60% Punisher to 40% crap. His view of the previous instalments was 20% Punisher to 80% utter snivelling shite! (his words not mine). In the end Warzone is at least somewhat in the mold of what I (and my slightly insane friend) believe the Punisher should be. The last one was not... At all. I would just like to add that i don't wish to seem like i'm dissing Jane at all. I think he is an outstanding actor who definitely belongs in the A list (More than a lot already there anyway!). Its just a shame that his Punisher film did not deliver a recognisable character. If you took away the logo and the name, it could have been a generic mainstream revenge film. You certainly couldn't say the same of Warzone, however you feel about it.
  2. Well I finally got to see it, and I’ll admit there are some bad choices but overall it’s by far and away the closest representation of the punisher universe I’ve seen on film. For a start I actually felt I was watching a Punisher movie which is something I didn’t get with the 89 or 04 versions. The good points: I thought that origin was done superbly Ray Stevenson does violent psychopath as well as any slasher villain The lighting was pretty effective most of the time and helped give it a comic book feel The villains were great fun The bad points: Some terribly clichéd scenes Some absurd choices in dialogue Sometimes felt like two separate movies All in all I really enjoyed the film. I liked how they approached the material, I liked how they set the shots and I liked the characters. The approach was the main selling point for me, whereas the 04 movie had tried for a mainstream Hollywood approach, WZ had deliberately gone for a B movie grindhouse feel which was far more effective given the characters they used. I would be interested to see what Lexi had originally intended for this film, I think it’s clear that the scenes used did not always fit together as if something was missing. I think it may have been even more OTT had she been allowed to finish the film (I’m still not convinced she did). At times the production seems to be trying to move the film closer to a standard Hollywood actioner than the material would allow so I definitely think that what we say wasn’t quite how it was intended by Lexi. I could be wrong but something definitely feels awkward about how the film is put together. Anyway, it’s sad to see that this died a death and were unlikely to get another Punisher film with Ray or Tom (or Dolph!). I’ll be buying the bluray when it comes out though.
  3. I listened to the BIGFANBOY podcast today while doing some work, good stuff but you need to get a better phone Tim, or stop dropping it!! Out of curiosty where can I find Tom Jane podcasts? they should be worth a listen. Are they one the RAW website?
  4. If PWZ bombs so violently (as it appears to be doing) How will this affect a world wide release? Is It likely to end up DVD only outside America? In other words.... When the fuck am I going to get to see the damn movie!?!
  5. Seriously, why do people like that movie?? Take it form me ( and I know from real personal experience) that film did nothing but glamorise arseholes. I live about two streets from "Englands Most Notorious" (The tabloids quote, not mine) and he and his strong arm mates are nothing but pussies who need a pack. They fight amongst themselves when they can organise it, fine with me. But when they can't get that they beat the shit out of anyone weaker than them, I've seen them beat on individuals when their in their pack, beat on disabled people, beat on women, and all for fun!! I know these animals murdered an individual in my local bar for fuck sake. Then they end up in something like Combat 18, vote BNP and beat on minorities. I know its a world away, but when I see a film that glamorises gang violence I despair of the disconnect these people have with the reality of it all. I wouldn't mind, i've seen a few films about these thugs, but in this one were supposed to RESPECT that Elijahs character has become a MAN from hanging with them!! Total bollocks. theres a British film called Rise of the Foot Soldier that shows just what monsters these people are. Its a lot more honest about the whole sorry fucking mess.
  6. A friend of mine, whose a bit of an artsy type has your first book, I think he got into your stuff thru your Punisher work and Hellraiser (you did some work with that yes?) He buys lots of hardback art books. His most recent purchase is of a guy by the name of Oliver Frey. I don't know if you've seen any of his stuff, but when I was growing up there was a couple of british magazines for gamers called Crash and Zzap which catered for Spectrum and Commodore 64 games. Oliver did the covers for both and became a bit of a celebrity (in the geek world of young gamers anyway!) His stuff is worth a checkout if you haven't seen it. http://www.thalamus-books.com/books-kean-oliver-frey.html
  7. I think this review sums up what kinda audience this film caters to, heres the summary... full review: http://www.411mania.com/movies/film_reviews/91894 1.6m at the box office looks to be a disaster though, but when am I going to get this thing in the UK??
  8. I reckon that to reboot the series so soon after the 04 version they had to aim in a different direction, they couldn't really have tried the same thing twice so soon (ie, the gritty crime noir setting). My guess is they decided to aim for a different audience from the start. The MAX series definitely embraced outlandish violence with a comic edge and that seems to be the vibe from the positive reviews. Those reviewers that enjoyed the villians in the movie also point to an outlandish performace thats in keeping with the tone of the movie. The 04 film worked with a certain demographic of the Punisher fans (with the exception of Tampa!) and I think this one will cater for another altogether (with some overlap). So in 4 years most Punisher fans will have had something to smile about. Me? I'm dying to see that Free Runner Vs Rocket Launcher scene!!
  9. OOoooh, This is one damning review, Hates Tom, and hates Ray even more! http://www.orlandosentinel.com/entertainme...0,4969739.story But then CHUD.COM liked it so much they reviewed it twice!! http://www.chud.com/articles/articles/1724...TAKE/Page1.html
  10. No release date here in the UK either, its been rated 18 by the BBFC tho.
  11. Couldn't agree more, though I've only read one review that openly disses on Tom. Toms Punisher may not have been everyones idea of the Punisher, but it was definitely HIS Punisher, you can't knock Toms commitment to his roles. I hope Hollywood gets its finger out of its arse and gives Tom some serious lead roles, I heard talk of a Blade Runner sequel... If they really have to make a sequel perhaps Tom could have the lead, and Ray as the villian! PS. Another good review in... http://www.sfweekly.com/2008-12-03/film/ca...ing-the-castle/
  12. Hey Tim, maybe you should mull over your review for a while... After all, if you come out and declare it a pile of crap your gonna get quoted all over the bloody net in seconds... And the damn film aint even out yet!
  13. Variety just put out a review, their none too impressed... http://www.variety.com/review/VE1117939139...d=1263&cs=1 But then its Variety, I mean who gives a fuck?! Also Hollywood Reporter was less than loving... http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/hr/film-r...003918541.story
  14. ANother good review... http://www.comicbookresources.com/?page=article&id=19000
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