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  1. Well done, Sir. Your covers on the MAX series are the reason I got back into comics after almost a decade. Garth's stories are great, but it's your covers I really look forward to every month. Keep it up!
  2. I was 10 when I first saw blade runner. I think it was on a loop on TNT or somthing like that. All I caught the first time was Rutger Hauer's speach on the roof-top at the end. It was one of the most beautiful things I had ever seen. Ever since then, I've been waiting for the alternate versions to become available. And now they're here. Can't wait. If only Ridley Scott had not ruined the Deckard/replicant theory. Oh well. I still have my own ideas.
  3. I'm thinking of calling in sick so I can go pick this up. Can't wait! If only there were more comics that were this fun.
  4. I'm not sure who to ask on the site, but I think I remeber seeing on the old site that you where taking script submissions or open to taking them. Is this still a venue for that or has Hollywood woken up to see how much your guys are kicking ass? Looking forward to the next couple of months. Keep it up! -John
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