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  1. A book and a DVD? Can't wait to check them out Joe.
  2. I'm pretty excited about this. I can't wait to take my oldest daughter to see this. As a kid, Where The Wild Things Are was my all time favorite book and it gives me a smile to see it come full circle that as a parent, I too have child who loves the book as much as I do. Yeah, my oldest daughter loves Barbie and monsters, sue me As a side note, I agree with Mike, Mr. Jonze has yet to dissapoint me as well.
  3. Even though it's not b&w, I still dig the colored version quite a bit. Can't wait to see the Noir covers!
  4. Amazon is listing region 1 for a release of May 26th. Two months to go!
  5. I heard the same story. Stallone was not too thrilled with Weathers' monetary request which was supposed to be rediculously over priced. Stallone didn't come out and say anything too bad about Carl, but he suggested their last talk was probably just that. I think that was on AICN, they did some talkbacks with Stallone during the last Rocky and Rambo films.
  6. Looks like 50 has been replaced. That was fast. Looks like former SD Charger Terry Crew is up for the role now
  7. Aint It Cool News has it posted. Here's the link: http://www.aintitcoolnews.com/node/40487 I'm still trying to figure out how they go from Forrest to 50...
  8. I saw that as well. In the actuall letter he mentions Dolph, but it's in reference to Rocky. I hope he's still in.
  9. Well said, Sir. I think first time readers flip through MAX issues, see the gore and say "Hey, that's what this guy is all about", ignoring the motivation and back story. If someone's family is gunned down and that make them a vilgilante, there would be thousands of them. Frank has seen the ugly side of human nature, delt with corruption of the legal system to the point where he had to do something. If people would read the issues rather than look at them they would see that every "mission" he goes on is motivated. He's not just running around seeing how many thugs he can take out.
  10. I'd buy one too! Even the poster on the Hannible site I'd go for. Great stuff.
  11. After all the legal stuff is out of the way, I'd deffinatly like to give it a read. Thanks Mark.
  12. Mark - any chance that after the film is released the script will be available to read? I'm always courious how diffrent writers put together a script.
  13. I never heard the Cash cover before. I love Soundgarden and Johnny Cash and knew that the cover was out there, but never went to seek it out. Now I'm glad I did. The bridge is amazing. Tim is right, someone needs to see if they can get the song for the film.
  14. And they don't think that would sell to an audience? Wow Tim. If I had not seen the clips or even heard of the film, just seeing that hanging in the theater lobby, I'd be ready to wait in line opening day. It's a hell of a lot more striking than your regular fair of posters you see today.
  15. Pleeeeease! Can't wait to see it Tim. I'm glad to see that this film is getting attention and positive feedback. Can't wait to see what Mark has in-store for Malone in the future. Outside of the film realm, RAW comics could use a crime book
  16. Please do. This is my most anticipated film for 2009. No pressure
  17. I could see Stallone pulling it off fairly easily. Like you mentioned Fred, he is the right age for the part. The only thing that would distract from the character is that Sly is a larger than life actor and that would over-shadow the film. If only Hollywood could focus on story and not marquee names none of this would be an issue.
  18. I hope this film sparks nothing but great stuff for you Mark. It looks like one of the many films I've been waiting my whole life to see. The new footage looks amazing, can't wait to see the finished film
  19. I could be wrong, but I don't think the second Crow film under shot studio expectations quite like Warzone did (last I heard, LGF was on the verge of going broke after Warzone and The Spirit then Tyler Perry came along), but you do bring up a good point. I'm sure this will all be dictated by DVD sales.
  20. Way too long. And no one but fans even mention it. I'm hoping Sam just hits us with it because I'm getting sick of waiting to see Lizard in action.
  21. I just got my copy today! I was up all night, waiting in anticipation for the mail to arrive today and the sleepless night was worth it. So far the read is great. I love the "behind the scenes" and backgrounds of how Tim got jobs. If you even "kind of like" Tim's work, pick this up. The book is chock full of images and text spanning Tim's career. I'm looking forward to tomorrow because right now, my mind can not absorb it all. Tim, you and Desperado knocked this one out of the park!
  22. Unless they can get a huge star attached to this, I think Lion's Gate is just going to let the rights lapse. I think the 04 film's opening weekend took in more than Warzone for it's entire North American run. It's sad considering that I don't really see what's so hard about making a great Punisher film.
  23. I guess David S. Goyer wrote a Venom vs. Carnage script for New Line at the same time he did the first Blade film. Not only did Goyer say the script was not good, but it would be a CG nightmare. I like the characters but I can't fathom how horrid a film would be that's dedicated to them. Also, I wonder what's going to happen wiht Morbius? Raimi has expressed interest in him as a villian. He not really thin enough (Morbius is pretty damn scrawny), but Antonio Banderas might not be a bad choice.
  24. I'd like to see the Lizard and Kraven. Torment was one of my favorite story lines. I could see Mickey Rourke as Kraven and Lisa Bonet as Calypso. That probably won't happen though. The other villian I'd like to see is Mysterio, and I'd love to see Bruce Campbell take a stab at it.
  25. The movie was closer to the Marvel Knight series, only it stole characters from MAX. MK and MAX are pretty black and white when it comes to tone (MK being violent and over the top silly). They still have a long way to go to get to MAX. Personally, I'd love to see Aronofsky take a stab at it. Besides some to the hyper editing (though that was more common in Requiem) I think that Darren could bring that grittiness and reality that the last film was lacking. Plus, I think that Darren handles violence well, making it shocking and not heavy handed.
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