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  1. I was on amazon today, and I see that there is a release date for DVD on December 30th.
  2. I was out yesterday shopping, and did not see it. I did look online and it is out.
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    I really dug this film. I went to go see it the same day as John Wick. Both really good films, but Fury was the better of the two. John Wick by the way is a pretty damn good action flick. It's not brain dead like so many. Back to Fury: There were two scenes that really stood out of me, both not action scenes (though, the action scenes are pretty amazing). The first one was when Brad Pitt's character made Logan Lerman's character kill his first German. Just before this, they had been in a squirmish becasue Lerman did not kill a Nazi Youth because it was a kid, and it ended up with a ta
  4. Be on the look out. Not sure where, but he is filming a movie in Canada as well. And if you do see him, I would mention RAW. Show some love!
  5. Good to hear! I really think this is the place to go (television). The bar has been raised quite a bit, and storytelling is getting really solid. Can't say the same for films in the last 5 years. Plus, it's nice to continue a story and not have a 90 minute constraint.
  6. SOA took about 3 episodes before I really got into it this year. I'm still excited about it, but I'm with you on Jax. At this point, I am more worried about Tig than what's going to happen to Jax Sutter has a knack for bringing it around. I'm kind of thinking it's going to end with Nero, Wendy and the kids. There were two nods in the last 4 episodes. I hate to speculate, I've been enjoying the ride so far.
  7. I have not seen anything that I am aware of from the guy playing Constantine, but the look of it feels a lot like Tim's covers. Then again, there was Warzone... Positive thoughts, positive thoughts! I have not heard if The Strain has been renewed, but I would think so. Almost finished up with the final book and loving it so far. As for True Detective, I love that Colin Farrell is attached. I think he is a great actor who wound up taking the wrong path. I think he is a bit more focused now. As for Vince Vaughn, I really liked his work in Swingers, he tried a few things after, but
  8. No Gotham for me, but I am currently in Sons of Anarchy and The Strain. I loved the books for The Strain, and the show is pretty good too. Wondering how far the show will go. The end of the second book really surprised me. Still need to finish the last one. Only a few chapters to go. Sons of Anarchy is in it's final season. Still not sure where it is going to go, but it's not looking like anyone is going to get a happy ending (well, maybe Tig ). I am courious how Constantine will be. Looking forward to that one.
  9. Thought I was going to have to boot you They are not the best for getting back to anyone. Just ask Adrien Brody: http://www.cnn.com/2010/SHOWBIZ/Movies/10/19/ent.adrien.brody.lawsuit/
  10. No you are not. Getting Hannibal to lift a finger is another question. I bugged them for over a year, but no response. Not even an automated bs response.
  11. Yeah, as is. There is no foul language or nudity, but a lot of gore. It's rated TV MA. I wonder, because I remember that for a split second they were thinking of removing the one or two F words from The Conjuring so they could get a PG-13 rating, but it still wound up an R, even though there is no nudity or excessive gore. I can only think of one scene with gore, an it was not that bad. The Walking Dead out-did it in everyway. If you take the one or two "fucks" out of it, The Walking Dead even has worse language. I'm pretty sure it would end up with an R. I'm not saying Grizzly w
  12. Still no date. I know they were talking about Fall, but its here. Time to commit and put it out. They need to stop fucking around with it. I see they cut it again to get a PG-13 rating. The last few years, I've softened my stance on PG-13 vs R rating for horror films, but a movie about a killer bear probably should have an R rating. On a side note, I've always wondered what a show like The Walking Dead would be rated if it was rated by the MPAA?
  13. Here is a link to the poster by Drew Struzan: http://bigfanboy.com/wp/?p=24097
  14. I loved the last one. Can't wait to see what he has in store this time. As fun as The Expendables films were, they just lacked. I wish they had the balls that Rambo did. I think that's what people were really hoping to see. It was great to get all those guys in a film, but I don't think people came just to see them cracking wise.
  15. Sounds like fun, Indie! I have loved Mads Millelsen ever since I've seen Flame and Citron. If you have not seen this film, you need to. It's one of my favorite performances by him. This and Valhalla Rising. I think it's great that William Sadler said that he did not like the ending in The Mist. As an actor who not only worked on the film, but many with Darabont, it's nice to see that he does to just tow the line with saying it was amazing. Personally, I liked the ending, but everyone has their prefrence. Too often you hear actors say, "yeah, it's great" and you can tell they don't lik
  16. Never to late to send a b-day wish, right? Hope you had a great birthday!
  17. Teaser trailer is live https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ln_dANzXa8o&feature=youtu.be
  18. Okay, ladies and gents, those of you who have been here long enough will know Andrew McKenzie as one of our own. When he came to RAW, he was working on several amazing screenplays, many of which looked like they were going to take off. In that course, he also had a lot of great names attached to his projects, names of actors and actresses we all love. After several years of hard work, he sold Sweetwater without him attached as a director. As these things go, the directors hired rewrote the thing. I will say that I really liked Sweetwater, but it took me a few watches to let that sink
  19. I thought it was amazing. Like Noeland said, it's over the top, but in a way we need. I really am bummed that they did not go with Mel, but rumors are that this film is to take place between Mad Max and The Road Warrior, so I can forgive them on that. I also have to eat my words on Tom Hardy. I love him as an actor, but after they said Mel was out, I really wanted to see Jermey Rener in the role. The little bit I've seen, Tom looks good.
  20. He was a great talent. I loved his stand up, and his interviews. I always loved the Charlie Rose episode he and Mark Romanek did. Too funny. But then he could do very dramatic stuff as well. In the past he has talked about his depression, but you never really think much of it coming from a guy like him. Money, talent, a family... just goes to show that no matter what, we are all human at the core. So sad.
  21. Hope you had a great Birhtday this year! -John
  22. Great find, Indie and Padre. Here is the trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lly0xAWIPTk I'm down for late fall. There are a few other horror films hitting fall again. Used to piss me off when all the good horror films would drop during the summer. Fall is the perfect time for scary films, I'm tired of seeing little to no horror films in cinemas, yet we have Christmas films during October.
  23. Well, after watching the trailer I think the possibility of the corpse pic being Tom's character has just slimmed. Looking good.
  24. No TJ. He's in the middle of a shoot. Have yet to hear about Boston, but he is on the guest list.
  25. Looking good. Never gets old seeing pics of Tom (real or drawn) wearing the skull.
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