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  1. Thomas Jane is an incredibly talented individual. A Father, Actor, Director, Writer, Producer, Musician, Business Owner & prolific fan of the Comic genre. His films, according to Box Office Mojo, have grossed over $461.8 million, their quality backed up by recognition from the Screen Actors Guild for his part in the cast of Boogie Nights and by winning the Florida Film Critics Circle Award for Best Ensemble in 1998 in the same film. His TV career has seen him land 3 Golden Globe nominations for his outstanding work on HBO’s Hung. In 2013 he received a Lifetime Career Achievement Award
  2. Poster art has been on a steady decline. It bothers me when I see unused poster are that is amazing, but some suit wanted a generic floating head poster. The second poster is better, but it's an obvious Sin City rip off.
  3. Hoping to see it this weekend. Here is a link to an interview with the director, Jane is mentioned: http://geeknation.com/podcasts/the-movie-crypt-ep-79-director-brian-trenchard-smith/ By the way, if you are not listening to the Movie Crypt podcast, you are missing out.
  4. Yeah, we can do that. I'll be in touch.
  5. Two years later, still getting more info on this. This is an interview with Lexi on Moive Crypt (Adam Green and Joe Lynch). There is a pretty good story of some of the behind the scenes stuff and what could have been. It starts around the 36 minute part: http://geeknation.com/podcasts/the-movie-crypt-ep-80-director-lexi-alexander-part-1/ Whatever your thoughts are on the film, this is an interesting listen (all 2 hours), and you get an idea of what she walked into and what happened after. Lots of things covered here. The Punisher bit is only a few minutes, but the film's outcome is
  6. Not sure how it is in the UK, but Segal films in the States are pretty much all direct to DVD. That might not be such a good thing Still, I hope it gets attention. I would like to see Tom finally get some of the credit he deserves. You have Stander, which was early on, but then you look at something like I Melt With You, and damn if he still doesn't have if. Tom is just consistantly good. The last few years have been quiet, so I am down with anything he has coming out, be it DTV or wide release. I wish Hung would have lasted a few more seasons. Tom was getting a lot of attention
  7. I know part of the reason RAW has a hard time getting artists they want is because of money. I was wondering if Tom has considered Kickstarter or some other crowd funding site to raise money to help get the talent he wants, or even to put the books out? I also want to know if Rusty Blades is still out there?
  8. Well, they did work for a few days. I will try again.
  9. I found a copy at Wal-Mart. Not our local one though.
  10. It could all be how the finished product came out too. Lots of films have been ruined in the edit bay. Either way, I am still going. Tom is good even in bad films.
  11. The DVD comes out on the 30th. I would hope you have it by then.
  12. Love that final shot of Tom. Very Snake Plisken ;-) This looks pretty damn good. I hope lionsgate pushes this one. I was also glad to see that, like the poster, Tom gets top billing.
  13. Street date for DVD and Blu Ray is January 20th.
  14. I see it is slated for Netflix on the 9th.
  15. Here are some images (via Geoff!)
  16. I need coffee, but not sure I can wait the 9 hours to get it
  17. You can copy/paste most pics now. If you still need help, shoot me a message.
  18. I came across this on AICN's shopping guide when they listed Ron's book Easy Street: "One of my favorite set visit memories has nothing to do with the actual time spent on set, but of a hang out that happened that night. I was in New Mexico visiting Thomas Jane's Dark Country. One evening on that visit concluded with me, Jane, Tim Bradstreet and Ron Perlman sitting around smoking cigars telling stories as the sun set over the desert. One thing you can never say about Perlman is that he doesn't speak his mind. The man is about as open and honest as anyone I've ever met. I haven't had a chan
  19. Speaking of Wolfie, Tom's fans will notice the gun.
  20. Reach Me reminded me of a "feel good" version of 2 Days in the Valley (another Herzfeld film). It has a great ansamble cast, all of whom do really great job with their parts. If you are going to watch it for Tom, you will get a good chunk of screen time. Not as much as I was hoping for, but more than we have seen in the past few films. All the diffrent characters that meet becasue of the book really are from very diffrent walks of life, and I feel there are some great stories to be told from this. Tom's character Wolfie really could have his own film. I'm not saying this just becaus
  21. I merged the topic with an older one. Just a heads up!
  22. johnpweber


    I thought there would be more with him, and I am guessing there is more that ended up on the cutting room floor. Pitt did an interview where he said that Shia and himself almost go into a fight with Scott because he was spitting chew in the tank. When he confronted him, Scott said he did it because it was in the script. I did not see that in the film. On a side note, not that I expect every actor to know their scripts inside and out, but being a producer, I was a little shocked that Pitt did not know that before hand. Although, a lot of producers are by name only. And don't get me wr
  23. It's on PPV,so I am going to check it out today.
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