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  1. According to a poster on a Yahoo Forum, THE ART OF JOE JUSKO IS OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He got it in a Charlotte comic store today!! FUCKIN" AYE!!!!!
  2. Getting tired of painting %$%##@@ ninjas! LOL
  3. Wolverine-Hercules (!) miniseries I'm painting covers for. Here's a link to the pencil http://www.comicartfans.com/GalleryPiece.a...&GSub=79669
  4. Just pre ordered mine on Amazon!
  5. The new trailer ROCKS!!!!!!!
  6. This is absolutely fucking HORRIFYING.
  7. I'm painting a Wolverine cover with him fighting a group of red Hand ninjas right now, as a matter of fact. I'll post it when I'm done.
  8. Most stadiums are vomitoriums, including the Coliseum and Yankee Stadium. I liked Wolverine for what it was. I don't go into any of these with the expectation it's gonna be Gone With The Wind so I'm normally ok with what I see, Daredevil and Elektra notwithstanding. :-) THOSE just sucked.
  9. Been there, done that. A couple of times, actually. I can sing "My Way" as I'm dying. LOL
  10. I've seen him. Not much to see. Where are the Playmates? :-) LOVE YOU, Tim!
  11. Just don't room next to Todd. He's a light sleeper.
  12. I STILL play that soundtrack in my car! Great driving music!
  13. Streets of Fire is one fucking great movie! Great soundtrack and a REALLY hot young Diane Lane! Ahhhhhhhhh. :-)
  14. These are great, Timbo! Really, really cool! Ironically, I just got offered to produce a bunch of those B&W illos I do that you like so much for an omnibus of "Tarzan" and "Return of Tarzan". I am SO stoked!!!
  15. New private commission. "Battle in the Baobab" LOVE painting Burroughs!
  16. I'm a Rogen fan, but the Hornet coat is enough. I don't need to see him in spandex or form fitting blue leather. Brrrrrr.
  17. McDonough is friggin' great, but he seems more Arian looking to me than Cap like. He'd make an awesome Nazi!
  18. I guess we should be happy it at least HAD an ending, unlike one of my favorite abruptly canceled shows, Nowhere Man. Now THAT pissed me off! LOL Looking forward to The Unusuals, also.
  19. Diamond Previews Order Code for "The Art of Joe Jusko" DESPERADO PUBLISHING - ART OF JOE JUSKO HC PREVIEWS ORDER CODE: SEP07 3550
  20. Yeah, but when you have to wrap things up in a hurry coming up with something satisfying and unique is a problem. I didn't LOVE it, but liked it better than The Sopranos or Seinfeld finales, that's for sure.
  21. I DID like it! It made the color filter they used through the entire series make perfect sense. In hindsight the ending is really obvious and satisfying, at least for me. I really liked the show. Gonna miss it, though I'm looking forward to SOUTHLAND.
  22. I feel like a drug pusher! LOL
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