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  1. Been away for a bit. Too much going on. Saw this today and thought the crew here would find it interesting. :-) http://www.nytimes.com/2010/03/02/science/...tml?ref=science
  2. Wanted to like it more than I did. The makeup was okay, as was a lot of the set design. Hated the 'second werewolf so we can have a fight at the end' thing. I was hoping his mother was the other werewolf, actually. The asylum scene WAS great, but why couldn't they just find an old woman to play Maleva instead of someone with tons of obvious latex all over her face?? It was so distracting every time she was onscreen. The characters were not particularly engaging or likeable and Hopkins scene chewing got tiresome. Some nice carnage throughout. Overall, a 'B' just because I like the concept from the '41 classic and werewolves in general. :-)
  3. Anyone watching this? Loved the first two episodes! Mark Valley is great, as usual! I noticed Simon West directed the pilot, as well as being executive producer (as he was on Keen Eddie)
  4. Linda and the kids have never seen it. It's "Liberty Valance Night" at the Jusko's. '
  5. No love for my little jokey, Timbo? :-)
  6. He sent me drawings of Tarzan in gay bondage that looked like they belonged in a Tijuana Bible. "I paid $25 for this "art" and as you can see I did NOT get my money's worth which is why I want YOU, Joe Jusko, to illustrate my stories." LOL They were all about Tarzan involved in some benign situation that ultimately gets him drugged by paralyzing oil and tied up, only to break free by flexing his muscular calves! ?????? There were about a dozen of them in all. I'll dig them out scan a few.
  7. My upper pecs are better than that (as you should know from all the times we were greased up and shirtless at your house. :-)
  8. LOL We DO know that's Lex Barker with my head 'Shopped on there, right? Gift from a fan. I'm terrified. :-)
  9. BTW, I'm for Raw Deals. It's actually a phrase, and people will recognize and react to it.
  10. OMFG!!!! This image is gonna haunt me forever. It's ON, Timbo! "This time, dude........right between the eyes." -Liberty Valance
  11. Uh oh. So much responsibility! lol See it in 3D. Worth it.
  12. Saw it last night in 3D. I had a GREAT time! Visually incredible, even though the story was lifted from a dozen different sources and pretty much seen numerous times in various forms. Linda thought it was the most "beautiful" looking movie she had ever seen and her 17 year old son couldn't stop talking about it afterward. As a fantasy artist I found myself just drinking in the depth of the visuals throughout the film. and after the first 30 minutes I didn't even notice the 3D anymore because I got so engrossed in the story itself. I give it 4 stars as a movie going experience and intend to see it again.
  13. Here's some video http://www.wnep.com/wnep-mon-frazetta-char...0,7147294.story
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