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  1. That's my thought. An average 1/2 hour show is only 22 minutes and channels like Sci Fi have a LOT more commercials per hour. I'm waiting for the DVD
  2. I purposely didn't watch it because at 2 hours the actual film would be about 90 minutes, and the extended DVD on Amazon says it's 160 minutes. Does anyone know if that's true? http://tinyurl.com/ljdctg
  3. Guy's at a urinal in an airport men's room. Midget walks in and up to the adjacent urinal, which is obviously way to high for the midget to use. Out of curiosity (and breaking every "man rule" of public toilets) the guy peaks over the divider to see how the midget is going to manage this. He's shocked when the midget pulls out a giant, hose like dick and flops it up into the urinal. Stunned, the guy says "I'm sorry, but I'm just in awe of that thing! If I may ask, how big does that get when you're aroused." The midget says, "To tell you the truth, I don't know. Every time I get an erection it
  4. Mutant Chronicles is on the Sci-Fi Channel tonight at 9PM. 2hours, so with commercials it's probably cut to shit.
  5. JoeJusko


    I was shocked! Detroit was featured on the latest episode of LIFE AFTER MAN and they didn't need any CGI. Entire neighborhoods are deserted and filled with nothing but block after block of collapsing abandoned buildings. Makes occupied France look like Palm Beach.
  6. I LOVE that show!!!!!!! There's a retro station here in Pittsburgh that runs the Darren McGavin "Mike Hammer" show back to back on Sunday nights. It's friggin' great! Kolchak kicking ass! LOL
  7. Just pre ordered mine on Amazon!
  8. These are great, Timbo! Really, really cool! Ironically, I just got offered to produce a bunch of those B&W illos I do that you like so much for an omnibus of "Tarzan" and "Return of Tarzan". I am SO stoked!!!
  9. Just finished going through my copy, big guy!!!! What a great book! I'm so totally proud of you, dude!!! It's one of the nicest books I've seen in years! (even if you did neglect to mention that I have that Gangland bathroom cover original hanging over the toilet in my guest bathroom)! LOL
  10. Methinks TB needs to print some one sheets up for the boys. I'd buy one.
  11. Dtto!!! That's an awesome poster, Tim!
  12. Here, here, brother!!! If you don't mind, I'm gonna appropriate this and post it on my site.
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