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  1. This is the first movie I saw with Tom and made me a fan of the man. Great stuff!
  2. Will Raw Studios have a booth this year at C2E2? (Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo)
  3. Sounds like it was a fun one. Dammit. I couldn't afford it this year so I stayed at home and drank. Well, Step Brothers made it okay. That flick was hilarious. Wow! I got an advanced peek at BP 6? Thanks Tom! For those scratchin heads, it's up with the interview I posted for Bad Planet. So... any Raw freebies still floatin around from SDCC? And did Farmer whip out his lightsaber?
  4. I've got a good eye for up and coming talent, so check these peeps. CHRIS EIGEMAN (Turn the River) IMDB Listing JUAN CARLOS FRESNADILLO (Intacto, 28 Weeks Later) IMDB Listing CHRIS GORAK (Right at Your Door) IMDB Listing
  5. Check out the new Bad Planet interview with Thomas Jane, Tim Bradstreet, and James Daly III at Midnight Slice of Pie And I just joined the forums, so hello to all! Bad Planet fan, Fish Midnight Slice of Pie
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