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  1. I want to thank the amazing mister TIM BRADSTREET for believing in this---without him, not only would I have not found a GREAT FRIEND AND COLLABOATOR . . . NOT ONLY would this book not exist . . . but the many opportunities coming my way as a result of this crazy project would never have happened. Tim---you are a magician, a madman and a solid friend. Not to mention the best artist who ever lived! Thanks also to THOMAS FUCKIN' JANE, who is the greatest! (OH MAN, just you people wait to see what me and Tom are cooking up now!) EXTRA MEGA THANKS AND RESPECT to the awesome DAVE ALL
  2. Wow. And I thought nobody would even read the text! That is the best compliment I could get, man. I WORKED HARD to make the story behind the scenes compelling and rich, with a real socko ending---SO GLAD you dig it! STEPHEN
  3. Aww . . . gee, thanks, guys. We really did put LOT of work into this, and I am BEYOND MOVED that you all love it so much! STEPHEN
  4. We just made BEST FICTION BOOK OF 2008 at RUE MORGUE MAGAZINE. Hot shit, man. STEPHEN
  5. Here's another one: scandyfactory.blogspot.com STEPHEN
  6. Another blog review, this time from our bros as Phantasmarchives: http://www.phantasmarchives.net/shock.html The horror . . . STEPHEN
  7. Actually, all the letters are half worn off my typewriter and I'm also . . . sort of . . . an idiot . . . Cool blog review: http://chadwickhsaxelid.typepad.com/zillaroars/ Apparantly, I have "celebrity friends." STEPHEN
  8. I was serious. Really. (They see through me . . .)
  9. And hay, DAVE . . . dif you get YOURS from IDW ter?
  10. You know I did the RUNNER poster, so it looks like me and Tim are head-to-head for top spot . . . but Tim took the refrence shot of Jane for that one, so he wins! Thanks, man! Glad you dig what it's all about. I've been really happy that people who have actually READ the book seem to "plug right in." Tim, you and Jane's comps are in the mail tomorrow. From the last few I have lying around . . .
  11. Simple. You just point and shoot. STEPHEN
  12. As the creator, I thank you for reading it! I'm really happy you like it, and that it's an inspiration to your own filmmaking. be sure to let me know when you have you next project going---I'll do your poster cheap! STEPHEN
  13. Thanks, fellows, for the great reviews! STEPHEN
  14. be sure to let us know what you think!
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