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  1. Well...this fucking sucks!!! Now when this movie comes out...if it sucks, we will never know what Lexi would have done with it and if it would have been better. I really hope the only major change being made is with the music. I am still hoping for the best for this movie...the Punisher deserves a franchise.
  2. You ask how someone could embrace Ray Stevenson so fast. I have to say, when I heard that Tom Jane had been cast as Punisher for the '04 movie...my initial reaction was "WHAT THE FUCK!!!!" who is this guy, he is way to small to play the Punisher...but more important, I wondered if he could actually ACT. So, I went out and found some movies he had been in and watched them; I thought he was a pretty good actor. I still had reservations of Tom Jane in the lead role...but, since I am a HUGE fan of the Punisher I decided to give him a shot and see what he could do. I was impressed with body building that Tom Jane did...and when the movie came out I thought his performance was pretty darn good...although the movie as a whole I was kinda disappointed with. I can go over the reasons for that in another post if you would like. So, why can I accept Ray Stevenson? When I first found out Tom Jane wasn't going to be in the new Punisher movie I was very disappointed. Again, being a HUGE Punisher fan I hoped that they would still find a way to make a new movie...and hopefully a BETTER movie. When the news came out that they cast Ray Stevenson...I went out and found as much info on him as I could. I rented Rome and I was thoroughly impressed. Here was a guy who has the size and he can seriously act. This gave me a lot of hope for a new film. I did the same thing when I found out that Lexi Alexander would be directing...I rented Green Street and really enjoyed what she did with it. I was very impressed that someone with the kind of martial arts background as her didn't put a bunch of "martial arts" fighting in such a violent movie...again more hope for a new movie. Would I have enjoyed a sequel with Tom Jane and directed by Hensleigh...probably, after all I am a Punisher fan. I want to see a movie do justice to the comics. I think this one has that potential. Don't get me wrong...if go see this movie and it sucks...I will be back here and at IMDB voicing my opinion and my reasons why.
  3. Hey Fred. I definitely am not here to rescue anyone. I did read a good chunk of this thread and saw a lot positive in it. I, also, understand that you all are big fans of Tom Jane...that's cool. I like Tom Jane...I thought he did well in Punisher and a few of his other movies...but I am not I die hard fan. I really do enjoy a good debate and the more I have read here the more I see that is what goes on here. We see much more troll action over on IMDB...ya know "THERE COULD NEVER BE ANOTHER PUNISHER BESIDES TOM JANE...THIS MOVIE WILL SUCK DONKEY BALLS!!!!!!" and they have nothing else to say or anything to back up why they think that. That kinda stuff bugs me. Now, if someone has some reasons and wanna share and debate about it...cool.
  4. Hey, just so you all know. Yes, I am part of the IMDB crowd...I didn't even know this board existed until today. The reason I came over and posted was to clear up some of the misconceptions about War Zone. It really doesn't matter to me if you are looking forward to seeing this movie or not...I believe everyone is entitled to an opinion, whether I agree with it or not. On the other hand, I think people need to make sure that if they are presenting "facts" that they are fact. There are many places to find the info out there. TL just because someone disagrees with you doesn't make them a moron....it just means they have a different opinion; and opinions are not a right or wrong issue. I know, as does everyone here, that you are not looking forward to War Zone...that's cool. You have to understand that there are many people who are looking forward to it. Is it possible that this movie will suck...yeah. I will wait until I see it though...until then I hope they make a kick ass new Punisher film that I will enjoy watching. Anyway, I will be seeing y'all around. I have been checking out some other threads...it's pretty cool. I'm sure I will be posting on some of them from time to time.
  5. Mike V - Yeah...that pretty much is the case. Tom Logan, regarding the script...Kurt Sutter himself said it was pretty much a page one re-write from the script that was in place when Tom Jane walked. I didn't hate the '04 film...it was ok. I do believe it can be done much better though. The photo you keep showing of Ray Stevenson to say "Look how tiny he is" is a poor representation of what the final product probably is; have you seen pics of Tom Jane before the '04 movie? Now he was tiny. Tom Jane did bulk up a decent amount and I'm sure Ray Stevenson did too...for all we know that photo of Ray Stevenson was from the beginning of his training. Not too mention he is not flexing and it is a shot from the very front of his arm. Oh, by the way. I have just as much right to be here as you. I love Tim Bradstreet's art and not just the Punisher stuff...the stuff he did of Blade was awesome.
  6. OK. Thomas Logan...I have read a lot of your posts, and I understand you think this movie is going to be crap. That's fine. Here's what I have an issue with...you post your opinions (and that's all they are YOUR OPINIONS) and start making statements of "fact" that are not true at all: From what we know the budget is basically the same as the '04 film, the script is 95% different than the one that was in place when Tom Jane left and this movie is being directed by an Ocsar nominated director, not to mention that she has won a few awards too. Please do some research before posting stuff like that. As far as unknown actors go...WHO CARES...Tom Jane was pretty much an unknown until Punisher; and the few "known names" that they brought in for the '04 did a whole lot of nothing for the movie, except waste the budget. You need to remember that A LOT of the recent comic book movies had "unknown" actors starring in them. If you are such a fan of the work of the Garth Ennis/Bradstreet run of Punisher comic; you should be able to see why a lot of Punisher fans did not like the '04 movie. Hensliegh changed so many things about the character, the setting and how the Punisher does what he does...really it was not true to the comics...pretty much not at all. I have gathered that you really like the 70's style revenge movie (Death Wish, Dirty Harry, etc.) Hensliegh did a good job at making a movie reminiscent to those movies and just happened to throw the Punisher in it. Now, I'm not saying that this movie is going to be the best movie...I'm really hoping it will be good though. Remember...opinions are like @$$holes...everyone has one; and just because it's not the same as yours does not mean you have to act like one.
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