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  1. Vry cool. Widgets added to my facebook and blog. Better late then never.
  2. Yeah it is a great film. This is basically the first film I really "saw" Tom Jane in. there were some earlier things but didn't realize it was him until later. It's on TV now and then and we always watch it. Of course I'm from Finland and a huge Renny Harlin fan so...
  3. I was going to say that the first time I saw you in a cyperpunk film called Nemisis (I was young and into cyperpunk. What can I say...) and later in Deep Blue Sea, I said to myself that guy looks like a young Harrison Ford. But recent topics... Mutant Chronicles... First I want to say I've pretty much always liked your stuff but I'm a bit worried about MC. I've talked about this in other threads and forums and thought I'd bring it to "straight" to you. First off... I am a HUGE pulp fan. Always have been always will be. Same goes for Noir. Everything I could get my hand on. Ever since seeing Buster Crabb from back in the day. So far I've REALLY like the look of MC. The "steampunk", the costumes, the characters. However... I'm simply not a mutant (zombie) fan. Sorry. The slicing and dicing... seen it before. And these themes are constantly popping up nowadays. I can't really comment on the story until it comes out. (I know there's a version out there but i read your belly dancer metaphor... ) But I would really like to see backstories and possibly "what then" stories in comicbook format. It's so apparent that all of these characters have a story to tell. Now that is some serious Pulp worth looking into. Just a thought.
  4. Pulp fiction. From photos that I saw way back when on the official site. vehicles and costumes etc. After seeing tidbits from the movie I'm taking the "Sky Captain" thing back. I really like the overall look of the flick. The "steampunk" element is cool. The costumes and props but the mutants.... like I said before: not my cup of tea. And any actual story issues will have to wait until I get to see the whole thing whenever it comes out. WHAT WOULD BE INTERESTING THOUGH.... would be to see backstories either in comicbook form or animation. How these different characters came to be where they are. THe actual details of the corporate wars. etc. because I think the actual world of the story was interesting.
  5. I feel i MUST add, however, that i am TOTALLY sick of mutant/zombie etc. jumping out of every screenplay, comicbook and box of cereal. I'm sorry it's just not my cup of tea. When i first saw the MC thing on youtube I couldn't believe it was being made. Yes I know it was just to get the money interested, but it was IMO real... hmmm anyway.... Luckily nothing in that is what you see in the MOVIE. (Or at least the trailer) I mean the mutants are there but it MUCH more than just running in the rain shooting mutants like a darn video game!!
  6. I've always been a fan of Thomas Jane not just because of his acting but because I've always got the feeling from interviews etc. that he's a real fanboy/geek/nerd what have you. Not just some hollywood star who comes in to work and couldn't care less about what he's acting about. I guess this is the proof.
  7. I've been waiting for this movie forever since i first heard about it waaaaay back when. I was beginning to think no one was into Pulpy scidi stories anymore. From what I've seen it's like Sky Captain on acid. I've been glancing over the forums but does anyone want to give a quicky as to whats the holdup?
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