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  1. I think that it is the same as the trailer Russian... but in english of course, lol.


    I think they have changed the logo of the film (on the website), and they have removed the "theaters in 2008"! It is a good sign or not ?

  2. I have obviously not seen the film, but I saw on the net that it lasts 1h40...



    by cons, I read on a forum (someone who saw the movie) say that (be careful spoiler):

    all soldiers are dying the one after the other

    (so, the character of Thomas also ???) :unsure:

  3. Finally, the project "Jonah Hex" is a fake (and this famous picture ...) or not ?


    I do not know the comic, but the project seems interesting, especially if it is Thomas who has the role...





    Even if I find that there is no real resemblance (and fortunately... lol).

  4. For me, "Deep blue see" is a kind of "Jaws" of modern times, and more fun ! By the way, I remember that I was afraid that her character will be devoured by a shark, I had a few cold sweats ... but no, it survives because he is the hero of the film !

    Personally, I love this kind of character and hero (perhaps because I am a woman ? lol)

  5. I loved "The Mist" ! This end is really horrible psychologically speaking (special mention for delivering of Thomas Jane for that matter). It was a great and original end, it changes of the usual "happy end". Briefly, an end sadistic but excellent !

  6. Nice to meet ya, Aurelia.


    You may want to talk to Patti at some point. She's French too and can maybe guide you on where to get/see more Tom-related material in France. Just a suggestion. :)



    Thank you so much !


    Patti have already contacted me, it's cool ! :)

    By the way, I apologize again for my English, I hope that it is understandable... :unsure:

  7. Name: Aurelia


    Location: Auxerre, France


    Your Interests (besides Tom, of course) : American cinema - Action - Fantastic - Science-fiction - Comics - Super-heroes - Fantasy...


    When did you first become at fan of Tom's ? when I saw "Deep Blue Sea".


    What are your favorite Tom-related films ? "Deep blue see", "Dreamcatcher", "Punisher", "The Mist", "Mutant Chronicles"... :D


    What future Tom-related project (comics/films) are you most anticipating ? "Mutant Chronicles"


    In what role to you like Tom best ? Frank Castle in Punisher, Carter Blake in Deep Blue See, David Drayton in The Mist, Henry Devlin in Dreamcatcher, Mitch Hunter in Mutant Chronicles


    How much have you seen of his Filmography ?

    - Face / off

    - The Crow

    - Boogie Nights

    - The Thin Red Line

    - Deep Blue See

    - Magnolia

    - Under Suspicion

    - The Sweetest Thing

    - Dreamcatcher

    - Punisher

    - The Mist

    - Mutant Chronicles

    And "Medium" of course.

  8. here's the link to the special Comicon screening! Reserve your free tix now.


    maybe when these fill up we'll do a special rawstudios.com section as well, for those guys who will be down there. let me know. TJ



    Alala... This is really the kind of event where I'd like to attend, but for me it is inaccessible... I have to make me a reason ! :(


    And since that I saw the trailer, I only have one desire is to see the film (but in France, it will be necessary to be patient ... <_< ) ! That's the kind of films that I love ! With also an actor that I adore, what more could you ask for... :)

  9. Hello Mr Thomas Jane ! :)


    I finally decided to log in me on this forum (excuse my English very bad, I am French ...). I've discovered you in 2002, and I love your work ! I find it unfortunate that some of your films do not go out in France ("Stander "...), for "Killshot" and "Mutant Chronicles" (that I wait with impatience), we poor french, will probably have not a cinema release, but only one exit dvd...


    To each of your benefits, I am dazzled (and you have this incredible intensity in the eyes ...).


    I've loved in particular:

    - "Deep Blue See" (better than "Jaws" because more fun !)

    - "Dreamcatcher" (definitely, I love to see you in adaptations of Stephen King !)

    - "Sweetest Thing" (even if it's not my favorite movie)

    - "Under Suspicion" (where you are a great surrounded by two legends of American cinema B) )

    - "The Punisher" (what a disappointment not to see you in "Punisher 2 "... :( )

    - "The Mist" (I am traumatize by the end ... but what prestation ! You have marked me forever !)



    and I loved seeing you in "Medium" !



    Being a fan of comics, I would have liked to be able to read in french "Bad Planet". Shame that this is not published in France (if it is the case I never found).....


    Will you come to Europe one day ? That would be very fantastic ! :)



    A big thank you for everything you do,



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