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  1. by cons, if this TV Show works well, we'll see probably less and less Thomas at the cinema...


    when the actors start a TV Show, I think the return to cinema becomes more "difficult"...


    I don't know...

  2. Yeah, I've been having a look 'round the Internet and pulled up some stuff about this Comic Con, including this blog on LiveJournal.com that has a pic of Tom and The Joker having some words...LOL


    Here's the link:





    oh oh !!! this pic is very cool !!! :)B)


    and I like this comment :

    "and as far as I can tell, Thomas Jane is an incredibly, incredibly nice man. He came out a few minutes before the movie to let people take pictures with him, and we got what can really only be interpreted as a Joker/Punisher smackdown scene." ^_^


    and Devon Aoki is so pretty !

  3. FearNet.com has some coverage of Tom and Mutant Chronicles at the comic con:


    Here's a link to a couple of pix of Tom at the Comic Com (one pic

    says "Tom and friend"...ummm, that would be Tim Bradstreet. :lol: ):




    LOL !!!



    and here's a link to a video of Tom (I can't see it on my work

    computer; hopefully it does work...):




    excellent !!! B)




    and also a little blurb about Tom and Mutant Chronicles:






    I can't see it... ;)

  4. Don't be too sure of that. Once this film is actually finished and given a release in the states I'd think it's very possible it will show up in Europe on the big screen.

    We'll know a lot more in the next 6 months. If it does go to DVD I predict it will have the same kind of grass roots, film festival success that preceded Bubba Ho-Tep.

    That is, if Mutant can be further shaped into what it can be.


    - TB


    Thanks for this information, it gives me some hope... ^_^


    It seems to me that initially the french group SND had been interested. Maybe that they waiting to see the success of the film in USA.


    And then it will also depend to the number of copies. I live in a small town, so if there is a small number of copies, the film will be distributed only in large cities like Paris...

    (for Punisher in 2004, I did 100km for to see him ! because it was withdrawn of my cinema... the reason : too violent ! censorship pure and simple ... :angry: ).


    Wait and see...

  5. At the outset, I am against P2P, but I must confess that at times, it is quite useful, because some films are unfortunately not available in some countries (many films with Thomas was never released in France by example). by cons, in other cases it is obvious that this can harm at films (box office, etc...).


    Personally, I prefer a thousand times have a DVD film purchased : more "clean", with bonus, etc (I love the boxes collector), and ... legal !


    For Mutant Chronicles, I will not have the pleasure of seeing this movie in theater, because apparently, again, it will not be distributed in France. It's lamentable...

  6. This report is very tempting ! Deeply next year ! :)


    In regard to your works, including "Bad Planet", I would really read them. Unfortunately, they exist only in english, so for me it's a little difficult... :rolleyes:


    Accordingly, I am a little foreign compared to this ... (intruder? :wacko: lol)

  7. We still don't know what he thinks about Warzone.


    Maybe that he don't simply want not speak on this topic, what I can quite understand.



    In my case, I loved the work of Tom and J. Hensleigh. They have made great job ! We can applaud them !

  8. Great pics ! Thanks ! :)





    I can't see this pic...


    (I have this message : Sorry, an error occurred. If you are unsure on how to use a feature, or don't know why you got this error message, try looking through the help files for more information AND Sorry, but you do not have permission to use this feature. If you are not logged in, you may do so using the form below if available) :huh:

  9. For me, this sequel is not interesting.


    Frank Castle was Thomas Jane, a point that's all, it's my opinion.


    Ray Stevenson is probably a good actor (I've never seen "Rome"), but for me it has no interest.


    I wanted a new duet "Thomas Jane - Jonathan Hensleigh".


    So that's for sure, I will not go see this movie ! -_-

  10. I think I just might do that.





    me too (in french of course...lol) !!! :D



    Some screencaptures that I does (no spoilers) :





























  11. thank you for your reply ! it's great ! :)B)


    do you already know what date (month) it will be ? and if it is still in san diego ? moreover, where could I find the approximate price of admission ?


    I'm from very far, I have to predict in advance ...(and money, money, money... lol) :D

  12. I have finally seen MC !!!


    This film is a bomb !!! :)


    I adore !!! GREAT GREAT GREAT !!! B)

    I am absolute not disappointed !!!


    (I was really stressed at the end ! And this end reminded me a certain Jonah Hex... lol ;))



    The music and images are breathtaking, recalling indeed the universe of "Sky Captain" and "Avalon", and by moments, some scenes with the "zombies" in the darkness made me think of the "monsters" in "Blade 2".



    PS : It was filmed before "The Mist" ?

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