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  1. oh great ! Can we vote "freely" ? I'll go see it quietly... but for "The Mist" and Thomas, my vote is already acquired, of course. and for the rest, as I am a fan of super-heroes, I have many choices !



    specially since I'm about the only person on the planet that thought Dark Night was crap


    no, you're not quite alone ... ;)

    this movie disappointed me (far too long, too many Joker / H. Ledger and not enough Batman / Christian Bale... short, the film should be called "The Joker"), I much preferred "Batman Begins".

  2. Extended Cut is the closest thing so far I believe.


    Here is another news source I just became privy to and is probably old news to most of you. Chuck Dixon's opinion on the 04 film:


    [Chuck Dixon weighs in on Punisher flick.





    One of the greatest all time writers of Frank tells all.


    'My biggest problem is that they played Frank as a detective instead of a soldier. My Punisher would have killed John Travolta as soon as he knew Travolta was the one who ordered his family killed. He wouldn't have investigated and then set up an overly-elaborate sting operation. The movie spent far too much time treading water. Were I writing it? Frank would have found ouyt that Travolkta was his target and then gone through Travolta's stronghold like a dose of Ex-lax. Travolta is the only one who escapes the carnage and goes into the witness protection program to save his own ass. Frank must then hunt his quarry without harming any law enforcement personnel. In the end, the mob learns of Travolta's whereabouts as well and it's a Wild Bunch type stand off between Frank and some federal marshals and an amry of hitmen.' Chuck Dixon was quoted on his own website Dixonverse.


    All us Punisher fans out there feel a bit the same and would love to see an originator of Frank come out and helm an actually movie of the Punisher.]



    I think that if they had done this, the movie would have been just "barbaric", with a scenario empty and hollow : just a guy who kills without batting an eyelid for two hours, to take revenge. Frank was to attract a little sympathy, to be more "human". Moreover, the movie would have been even more violent, and in France it was banned less than 16 years (which is much) and censored in some cinemas... the scenario of the movie seemed to me therefore more sought and more interesting, but less faithful to the comic.

  3. I am a fan of the serie of "Die Hard", "Speed 2" was really useless, lol, and what I like in "Long Kiss Goodnight" it's when Geena Davis cut vegetables ... :P



    I don't want to compare movies, but it is definitely the best "shark movie" after Jaws.



    Yep !!! :)




  4. I can't speak for the rest of Europe, but after a 'quick' search of all major online outlets in England (HMV, Zavvi, Amazon, Play.com, LoveFilm etc..), I didn't find Mutant Chronicles for sale on DVD anywhere.



    In any case, not my home either.






    here in Italy we hope to see Mutant Chronicles in Jan 2009.







    Aaaahhh !!! The France is not far, the France is not far !!! lol

  5. Here's some more casting news about "Hung". Zap2it is reporting that Kristin Bauer has been cast in the show as Thomas' ex-wife. Her IMDb resume looks pretty interesting and she does have some comedy experience (George Lopez, Everybody Loves Raymond, Men Behaving Badly, Two and a Half Men, Just Shoot Me, Dharma & Greg, and Seinfeld are all in her list of guest spots.)


    The more I hear about this show, the more I can't wait to see it. Any word on when this will start filming or when it will air, Thomas?



    I don't remember this actress...

  6. This film NEEDS to be re-released on DVD already for an affordable price.


    People NEED to see Thomas Jane at his best.


    I still try to find it in zone 2... I want to see ! :D



    I'm tired of people ONLY associating him with The Punisher.



    I think that many people have known thomas jane in "the punisher", which is not my case, his presence in the film is the reason for I made so many miles for to see the movie...

  7. That all being said, if Malone gets released, I'll be first in line to see it at my cinema :)




    Me too of course ! :D



    Briefly, I hope that the distribution will not be as chaotic that for "mutant chronicles" and "killshot" ... <_<

  8. The entire movie on special versions of the DVD (and presumably the Blu Ray version). Black and White was apparently Darabont's original vision but alas, practical (financial) concerns got the better of all involved.



    I did not know it, but why not !

    By cons, I doubt that the black and white version will be available on DVD french (September 18), I don't even know if they will release a collector edition (as in zone 1, I believe).

  9. Caveman speak???


    sorry, I don't understand... :unsure:

    (my english ?)






    Good to hear such a seasoned veteran has been lined up, but if Tom wasn't getting compared to Christopher Lambert enough before, he sure will be now after hiring the Highlander director :P Could be worse though, Christopher Lambert was really cool (until he made 'Mortal Kombat ' that is). It was great to see him pop up in Southland Tales, he was one of the better things about it.


    I thought at the same thing !

  10. Yeah, I love all of the actors and characters on the show. It's got incredible actors, wonderful writers, and is just an all-around great show.

    We're anxiously awaiting the beginning of season 5 over here, which is supposed to start in January (or maybe sooner, we hope). In the meantime, we're getting ready for the release of the season 4 dvd set in a couple of weeks. Can't wait for that. It'll hold us over until the new season starts anyway. I'm dying to see that.


    The france is always late visibly... lol



    I've already heard a couple of the episode plotlines and they sound really interesting. AND Patricia has stepped behind the camera and directed an episode for next season, so I'm really excited to see how that turns out, and to see what her vision as a director is like. If it's anywhere near as good as her brother David's, then it promises to be an excellent episode.


    Oh ! thank you for information, I did not know it !




    Those Arquettes sure are somethin', ain't they? ;) Is there anything they can't do? :D


    lol !


    It's a family of artists. B)

  11. Ce la vie.



    Do you speaking french ? lol ;)




    favorite film? well Blade Runner is tops. 2001. Nights of Caberia. City Lights. Children of Paradise. god there are so many. it's like asking what is your favorite album. or car. i saw Alien as a kid and that made me want to make movies. so i guess if i had to choose it would be that, just cause it had such an impact. what's yours?


    In Blade Runner, I wanted to be Daryl Hannah ! lol


    And I am a fan of Aliens, I love this movies with monsters, extraterrestrial, etc...

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