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  1. Aha. Boxofficemojo reports a $1,6 million foreign income at theaters. http://www.boxofficemojo.com/movies/?id=mutantchronicles.htm And $4,700 in the US so far. I'm glad it's finally updated at least! I would guess the income for DVD sales and rentals are much higher though. But I really doubt we'll see a sequel anytime soon.
  2. Insane pics of Megan Fox! Either the corset really does the job in squishing her mid or she's a real live barbie doll. Too bad TJ's not in it.
  3. pjuuuuuh. I was beginning to think there was a conspiracy that someone pretended that it was showing on theatres, lulling us into a false sense of security (ok, that's from a SNL Bush parody. I've been checking the-numbers.com and boxofficemojo.com, but there weren't much happening in regards of MC. Maybe it'll be updated later on. Where did you see it??? Cali? I was in CA in 2007 for Coachella, but got to check out some of your awesome theatres.
  4. That would be the European version. I've got the UK DVD&BluRay + Scandinavian DVD&BluRay, they are the same. Anyway, the US DVD version will probably be out very soon after the premiere (and with a soundtrack on it's way as well). @Mediumfan: Wasn't the LA premiere moved to the 21st? I think the theatre listings are spankin' fresh and might not be up on the theatres yet.. I dunno. Hope you're able to check it out on the big screen.
  5. Ahoy! http://www.simonhunter.com/Simon_Hunter/MC-US-Theaters.html The number of theaters went from 2 to 40 (or something) EDIT: Oh, and there's a cool/wacky interview up at No Good TV with Simon Hunter and Ron Perlman as well. http://www.ngtv.com/?clipIdNum=19575736001
  6. All I can say is... Tom Jane as the lead in a Woody Allen flick... Who knows, if Hung gets popular that might happen. Cool that you liked the movie as well noelandloveguns I also read the book, and that explains more, giving everything more depth/meaning in a second view of the movie. Though I liked the movie before I read the book as well. And regarding the upcoming US DVD it's going to have an lots of extras. I've heard: movie in green screen, mood piece, interviews, making of and of course the new cut. And with the score around the corner as well... good shit. Oh, and a sequel would be cool...
  7. Badass! Thanks for the update Tim.
  8. I second that... The score is beautiful and especially "Mitch Hunters' theme" (or something like that).
  9. Great news with the Facebook group. Everyone should invite their friends to it. @Syvell: I understand you being skeptical towards facebook and myspace. Too many old so-called friends you hoped you'd never meet again adding you etc. I would guess there are minimum 2.5million Norwegian facebook accounts with just 5ish+ million people in the country, so it's pretty big here. Though for networking/promotion both myspace and FB works great.
  10. You beat me to it. Seriously, I'm very interested in a poster as well.... I would get myself one made at a printing press (I think that's what it's called...) if I had a higher quality pic. Though that could lead to someone taking it and selling themselves... :/ Hope it gets available after the movie is done at least.
  11. Russell should do as the director (Michael Wincott) in "What Just Happened" They went to Cannes as well I think. That's it, I'm going to Cannes. A Malone franchise would be killer!! And not to mention, much needed! I wish you the best of luck in future writing.
  12. You've gotta love test audiences.....
  13. Opening 4/24/2009 Hollywood, CA: Mann Chinese 6 New York, NY: Village East Cinemas from: http://www.magpictures.com/dates.aspx?id=9...bb-f8713f9a1eef If Killshot with 5 theatres was limited release. Would MC with 2(!) classify as top secret release?
  14. It seems it will be screened at two theaters. One in LA, and one in NY.
  15. Thanks for the info Jen. I'm holding on to my 95´-96´ theory for now.
  16. Just watched this flick. I read somewhere that it was shot in 98'. But it really seems older than that? I would guess around 95'-96'... Mainly because Jane and the guy from Boogie Nights look so young, and the other guy from Heat looks a bit like he did in Heat. Does anyone here know exactly when it was shot? The DVD I have was released in 2005.
  17. Just watched the 104min making of MC (and the movie) on the UK DVD. The making of was immensely interesting! It reminded me of the making of The Shining which Vivian Kubrick made when she was 17. Because you see so much "personal" stuff that you wouldn't be able to see anywhere else. Also it shows how much and how many people actually worked on this thing. And the documentary maker (which I would guess is a close friend of Simon Hunter) even had a cameo/extra part. It's great to see a docu that isn't made by E! or MTV kind of thing, but is just as pro. The movie. After watching it a second time. I still got the same good feeling after the first view 4 months ago. And now I wonder why it should be cut down in the American release. It goes by so fast! I think the biggest problem would be that most people don't like Sci-Fi. And I'm dead certain, that this movie will have a big fan following over time. It starts hard, but ends even harder. Just an example. I think MC beats the multi million production of the sci-fi/fantasy movie Outlander (Jim Caviezel, a little Ron Perlman). It totally shatters it! It might be because this production has a lot of heart and spirit compared to many other movies I've seen. This is all just my personal opinion though. To those of you involved. Good work!
  18. Ah. I can understand that. I prefer using english subtitles though, so not to miss anything at all. Though it's not always cool watching subs if it's only for the hearing impaired. *sounds of rain on window* I'm happy to see the MC on the front page on apple! I downloaded those trailer right away (from Tiara's link) and they look really good.
  19. Agreed. You've read the novelization right? My brother just got the Blu-Ray from UK (play.com ftw:p), looking forward seeing it again since I read the book after seeing the movie. A sequel would be great, but with more money involved and hopefully the same director, since I think he made something that stands out of anything I've seen before. Though not a perfect movie, it's very refreshing and good for what it is. Simon Hunters webpage has tons of behind the scenes pics btw. I'd download them asap just in case.
  20. There's no interview or anything, but I was glad to see a half page picture of Tom Jane in the March Edition of Empire (the one with Gollum on front) on page 12. And on the second half it's promoting the Blu-Ray edition of Punisher for UK. The ironic bit is that the first half has the big pic of Tom, but promoting Punisher: WarZone UK release. I guess there's a bunch of people expecting TJ in it. Though, just an ad, I'd get it anyway because it's a kick ass movie magazine.
  21. Hear hear. Thanks for letting us know what was in the vid kwiat_skye. But why have vid restrictions? What is the purpose of it? I know MTV2 Headbanger's Ball always had limited viewing on their websites, but now all their vids are watchable outside the US as well (at least in Norway). Ooooh well. no stress.
  22. I think this would apply much more to film-makers (as well as commentary tracks do to writers/directors/actors etc). And I think it's a great idea! Never heard of any other movie having done that before. Really looking forward to this release. Hopefully there will be a Blu-Ray of it as well.
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