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  1. Haha. Love the parody. Never tried the Resident Evil games and therefore doesn't know the story. Don't really know why I never tried the games, since I'm also a gamer (PC). I saw the first RE movie in the cinema on my 18th birthday, so I have fond memories of it and loved it. I liked the whole sci-fi aspect of it all. Also a big fan of Milla (cuz of The Fifth Element and Joan of Arc) at the time. The second sucked donkey balls... I got kind of pissed seeing it. It's not worse than a Steven Seagal movie, but it comes close. Though I only saw it once way back. RE3 was much better imo. Though it had some lame scenes I didn't like, but it was way more good than bad in it. This 4th flick... god, I have such low expectations. Mainly because of the trailer. I feel sorry for the RE games fans. It's a franchise that's sold about 40mill games. Why not do the fans justice..? Same goes with the miscasted mess that is Max Payne. Jason Patric or even Tom Jane would rather have fit the bill as Payne. And I'd rather have seen Famke Janssen as Mona Sax. Though I don't think they'd save the movie either. The flick Narc is much more how a Max Payne movie should look and feel like. RockNroll
  2. Loved the movie. Big disappointment with Big Daddy biting the dust... but his last scene was great at least. It was just as emotional for me as when I saw Punisher (2nd) running for his dead wife and kid (or mad max for that matter). All those instructions he was yelling to her, "Use the Kryptoniiiiiteee!". You just see that Hit-Girl are vulnerable too, and how much her dad means to her. Strong and great scene. Hopefully a Kick-Ass 2 will see some fleshing out of the Kick-Ass character. He's kind of like Rocky Balboa, in the sense that he can sustain helluva lot of beating. haha
  3. Nighthawk


    Haha. I just saw that too Recoil. It premieres today on NRK, which is the biggest TV-channel over here. So it's alot more available in a way (before it's been sent on Channel + or something), in terms that the "regular-joe" has a much bigger chance of watching it randomly, since everyone has NRK. I think the title "A well equipped man" is very likely to catch peoples attention as well. Can't wait for season 2!
  4. Booo The film just went from attractive to... unattractive on my movies-to-watch-out-for list (I don't really have a list). We need more TJ flicks!
  5. My brother was all psyched talking about TJ having a new movie on imdb today as well. And he was like "it's got Christopher Lambert, Perlman and Jason Statham!". I'm psyched too. Statham and TJ teaming up is a good idea! Anyone know when it's scheduled too begin shooting? Summer maybe?
  6. Yeah.. I didn't like Up. I wanted to like it though.. Wall-E on the other hand is Pixars absolutely best movie imo. Haven't seen Fantastic Mr. Fox yet, but I'm looking forward to it.
  7. I'm super happy that District-9 got nominated, but I don't think it would be on the list if it only were 5 movies nominated. But again, then I don't think Avatar would have been there either. I just read in a Norwegian paper that Cameron is very pessimistic of Avatar winning, and that he hopes Kathryn wins, since "I've already got one of those statuettes". But that he would be "pissed" if anyone besides Kathryn won. Personally I think Basterds will surprise this year (perhaps best picture and cinematography). I think it's a given that Waltz wins supporting actor. He delivered such an iconic performance. In the best actor award, I'm rooting for Renner, but I doubt he'll get it, and my guess would be for Bridges. Haven't seen Crazy Heart (love the tagline though), but I think he's been snubbed four times before and there's always the "we should be nice, it's his turn now." thing going on at the Oscars. As a fan of Bullock I hope she wins as well. And with future movies with her, she'll have "Oscar Winner Sandra Bullock" on the Blu-Ray cover.
  8. People are speculating that Avatar has a $150 million worldwide promotion budget. I'm no expert on these things, but I think that's an insane amount of money for promotion. But the hyping of the 3D has definitely worked for them. I think any big budget movie could get into the "success-list" with that kind of promotion. Cameron was the biggest selling points for me, but in my eyes he haven't had a great movie since T-2. Though I thought True Lies was really cool when I was younger. Jamie Lee Curtis striptease!
  9. Nice thread. District 9 blew me away and is number one for me, closely followed by Star Trek, The Hurt Locker and Inglorious Basterds.
  10. Wow, I found out about Marc Webb today. I haven't seen his debut movie, but I've been a fan of his music video work for years. Very talented director in that department at least. I'm surprised about him being named the Spiderman director, but I'm extremely psyched as well. His debut film had to be pretty good.
  11. Ahoy. Saw this one in 3D. I had only seen Nightmare Before Christmas in 3D from before, and Shrek 4D at Universal Studios So I'm by no means used to 3D. I thought it was kind of hard and a bit disturbing sometime to watch it with the 3D glasses. It's probably just that it's not meant for me, but what I saw was very impressive. I'm not a creator of cgi of movies, but from my perspective as a viewer, it was extremely well made. It's probably a very innovative thing Cameron's made, and that we will see all blockbuster movies using this technology in upcoming movies. Also very good to see Sigourney Weaver on the big screen (lovelove). And I think it's the best performance by Sam Worthington yet (only seen 2movies with him before). It was a good movie, but I don't think I felt "moved" anywhere in it. It felt very pixar at times and by the end I expected the Walt Disney logo to come up. The only thing missing was the characters singing songs. I totally understand them for playing it safe with the kind of money it cost to be made. Though I must admit movies like Dances With Wolves, Last of The Mohicans, Star Trek, District 9, Wall-E, Rambo or even the strong connection between Kurt Russell and his gf in the movie Breakdown displayed more emotion. I just didn't feel anything for the characters in Avatar sadly... It felt sometimes a bit dumbed down.. But hey, good step forward in regards of cgi. Though, imo story should always be the most essential ingredient. I know Cameron can create bad ass violent'N'brilliant cinema, and hopefully we'll get that sometime in the future.
  12. Nighthawk


    Congrats on the nomination Mr. Jane! And it's also great to see Jane Adams getting a nod in the supporting actress slot.
  13. Haha. Can't wait to see Cage in this one. I first thought he'd only have like a cameo in it, but he plays one of the 4 main "super hero" characters. http://www.fusedfilm.com/2009/12/kick-ass-...irst-look-clip/
  14. Great too see The Mist on that list. And I'm glad they had Frailty included as well. It's one of my fav horror/thriller movies out there. Also I see there's 7 movies on the list I haven't checked out yet. Better get to it.
  15. If this is for real, and happens to be a US/French production. Maybe this is the actor named on the poster? http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2129925/ Highlander + Punisher in the same movie would have been cool though...
  16. Wow. I'm a fan of both Renner and Hardy. But I think Hardy might be too bad ass for the role as Max. He would prolly fit even better as a main villain or something. And then with Renner as Max? Perfect.
  17. Really cool flick. Whenever Dick's driving over 90 or 100mph, and then there's lightning. I'd say he somehow goes back in time. It first happens when they are driving without the lights. And lastly just before he crashes, but then there were no lightning, (guess that would make it too obvious), but we can see the speedometer just before hitting 90 or 100. Therefore he's forever trapped in that cycle. It happens over and over again. So when he's in the car again at the end (driving away from the cops in present time) he would need to kill himself or something to maybe end the cycle and save her (and himself). Though that's just my first impression of it, and there's too much other stuff that I can't explain with it. But I'm pretty sure it's back to the future/another dimension kind of thing. Which I dig hardcore.
  18. Finally! The story went by like nothing! Hopefully they can add it to a short movies dvd thingie in the future or something. Let me see on the imdb list here.. The Butler's In Love... Check!
  19. Yeah! Bout time there were some RAW facebook thingie out there.
  20. I like the new AIC, but I think it feels much more like a Jerry Cantrell solo album (nothing wrong with that), rather than a AIC album. I would have loved to hear MORE from William in it... At least live they rule hard with the old songs, and it's great with some proper rock in these times of ours.
  21. Mélanie Laurent <3 Great flick! And great poster!
  22. I was extremely moved by this movie. It has so many strong scenes. I felt there were lots of metaphors on how we're treating fellow human beings etc. I'm actually a bit ashamed over the $100mill + Hollywood blockbusters out there, because this one just slays all others... I loved Iron Man, but this one really made that one look like shit... And the actors also made shame to alot of the big paycheck hollywood ones! The main actor definitely deserves an oscar nod. It raised the level of movies imo... Terminator 2, Aliens, District 9. sci-fi/drama/romance is a great combination for me apparently!
  23. Nighthawk


    Great ending to a great series. Honey! ;D I don't watch too many series, but I find it hard to compare Hung to others out there. And with the subject/plot the series is about, it's totally different than I would have expected. I'd think we'd get some toilet humor here and there, but it's nothing like that at all. It's much more "grown-up" than that or something (or just that my toilet humor detector has malfunctioned). Either way, I think everyone has high hopes for Season 2!
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