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  1. i watched a G4 interview with a guy from entertainment weekly, he said the fans of Watchmen would boycott any FOX movies because of the mess they are making....ironically Wolverine, the movie,... is being done by FOX.......now thats a battle of pick your sides.....also he said he got this information off the internet.....hhmmmmm.....
  2. i actually posted a question as a new thread in Mr. Bradstreet's area that could be put in this area. Sorry about that. I didnt scan all the threads well enough....maybe the moderator will move it here. the question was basically, i went to Atlanta's DragonCon and i noticed they made you put your camera away while in the artists area, is this a real need? my small digital camera couldnt really take a good enough picture to steal artwork, but is this a real concern? i would and do always abid by any concern for this kind of thing, but i never really thought people went into areas like that just to steal pictures of artwork. Or is there another reason for that? Just really caught my attention as to why....
  3. i went to the DragonCon in Atlanta last weekend and it was really awesome, i was sorry to see Mr. Bradstreet was correct in what he heard about all the artists being crammed together in the lowest level of the Hyatt hotel......but one thing i ran into was when i entered the artists area, was this woman made me put my camera away, she said if anyone saw me with it out i would be asked to leave. Is this standard practice for the artists area at conventions? i mean i had no problem doing as she asked but it seemed weird to me they made you do this. Is it because they fear people trying to copy the art? alot of the sci-fi art was really beautiful and i noticed alot of it was for sale so i guessed it must of been them just trying to protect the artists. i felt bad too for the comic book artists because they had such little room to display thier art and do sketches for people, they were practically on top of each other. i'm hoping next year they give them more room....but anyways if anyone else has seen this same thing with the cameras and you know why, i would love to know.....thanks
  4. i just brought that up as a joke really, because you have to think, anyone that was walking by, they didnt see the cheese comment, they saw some guy with a serious face pointing to this movie poster, and they might have thought, this must be a serious fan of this movie.......irony i guess, thats all .....
  5. if the new punisher film opens at number one, i blame Mr. Logan and that photo!!!
  6. I did notice one funny thing.....there is this sang, "even bad publicity is better then no publicity"...i never thought much about that really, but i did get a chuckle when i saw a picture of Mr. Logan standing next to the poster for the new punisher movie and even pointing to it....and yeah of course i saw the photoshop words on it....but you have to admit when you see that a person took the time to take that photograph.....others around him must have thought " wow , that movie must be good!!! " ......makes you think about the things you do......
  7. there really isnt even a need for the poll .........your a fantastically gifted artist, and i can see the sales are going to pick up for the furry one with your art on the cover....
  8. i'm 36 and i chose number 5.......i guess we will have to see.....
  9. you know i've been to alot of forums where people just argued to argue, and thats a waste frankly, but here, i've actually learned things about the movies we talk about....i kinda like round house talks like these....and they keep me informed too....so theres banter among the fans....it's all apart of the love for the industry i say....
  10. i get what your saying, but isnt that why the thread started? to have a place where fans of punisher could hash out our feelings on it? i mean killing people over it might be a little much dont you think? seems to me we all are having fun, expressing our feeling on it....and last time i checked,we were still allowed to do that.....
  11. sorry about this, but it's been a long time since i read about Wolverines past, but wasnt he canadian, and he wasnt changed until after he was in the military and was in a special forces unit, and then they selected him for the project? And when he was in that unit the man that was to become Sabertooth was in that unit also? i briefly noticed you said alot of the actors in the film are from Hugh's native country, do you think that will pose a problem to make everyone canadian or are they changing Logans location? I love the Logan character and want so so so much for them to do it right....just wondering if you could clear that up....thanks
  12. i sure hope so.....i mean look how many batmans we had to go through to get to the one that most resembles the comic
  13. you know if this movie does bomb, do you think they would call Mr. Jane back and ask if he would do another one the way he wanted too? I mean i know it's probably something Mr. Jane wants to move away from now......but maybe if it did fail, that would be what it takes for the studio to give someone correct the reins? I would hate to think this movie would be the one that kills the franchise...i would have no probem forgetting a movie in order to get to one i was waiting for....
  14. ever noticed that the rogue cop thing seems to appeal to alot of people.....i mean i admit i get a kick out of it, but the real ones that i feel stand out are the normal joes that lose it.....Tommy lee jones in "the park is mine"....even Marv in "sin city" if you can call Marv normal. Robert DeNiro in "Taxi driver"......i mean i know cops are normal people too, but for some reason you still expect some kind of justice good bad mortality to be in them somewhere....where as a normal man, you've got no idea where they are going....
  15. oh and i would have called you Mr. Fred, but that looked weird.....
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