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  1. I´ve got mine too. Nice edition! I´d like to see a spanish edition of the book.
  2. Joder, yes! I´ve got mine. IMPRESSIVE! Now, to enjoy it with good beer and music!
  3. WOW! Looks awesome! Lawrence of Arabia. Curious! Belmonte Castle (Castillo de Belmonte), in Cuenca (Castilla-La Mancha). This castle was also used in Paul Verhoeven's Flesh & Blood: http://www.jdiezarnal.com/castillodebelmonte.html Mr. Bradstreet, When a portfolio dedicated to Middle Ages,celts, vikings, etc? Sorry for the off-topic!
  4. Great that you come back, Mr. Jusko! I hope to go this year. Would you dare to sing like Chris Weston and Liam Sharp the last year?
  5. ¡Por fin! In February I´ll have my signed edition! (I suppose...) Mr. Bradstreet, I hope some day you will be able to come to "Jornadas de Cómic de Avilés" (best spanish comic convention, with good food, cider, wine, beer and a beautiful medieval city...) and to meet you.
  6. Hello everybody. My name is Salvador and I´m from Spain. First of all: Mr. Bradstreet I love your work. You´re an impressive artist, man. A truly modern master. I have a question, please: I have preordered (Previews) the signed edition. Do you know if this edition will slipcased or somehow protected? I fear that this treasure arrives with some sort of damage... And, recommended sites to order Maximum Black? I have already, but I want another signed! Thank you!
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