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  1. I don't use referances except for when drawing complicated weapons or if I want to make it look right, most of the time when I have trouble drawing somthing (Muscle Anatomy in the back or positioning of said muscles) if it's is an arm, I often grab a mirror and imaitate the pose and memorize how it looks, if I ever do use referances it's often photos, Tutorials etc. other than that nothing really, just what comes to mind
  2. ah, I just use my hands and Mechanical pencils (always stays the same sharpness), and for colour, Pencil Crayon, thats it I suppose
  3. In case your curious about the story, I'd be happy to try and condesne it into a small um, say Synopis for you. Thanks for the advice, the Story/world/characters have been in progress for oh, the last 8 years or so, it's just getting it all to fit in a series of Comics or books thats the hard part. The sword is actually a weapon used by an APC unit hence the size and simple shape, I reckon it is pretty damn similar to Cloud's sword, but mind you cloud's sword is almost a Generic shape seeing how Basic is it, it's kinda hard to make a simple one edged blade without making it look simi
  4. Hey tim, new on the boards, long time reader. I when I heard you were leaving the punsiher aswell I was quite saddened by the fact, your art was amazing, and quite inspiring (my favourite has to the Tyger cover) it's going to be strange to not see your work on the punisher in the future, but anyhow I wish you luck in your future endovors and career's anyhow thanks man for the Awe insipiring Covers not sure if I can thank you enough.
  5. Say Hello to the amatuer hour Feel free to Eviserate, decapitate or just plain Critize At the Cliff's Edge Just a teaser image for a comic I had planned to do based on the story I'm writing, perspective was the key for this image, the sword in the background was meant to appear further back in the distance, whereas the soldier was meant to be appearing near the cliff's Edge I already know I'm not even in your guys league, but I'm slowly working on it (a peice a day keeps the rust away )
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