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  1. Well Quitnuts... I mean Quintus, I've been working on two projects. Well, really four, but two main things. I've been doing illos for a website, some regular trading card work, and two comics. I'll be doing a book for Marvel which will be announced soon enough, and a book for Zenescope which I also can't mention yet. Damnit! I guess I've been working on stuff I can't talk about. Grrr! Damnitus! Gustavius Victorius
  2. Talk to me, Tom. What's a brother gotta do to be in this Dark Country film? I'm in the Union. We met at SDCC, Tim introduced us. Then again, you were shi... ummm, you maybe had a few drinks. Come to think of it, maybe that was me. Anyway, give me some love. Hope all is well. Uncle Gus
  3. Uncle Gus in the house. What ya got to say about that, Timmy? That's right, I called you Timmy! TIMMY! Much love, Uncle G
  4. I wanna be in this film. C'mon, Tim. Pull some strings for ol' Uncle Gus! What do I gotta do? There's nothing beneath me.
  5. Wassup, b!tches. Gustavo, here. Just writing in this section to introduce myself cause I have to. Now, on to the fun stuff!
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