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  1. I just seen this and man was it terrible...but I got onet thing to ask...When Frank is sitting in his car towards the beginning of the movie why the hell does he stick a pencil up his nose?
  2. Silly over the top action? Sounds like Shoot em' up to me. (I hated that movie)
  3. I thought "The Brave One" with Jodie Foster had a bunch of great payback moments like the "I want my dog back scene"...or the "whose the bitch now!?" scene...The brave one is a very underrated movie.
  4. im addicted to the Hands on God scene...I think ive watched it over 20 times...i thought it was just perfect.
  5. Im personally a big fan of the look on Frank's face after she says that to him...it's a look of genuine guilt and remorse.
  6. exactly haha, i always supported Ray as Frank...thanx for clearing that up =).
  7. The more I see of him the more I'm loving Ray Stevenson as Frank...Some of those lines just flat out killed me...Priest:"So what's the plan?"...Frank: "An eye for an eye...and the cold, emotionless way he said "This is just the beginning..." was killer, I even loved the "get my hands on God line" a whole lot more this time around...I dont know why but it just felt different than it did in earlier trailers.
  8. Yea other than the.."Somebody has to punish the corrupt," line I think Ray sounds pretty good voicing Frank...I like how he's doing the "iconic American" voice...it fits...Jigsaw's voice on the other hand...
  9. yup im definitely starting to think this film will do pretty good...The tv spots have been killer!
  10. the tv spots look kool...just saw the new one...i had a problem with jigsaw's voice in the second tv spot it just sounded goofy...but i loved the beginning where it says "when his family was killed, he was reborn into The Punisher," and it shows him breaking down next to his families grave.
  11. I agree and they can watch Gran Torino for inspiration on how an old man can still be badass.
  12. Not to sound like an ass-kisser...but I was one of the first to come out and say I loved that tagline...Didnt know u came up with it...props to u!
  13. I didnt notice the toned down lighting and stuff till the second time i watched it...i knew there was something different i just couldnt quite put my finger on it...I agree though it looks so much better.
  14. Thanx for the heads up man...the pics are kool, I especially like Julie Benz holding the gun (she's so hott)...But something else I liked was the picture of Frank in the background wearing the long trenchcoat...I didnt think we were gonna get the trench.
  15. Who wins in a fight..Frank Castle or Malone?
  16. It's that thing one of the Ninja Turtles does in the 3rd Ninja Turtles movie when someone tries to launch a cannonball at him...He "unturtles" and says.."I love being a turtle."..Hope that helps
  17. David Drayton was kool, but Ollie Weeks was the true badass in this movie!
  18. yupp nice to see some of the actors are already signing on for this.
  19. I couldnt resist so I clicked on that link and watched the trailer...I gotta say, this looks almost like what a sequel to Taxi Driver would look like...looks pretty kickass.
  20. lol to tell you the truth I felt bad for him too...He was going nuts, his boys weren't backing him up so he had to deal with scary ass Alfred Molina all by himself.
  21. "In the master bedroom, under the bed in a floor safe...Understand?"...As soon as Todd said those lines I knew all hell would break loose.
  22. I didnt watch it yet...I got kind of reluctant about it after what you said about the spoilers...In that case I hope they come out with another one that's more of a teaser so I dont have to worry about too much getting spoiled for me...Im not gonna lie though, its really tempting to click on that link.
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